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Chapter 498.1: Kill Him

They rushed from the central plains to the Demon Continent, but they still spent a full 13 years of wandering on the sea. Everyone finally saw the shadow of the Demon Continent before their eyes.

They didn’t even need to judge, everyone knew that this must be the Demon Continent. Before getting close, they could detect the restriction of the formation. A hundred miles away, a warning sound was heard.

“A hundred miles ahead is the Demon Continent, if you want to live, turn back quickly!” A majestic but annoyed voice repeated the above four sentences very solemnly, as if to warn the people who approached, where this place was.

Finally arrived at the destination, all the women had been waiting for a while. They didn’t know what it looks like on the Demon Continent, and what challenges they would encounter.

During these thirteen years, all the girls have been training all the way on the sea. They encountered countless sea beasts in the Dacheng and Yuanying stage, and even almost hit the territory of a sea beast that was in the midst of a tribulation. If it hadn’t been for Yang Chen to discover it early and use the sea jasper lamp to shield their spiritual awareness and escape, maybe they would have been drawn into the range of the tribulation and be attacked by the tribulation.

There were fights almost every day, and every day they had to flee. Even most of the time, Yang Chen would drive the shuttle to observe from a distance, until the women or one of the wives ended the battle or escaped from the attack range of the sea beasts, then they would be picked up by the shuttle.

By the time they arrived here, the women had extremely rich combat experience. In other words, they had extremely rich experience in protecting themselves. It was better to practice in advance at sea than to practice after facing the demonic fiends.

When they were about ten miles away from the coast, there was a voice telling everyone which direction they should go in to avoid being attacked by the formation.

Yang Chen didn’t succeed either. He honestly followed the voice prompts and circled the coastline for almost thousands of miles before he came to a portal that could enter the Demon Continent.

It’s really a huge portal, it wasn’t known who made it. The huge stone tens of feet high was carved as a whole, with dragons and phoenixes, it was exquisitely unusual. When the crowd appeared, and when they took the shuttle to enter the portal, under the huge arched portal, they looked like five tiny ants.

Their spiritual awareness could not penetrate inside the door at all, nor could they even see the scene inside the door. It’s the same situation all the way along the coastline for thousands of miles. On the sea, they didn’t know what was going on in the Demon Continent.

As soon as they entered the huge arch, Yang Chen was slightly taken aback. Inside the arch was a huge square, it was more than enough to hold tens of thousands of people. On the other side of the square, there was another slightly smaller portal. But at this moment the door was closed tightly, and it wasn’t known when it would open.

At this moment, on this huge square, there were hundreds of cultivators scattered around, some people and monsters, each gathered into several small groups, scattered in all directions. Seeing someone come in, they all looked up.

The four women had already covered their faces with veils before they entered the door, but the slender figure and perfect body of the four of them still attracted a lot of people’s coveted eyes.

This veil was refined by Yang Chen during the practice of the women at sea. While hiding the face, it did not affect the sight at all. It would not feel uncomfortable, it was very suitable for four women.

The people sitting in the square basically didn’t speak much, scattered from the east to the west, and everyone looked at them. They all seem to be on guard.

Spiritual awareness could already be used, but no one would easily use it. So many people gather here, and it was no less than provocative to use their spiritual awareness to probe easily.

Everyone was sitting and waiting in the square. Yang Chen was of course no exception. He directly looked for a direction and took the four women to the edge, and then occupied the corner and sat down.

Everyone in the square, almost all of them stared straight at Yang Chen when the five of them walked over there. Some guys looked at the attractive figures of the four women and seemed to have begun to drool. However, no one spoke, no one acted, everyone just watched.

It was a young man who had been sitting in a corner. Seeing Yang Chen and his party, his eyes lit up. When Yang Chen and the others sat down, he stood up and walked towards Yang Chen.

The action of a single person immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone’s eyes followed the young man who was in action. They watched him walk to a place two feet away from Yang Chen’s family and stopped.

“The entrance and exit door is opened once a month, and it will be opened in three days. Before opening the door, no one is allowed to do anything here.” The young man was born very handsome and he didn’t have sturdiness at all. He also had a cultivation base in the early Yuanying stage, and it seemed that there was no threat at all.

“Thank you for telling me!” Yang Chen thanked the other party, “please forgive me, I Yang Risheng don’t know how your excellency is called?” Being in the Demon Continent, Yang Chen also had a cautious heart and didn’t tell the other party his true identity.

“I am Li Cheng!” The young man also bowed his hands in return, but his eyes turned to the four women.

“Here are my few friends.” Yang Chen casually introduced them to Li Cheng “Han Mei, Liu Yun, Xue Wu, Bi Xia, this time we planned to come here together to gain experience.”

Yang Chen himself used a fake name, so naturally he would not tell the other party the true names of the four women. The Demon Continent was insidious and treacherous and being careful was indispensable.

“Good to meet you!” Li Cheng arched his hands at the women and said in a low voice, then turned and left. But before leaving, he whispered to everyone “Maybe we will meet again in the future.”

Watching Li Cheng return to his original corner, Yang Chen realized that Li Cheng was alone. It was very rare for anyone to come to the Demon Continent to experience it alone, but Yang Chen soon discovered that he wasn’t the only one, a little strange and rare. Among the hundreds of people around, at least three were sitting alone.

Those three guys seemed to be at the mid-to-late Yuanying stage and at a glance, you could see their sturdiness. Even if you don’t know them, you know that they must have been honed in some difficult places. Although no murderous aura was released from their bodies, the fierce smell could be found no matter how far away.

Among the more than 100 people on the square, there were only a few Jiedan stage masters, and the others were masters of the Yuanying stage, but it seems that so many people combined were not as fierce as these three guys.

Most people’s eyes were always focused on the three masters, intentionally or unintentionally. Regarding this, the three of them didn’t even think about it, sitting on their own, as if they hadn’t been affected at all.

After observation, even the eyes of the four women began to sweep over the three of them, but Yang Chen’s attention was always on Li Cheng who had just come to talk to them.

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