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Chapter 488.2: Pressuring The Greatest Heaven Sect

Of course, Yang Chen didn’t know that Yang Xi’s mentality had changed like this. He was now considering where to send this clone to be absolutely safe, so that he could sit back and relax in the future. The choice of the place was indeed a headache.

But soon Yang Chen didn’t worry so much. The mischievous Sun Qingxue always gave Yang Chen some key tips. For example, this time, she inadvertently said “As long as people can’t get in, it’s fine.” Suddenly it gave Yang Chen a reminder.

Was there a safer place where people can’t go in than the Dragon Palace that he visited last time in the South China Sea? That place was originally called the sea of no return, and countless dacheng stage sea beasts died there during this period, not to mention the human cultivators, it was simply the most suitable place.

Not only was there safety, but there was also an important benefit. In the middle of the sea, it could provide endless tenth water true essence and spirit power nourishment. No matter how long it takes, there was no need to worry.

In this place, the ninth water true essence has been exhausted, because the spiritual solution has been dried up, there would be no more ninth water true essence, and the spirit power of the surrounding ten thousand li has been drawn by the netherworld spirit gathering formation. In more than a hundred years, there might not be a trace of spirit power here.

But it was different in the sea of no return, there were countless spiritual veins plus the infinitely tightening tenth water true essence, it would just continue to nourish this immortal body. As for how this clone came out once an accident happened at that time, Yang Chen didn’t care. With his current experience, there were at least a few ways to leave, and it would not be difficult to have a clone of all his memories.

For the time being, Yang Chen was no longer worried about the place to keep the clone. Next, it was natural to sum up the gains and losses, and then start to refine the sword embryos of the life source flying sword for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue. Of course, after this, it was time to help his master Gao Yue refine the dragon horn flying swords.

However, before that, Yang Chen hadn’t forgotten to let Li Liheng consume a few more spirit congealing pills. The Greatest Heaven Sect really thought that he had refined enough spirit congealing pills, so he could fall into trouble and sell the compass that tracked him so that people could chase him down and cause trouble for him? Yang Chen wanted to see what his face would like when he saw hall master Mao again.

As a result, Li Liheng, the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, was once again fortunate to connect with Liu Fengzi, the predecessor of the spiritual world. But Yang Chen’s little tricks made Li Liheng exhausted and he had to rely on taking the spirit congealing pills multiple times to reluctantly establish this connection in order to maintain a longer duration.

The explanation given to Li Liheng about the incident was also very relaxed, his own cultivation base improved again and the gap between the two sides widened again, so this sense of exhaustion would become heavier and heavier. There were only two solutions, one was that Li Liheng’s cultivation base should be rapidly improved, and the other was to take more spirit congealing pills.

This time, the contact between the two parties lasted about half an hour and Li Liheng also asked the questions they encountered in their cultivation one by one according to the opinions of the core elders.

Yang Chen had obtained the Greatest Heaven Sect’s cultivation methods from several places. Although it was incomplete, he still knows a few well-known cultivation methods. Coupled with his knowledge as a Great Luo Golden Immortal, he gave detailed answers to those people’s questions.

Of course, Yang Chen won’t explain the problem all at once and he left a little detail, enough to dangle the appetite of these people. He didn’t want to increase the strength of the top experts of the Greatest Heaven Sect in a short period of time.

However, after all this tossing, Li Liheng used no less than ten pills, which was more than double the previous four. In the end, Li Liheng ended this spatial spiritual awareness contact by falling into a coma.

After waking up, Li Liheng did not dare to hide anything to himself. He was a wise man, he knew where his status came from. So before a few elders asked any questions, he took the initiative to give a detailed account of the experience.

The problems of several elders have been the bottleneck that have troubled them for many years. It was said that this kind of bottleneck would definitely appear after a certain level of cultivation. There were only a few ways to solve it. Either retreat for enlightenment, or go out to gain experience and improve the cultivation base, or just take some kind of natural treasures and so on.

But the elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect, especially those who have achieved the position of core elders, were so powerful and rare in the mortal world that the satisfaction they bring was sometimes even more intoxicating than the improvement of cultivation. Let them give up all this and cultivate hard in retreat, or go out to cultivate, they may not be able to endure that kind of hardship.

Naturally, this bottleneck limits their cultivation base and Yang Chen’s explanations for everyone’s problems really made the people feel refreshed. It was as if a beacon light suddenly appeared in their mist, it seemed that as long as they followed, they would be able to see the day they would ascend.

It’s just that the people who were immersed in the surprise didn’t realize that the direction was there, but there was no specific way to break through the bottleneck in front of them immediately. There were a few tricky answers that would allow them to solve a small part of the problem in a short time, but they couldn’t overcome the bottleneck fundamentally.

Unfortunately, everyone was in ecstasy and no one noticed this. This spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method was simply the best treasure given to the Greatest Heaven Sect from heaven. With this, why worry that the Greatest Heaven Sect would not dominate the mortal world?

The thought that if the Greatest Heaven Sect dominates the dao sects, the power of everyone would be increased as never before, the core elders burst with excitement. Now that their own cultivation base was expected to be improved and their power was expected to increase, at this point, what more could they want?

The only problem was the spirit congealing pills. Last time, Yang Chen gave a sufficient amount, but the consumption this time, plus the previous ones, was obviously insufficient.

If it was in the past, they might still think about going to Yang Chen when it doesn’t work in the end. But now after the two spatial spiritual awareness connections, they have discovered that compared with the future of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Hall Master Mao’s face and some of the things outside of the Greatest Heaven Sect were completely inadequate.

In any case, they must find Yang Chen as soon as possible and let him refine enough spirit congealing pills. As for the price, it doesn’t matter at all.

As for the compasses that have been sent out before, most of them have been recovered, but some have not been recovered. All the remaining owners that could be killed were killed, even those of the big sects who cannot be killed were strictly warned that if they dared to attack Yang Chen at will, they would become the next Hu Qianyi.

Yang Chen and the girls didn’t know this. Even if Yang Chen knew it, he planned to whet the Greatest Heaven Sect’s appetite. When more of the spirit congealing pills were consumed, they would become more anxious. At that time, Yang Chen’s bamboo sticks would be able to knock more loudly.

Who could have imagined that by Yang Chen accidentally leaving a mark of spiritual awareness, he would be able to make the spirit congealing pills a deadly spot in the Greatest Heaven Sect?

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