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Chapter 488.1: Pressuring The Greatest Heaven Sect

If Yang Chen’s three purities secret art for cultivating the heart was the same as the three purities secret art of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, then Yang Chen could be completely sure that the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was definitely not dead.

Even if the Supreme Elderly Lord had his head beheaded by Yang Chen himself on the Immortal Executioner Stage, it was only his body. As soon as the main body dies, his clone, which he does not know where it was hidden, would immediately wake up to replace the main body, and re-cultivate to become another expert.

No one knows what the clone of the Supreme Elderly Lord would be, naturally, no one would know who the Supreme Elderly Lord would be in the future. At least in the memory of Yang Chen’s previous life, there hasn’t been any memory of the Supreme Elderly Lord.

Yang Chen was not afraid of any conspiracy hidden by the Supreme Elderly Lord, it didn’t make much sense to him. The Supreme Elderly Lord would not notice a little executioner like him. Even if Yang Chen’s three purities secret art was passed to him at that time, he wouldn’t have thought that Yang Chen would be able to leave the Immortal Executioner Stage, right?

If it’s the Supreme Elderly Lord, then many things have been explained. For example, the origin of this Immortal body, counting the entire heavenly court, it seemed that only the Supreme Elder had the ability to reach the Three Realms, not even the Jade Emperor could do it.

Among other things, the Immortal Executioner Stage was refined by the Supreme Elderly Lord. It was truly amazing to allow mortals in the mortal world to control and punish the immortals in the immortal world.

Speaking of this, it was really easy for the Supreme Elderly Lord to send a few immortal bodies to the mortal world. Maybe the present one was sent by the Supreme Elderly Lord tens of thousands of years ago. After all, the Three Realms were different, and it was common for them to be picked up by the seniors of the Greatest Heaven Sect after a while. Otherwise, it was impossible to explain the existence of such a large seven treasured glazed tile and the Immortal body.

After he figured this out, Yang Chen seemed to have less doubts, anyway, this Immortal body was already a separate body of himself, as long as it was preserved. Once something happens to his body, he could cultivate again and come again, which was equivalent to one more life, such a great thing should make him happy.

Not everyone could pick up the omission of the Supreme Elderly Lord. Maybe Yang Chen hit this kind of big luck this time, it’s heaven-defying.

While Yang Chen was having fun with the ladies here, there was another turmoil on the side of the Greatest Heaven Sect. From nothing, the young sect master Li Liheng had another accident.

Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing, it was a good thing, the young sect master directly turned his residence into dust again. Although some property was lost, for the Greatest Heaven Sect this was a great thing. This shows that Li Liheng has become more and more able to get in touch with the senior Liu Fengzi in the spiritual world.

Although Li Liheng fainted here, the overwhelming aura that shocked all the dacheng masters seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. The cultivation base of the predecessor Liu Fengzi seemed to have increased again.

When Li Liheng woke up and the sect master and several core elders inquired, he honestly talked about this change, it’s still an earth-shaking change. Sometimes, Li Liheng couldn’t even use words to describe, he could only mean that he couldn’t speak in words, and the description was not thorough enough.

The core elders in the dacheng stage eyes almost fell out of their sockets with greed. This kind of scene does not know whether the life or death scene was real or the scene of spiritual awareness mapping. If you let them see, it definitely has the effect of greatly improving their cultivation realm. You know, that’s a scene in the spiritual world, and they felt excited when they thought about it.

However, the elders also have self-knowledge and they won’t get anything without the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. Now that Li Liheng encountered this kind of thing again, it could only be said to be Li Liheng’s blessing. In the future, they would have to vigorously please Li Liheng, and let him ask Senior Liu Fengzi for directions in their cultivation.

They saw what happened with Li Tiancheng, the sect master, who was directed by the senior Liu Fengzi and he found a solution right away? Although it was hard to find people who had full natal spiritual roots with water attributes, at least he had a direction, which was much better than their blind groping.

Li Liheng, who had become a valuable treasure again, was keenly aware that his position in the sect seemed to have been vaguely improved. The elders would often come over and ask about his well being, and even some of the servants around him were flattered by others.

This feeling was simply too good. The young sect master of the mortal world’s greatest sect, the future sect master, Li Liheng seems to have seen his glorious future and he has seen his great power in the mortal world. His whole body seemed to be capable when he got up, he naturally even spoke with a commanding tone.

Originally, Yang Xi still had a period of imprisonment, but under Yang Lan’s care and pleasing, Li Liheng also agreed to Yang Lan and tried to release Yang Xi as soon as possible.

Li Liheng himself had no plans to succeed, but when he secretly said this to the hall master of the law enforcement hall. Without saying anything, the hall master directly brought the person to Li Liheng. This made Li Liheng a little surprised himself, when did the head of the law enforcement hall become so kind?

Yang Xi who was rescued was almost crippled. A newly promoted Jiedan stage master, who spent so long in a place like the cold deep pool, has almost been frozen into a popsicle. Even after he came out, it would be a long time before slowly recovering, this was still early to be rescued. If they waited until the actual sentence expired before he was brought out, it was estimated that Yang Lan would only be able to prepare for a funeral.

Yang Xi also learned from Yang Lan the reason why his sentence was increased for no reason. In the end, it was because of Yang Chen, Li Liheng now needed more spirit congealing pills and no one except Yang Chen could refine them, but Yang Xi had the idea to frame Yang Chen, so he would naturally be punished.

After understanding the whole story, Yang Xi thanked Li Liheng on the surface, but in his heart he hated Yang Chen even more. Incidentally, Li Liheng was also hated by him. He obviously had the ability to let him leave the cold deep pool, but he insisted on waiting until now, if he had the opportunity, he wouldn’t mind even plotting against Li Liheng.

He didn’t know when Yang Xi felt that everyone was against him and even if Yang Chen cultivated faster than him, his cultivation base was higher than him, and his realm was stronger than him, these were all sins. This kind of distorted mentality made his hatred for Yang Chen stronger and stronger and he wanted to eat his meat and sleep to dispel his hatred.

As for Li Liheng, he was a temporary backer for Yang Xi. It was impossible to say that when Yang Xi gets what he wants, he would not kick him away. He really thought that he was the young sect master, who was above everything, should everyone be inferior to him?

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