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Chapter 441.1: 441.1
chapter 441 . 1: The Flood Dragon Skeleton Flying Sword

The complete dragon skeleton, which was very long, made it easy to see what kind of species it was .

Such a long body was obviously a genus of the snake pythons and has no long horns like the snake pythons . But there was an aura similar to the mountain river geographical map and the dragon horns .

Reminiscent of the two dragon horns Yang Chen found for Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling’s dragon skin scroll and the Dragon Palace they were in when they were in seclusion, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling both felt a sense of the familiarity, was this the skeleton of the dragon clan?

“It’s not a real dragon, just a flood dragon . ” Yang Chen knew what they were thinking from the expressions of the two women and explained with a smile .

It’s just that Yang Chen’s bland tone really made the two women want to punch him hard with their fists . What was just a flood dragon? In this mortal world, not to mention the flood dragon, even the ordinary animals with the blood of the dragon clan have been extinct .

It stands to reason that since the two women have already seen the dragon horn, the mountain river geographical map and the dragon palace, they should not be fussed about the skeleton of this flood dragon . But the fact was that the two women could not treat it indifferently, they were still surprised .

Yang Chen’s explanation also made the two women finally understand what it was . Gao Yue felt a little strange at the beginning . Although the skeleton was complete, the dragon horn was not as strong as the two in her hand . She heard that it was a flood dragon, which became reasonable and natural .

“Is this going to be refined into a flying sword?” Gao Yue asked carefully . Such a complete dragon skeleton, wasn’t it used for medicine? . As a master refiner, naturally she wanted to show her skills .

“Of course!” Yang Chen replied with a smile: “I would like to ask master for some advice . ”

Yang Chen calling her master made Gao Yue blush . Especially in front of Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen has not changed this title, giving Gao Yue a feeling of confusion in their status .

However, in the face of this almost peak refining material, Gao Yue also quickly calmed down, she carefully observed and groped the dragon bone, understanding the properties and characteristics of this bone and began to think if she could refine it . If so, what method would be used .

Thinking about this problem at first, Gao Yue couldn’t help but think of something else . Yang Chen was going to use this dragon skeleton to refine his flying sword, but he originally had a better dragon horn, but gave it to her, Yang Chen himself had to use the second class flood dragon skeleton . How could such affection not move Gao Yue’s heart?

Also, why did Yang Chen want to refine the flood dragon skeleton into a flying sword at this time? This was also a problem that made Gao Yue very tangled, but she immediately understood .

Yang Chen was giving her an excellent opportunity . Although a flood dragon was not a real dragon, it was also having the blood of the dragon clan . When refined, it has the same effect as the dragon horn . If she could use this opportunity to refine the flood dragon flying sword, it might give her a lot of experience in refining the dragon horn flying sword .

So far, Gao Yue has not begun the refining of the dragon horn flying sword . For so many years, she has been carrying out spirit power and spiritual awareness penetration of the two dragon horns . It has been quite effective for many years .

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This process has accelerated a lot, especially with Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness dual cultivation some time ago and the promotion of her spiritual awareness to the peak Yuanying stage . She believed that it would not take too long before she could start refining it .

At this time, Yang Chen took out the flood dragon skeleton to refine the flying sword, his thoughts were obvious . It could be said that Yang Chen has been paying attention to her and has been thinking about her wholeheartedly .

After Gao Yue understood this point, there was another burst of warmth in her heart . She just felt that her whole body seemed to be floating in the clouds and she couldn’t say what she wanted .

That kind of happy feeling even made Gao Yue’s whole body spiritual power rise that led to the urge to enter a higher realm . Feeling comfortable, happy, warm, confident, all of these were reasons for a rise in cultivation base .

It seemed that the moment she understood Yang Chen’s intentions, Gao Yue’s realm increased again . It seemed to have approached the peak middle Jiedan stage .

Of course, Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen noticed the change in Gao Yue . Without saying anything, Yang Chen flew close to Gao Yue and put a questioning inner heart pill into her mouth and then held Gao Yue to cultivate the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra and then let go of Gao Yue, to let her feel the realization .

Soon Gao Yue entered into a deep level of spirit power cultivation and the spiritual force, along with her retreat, realized more and more agitation, it directly began to impact the bottleneck of the middle Jiedan stage .

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Gongsun Ling was envious, but she also knew that she would never get worse than Gao Yue . There were already three dacheng stage masters in the mountain river geographical map . Two were sea beasts, one was the first city master and there were hundreds of Yuanying stage masters . So many powerful characters were indirectly refining the mountain river geographical map for her .

If it were not for the fact that these people could only be controlled in the mountain river geographical map and she couldn’t do it with her strength, otherwise Gongsun Ling would already be able to compete with the Pure Yang Palace’s current strength by relying on these people . Of course, it was the pure Yang Palace without Yang Chen .

With such a powerful invisible power, Gongsun Ling would almost never worry about the sacrificial refining of the mountain river geographical map, as long as she concentrates on the path of formation and spirit power cultivation .

In fact, Gongsun Ling’s spirit power cultivation base has already reached the high middle Jiedan stage, but has not yet reached the peak, but this only happened a few years ago . With the qualifications of Gongsun Ling, she would definitely catch up with Gao Yue soon .

Yang Chen took out the flood dragon skeleton, to be refined for himself and at the same time give Gao Yue some reference . Of course, he would not refine while Gao Yue was retreating, so that Gao Yue would miss it .

However, this does not mean that Yang Chen couldn’t do anything, he still has to do some preparatory work . After all, it was also a flood dragon skeleton and it was still having a jaw-dropping intensity . There was no strong thing in the Dragon Palace . Even if it is refined, it is not so easy .

It was exactly the same as what Gao Yue had to do in the early stage of refining the dragon horn flying sword . Yang Chen would use his spirit power and spiritual awareness to refine it frantically, so as to imprint Yang Chen’s own imprint on this flood dragon skeleton .

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From Yang Chen’s planning to refine the great yin yang five elements flying sword to now, this flood dragon skeleton was the most powerful material that Yang Chen encountered . The first wood penglai divine wood flying sword, second wood blood phantom vine flying sword, third fire bright ray sword, fourth fire sword embryo, the fifth earth sword from Ming Guangruo living soil flying sword and the seventh metal immortal beheading blade, among these materials it may only be the penglai divine wood and living soil that could be comparable to the flood dragon skeleton, but they did not have the strength of the flood dragon skeleton .

It could still be kept intact under the environment of the Dragon Palace, which has fully explained many issues . What Yang Chen needed to do now was to first refine the dragon skeleton with his spirit power and spiritual awareness .

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