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Chapter 441.2: 441.2
chapter 441 . 2: The Flood Dragon Skeleton Flying Sword

For Yang Chen’s present spiritual awareness, this was not a very difficult process . The human immortal first grade spiritual awareness has surpassed all the objects in the mortal world and it would only take a few days of effort to be able to place his spiritual awareness imprint inside .

But this has already explained the strength of the flood dragon skeleton . If it was replaced with the spiritual awareness of Gao Yue which was in the peak yuanying stage, it would take at least a few years .

Spirit power erosion was relatively difficult, but under Yang Chen’s great yin and yang five elements spirit power strength and the promotion and training of mutualism and mutual restraint, this process also did not cost Yang Chen too much time .

Compared with Gao Yue’s efforts, which took decades, Yang Chen completed the process in less than a year . Of course, there was a reason, the flood dragon skeleton was inherently not as high-quality as the dragon horn . Yang Chen’s cultivation was more powerful, it was also an important factor .

Gao Yue completed her cultivation after only about ten months of retreat . This retreat allowed Gao Yue to completely break the bottleneck of the middle Jiedan stage and reach the late Jiedan stage .

Gao Yue, who had completed her seclusion, kept watching Yang Chen’s technique . Although Yang Chen almost never showed his superb refining skills in front of Gao Yue, the only time was when he was refining the first wood flying sword, which was not so superb, but Gao Yue seemed to not have one bad feeling, Yang Chen would be able to refine this flying sword .

Yang Chen was always a master of alchemy and no one would doubt this, but Gao Yue believed that Yang Chen also has a superb refining technique . Even Gao Yue didn’t know why she felt this way and why she trusted Yang Chen so much .

From this point of view, Gao Yue was ashamed . As a master, she couldn’t say that Yang Chen has been instructed in spirit power cultivation by her and she even let Yang Chen instruct her . As the Pure Yang Palace famous master of refining, Gao Yue did not give Yang Chen any instructions in refining .

Fortunately, neither Gao Yue nor Gongsun Ling, regarded their future husband as an ordinary person . It was already a jaw-dropping miracle to be able to achieve the fifth-grade alchemy master in the mortal world . They believed that even if Yang Chen suddenly became a grandmaster of refining at this time, no one would be even more surprised .

Yang Chen did not disappoint the two women . After completing the preparatory work, Yang Chen began the refining process . It was the same as refining the first wood flying sword in the beginning . First, he must use the secret technique and slowly refine the body that was hundreds of feet long to a few feet . Then he could start further refining .

The method of condensing the secret technique, Yang Chen made it very clear, and even explained how to condense the secret technique one by one, each time he condensed out carefully and hit the flood dragon skeleton .

Gao Yue gazed intently and listened to Yang Chen’s explanation . Although she didn’t need much in the future, because the length of the dragon’s horn was not very long, it also required a little refining, which was also useful .

Each time the secret technique breaks into the flood dragon skeleton, the length of the dragon skeleton decreases by a few points . It took almost half a day for Yang Chen to complete each method . As the length of the flood dragon’s skeleton became shorter, the process became more and more difficult .

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By the time the shrinking flood dragon skeleton of hundreds of feet was reduced to less than one foot, three years had passed . Including the year when Gao Yue’s retreat started, it was already four years .

This was the critical moment . At this joint, the tenth water flying sword sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect and some flying swords that Yang Chen had obtained from other places with the same attributes came in handy .

If they were taken out, countless people would fight over them desperately . It was directly burned into liquid by Yang Chen and burned with the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire and then added to the flood dragon skeleton . There was no hesitation in this process, as if the smelted flying swords were just ordinary merchandise .

If the master who made those flying swords saw it, Yang Chen would be scolded for a dog blood sprinkler . Such a violent disaster should be condemned by the heavens .

However, the two girls Gao Yue and Gong Sun Ling who were present did not feel this way at all . Everything was so reasonable, in front of this flood dragon skeleton, the so-called top flying sword should be the foil, it should be just the ingredients . They believed those smelted flying swords would not feel wronged if they had tool spirits .

The last step was the most important . Yang Chen was also the slowest and the most detailed in this moment . Many of the contents and techniques were understood and known by Gao Yue, they were all described in detail in the secret manuals of the Pure Yang Palace and those Yang Chen got from the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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However, under Yang Chen’s amazingly accurate technique, these seem to be ordinary refiners techniques, but they shined with the brightest light .

Just like a top expert in martial arts, it seems that all the moves have reached the level of returning to the original state . There was no need to use high-end fancy techniques to attract attention . One move after one move were the most common but most exemplified . The action of his fist art was also the trick to exert the most power .

Yang Chen’s refining technique was the same, every technique, but this combination, such precision, but also to balance the various aspects of the material, there was nothing missing in every aspect, every corner took care of it .

Gao Yue was a person who knew how to judge and naturally could see the meaning contained in it . For her, this was simply a perfect demonstration operation, which provides the best reference for her to refine the dragon horn flying sword in the future . With this experience, the success rate of refining the dragon horn flying sword could exceed 90% .

The final process took another year . Seeing that the flood dragon flying sword had begun to take shape, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s emotions were also surprised from the beginning, to admiration, to calm and finally to the joy of success .

The slender flood dragon flying sword almost kept the original complete shape of the flood dragon skeleton . Even though the flying sword was not straight, but slightly curved along both sides of the central axis, just like a snake . The flood dragon’s skull became the tip of the sword and the tail part was slightly circled into a natural hilt .

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The flying sword was placed over there, just like a flood dragon that could come out at any time, but it was only countless times smaller, only six feet long and it was not a complete dragon, but a bone without flesh and blood .

This was by far the most complete preparation of Yang Chen’s hands-on refining of the flying sword, various ingredients were added at once . Unlike the previous flying swords, the sword embryo was first built and then slowly improved .

This dragon-shaped flying sword with water attribute was a finished flying sword once molded .

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