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Chapter 435.2: chapter 435.2: The Banyan Tree Immortal’s Cave Sch
chapter 435 . 2: The Banyan Tree Immortal’s Cave Scheme

Obviously, Yang Chen and his party were too cautious . During this time, the first city lord was retreating and cultivating . Without the second city lord, the first city lord was somewhat alone, but it brings another benefit .

The resources of the banyan tree immortal’s cave were shared by two people and now that the second city master’s whereabouts was not known, everything has become the property of the first city master . Relying on this alone, during these decades, the cultivation of the first city lord raised by a small realm and reached the peak mid dacheng stage . Therefore, the disappearance of the second city lord was not a bad thing for the first city lord .

The taste of power domination was far from being comparable to sharing with others . The kind of feeling that he controlled everything was also a medium that made the first city master more confident . And self-confidence often has a catalytic effect on spirit power cultivation .

But if anything was too much, once that level was exceeded, what was originally beneficial would become harmful . The monstrous power and exclusive resources have given the first city lord the incomparable confidence, but also inflated him incomparably .

Sitting on hundreds of thousands of monster races, it was almost possible to dominate the monster race . In the self-revelation of the first city lord, who was almost sitting in the sky and looking down on everything, the first city lord also naturally raised a self-respecting hegemony and there was also an arrogance in him .

In this world, who else could touch me? This thought was in his mind, so the first city lord has become increasingly unaware of who he was . In addition to this feeling of enjoyment, he has only to cultivate .

Since his realm has risen again . The first city lord no longer cared much about immortal cave’s affairs . It was all handed over to a junior who he loved . And he himself started to strike the next level with all his strength .

During his retreat and cultivation, naturally he would not feel the movement outside . It was this that gave Yang Chen and Gui Shanyou the opportunity . When Gui Shanyou spent three years refining all the underground root systems of the banyan tree immortal’s cave, no one in immortal’s cave noticed .

During these three years, plus the one on the road before, Yang Chen did nothing else, except to cultivate, he just absorbed the fire seeds and merged it with the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire . He also successively absorbed more than ten kinds of third-grade fire seeds . The power of the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire was slightly improved .

While the iron was hot, the old tree demon certainly knew what to do . After taking control of all the underground root systems, the old tree demon began to attack the branches of the banyan tree immortal’s cave .

The banyan tree has a benefit, in addition to the main root . There were countless aerial roots . These aerial roots were like thick branches, but they were not branches . The old tree demon started from these aerial roots .

Because it was not the main branch, the actions of the old tree demon did not attract too many people’s attention . Everything was as normal within the banyan tree immortal’s cave, there was no change at all, how could those who were having low cultivation base perceive the movement of the old tree demon . Only the first city master who might be aware was still retreating and cultivating . This was a great opportunity for the old tree demon .

Silently, countless aerial roots also began to be controlled by the old tree demon one by one, which also meant that the surroundings of the banyan tree immortal’s cave started to fall into the hands of the old tree demon .

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This process took another five years . After all the aerial roots were controlled by the old tree demon, there was only one trunk and leaves left in the banyan tree immortal’s cave . At this time, the first city lord finally got out .

As soon as he left the gate, the first city lord habitually probed his territory with his spiritual awareness, just like a monarch patrolling his land and inspecting his people . But as soon as the spiritual awareness came out, it sensed something was wrong .

During his retreat, the banyan tree immortal’s cave was inadvertently taken away, almost half of its control was gone and he was not alarmed at all . This time, the first city lord was surprised .

It was not uncommon for the monster races to be robbed of their immortal’s cave, which was commonplace . However, they had to experience some earth-shattering battle, where was there such a silent posture?

“Where’s the rat, why have you not showed up yet!” He angrily shouted and immediately it passed into the ears of all the monsters in the immortal’s cave . Everyone stopped the movements in their hands and even many of the monster races in cultivation were tumbled by this shocking demon power and countless people spurted blood .

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, first city lord have you been well all this time!” Yang Chen’s voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the first city lord, just like an old friend joking, it was calm and gentle .

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“It’s you?” The first city lord suddenly became enraged . This sound, so familiar, was the damn guy he had collected all of the first wood spiritual solution . Even the life and death of the second city lord must be attributed to this guy . Now he was trying to snatch his immortal’s cave unconsciously .

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, it was not surprising that he could control half of the ownership of the immortal’s cave in a silent manner . Even he and the second city lord couldn’t cope with the first wood spiritual solution, Yang Chen could absorb all of them alone . This immortal’s cave was very familiar to him, maybe it was originally from his ancestors .

But at this time, the first city lord would never have the initiative to return the immortal’s cave to Yang Chen . The only thought in his mind was to kill Yang Chen . Revenge for the second city lord was of secondary importance, the key was to snatch all the massive amounts of first wood spiritual solution . The first city lord was a person who knows the preciousness of the solution, even if the wealth of the entire immortal’s cave adds up, it was not as precious as those of the first wood spiritual solution .

“Get out here!” The lord of the city almost roared and his aura was released madly . All the monster races . in the immortal’s cave were under his majesty’s momentum . Some of them were having low cultivation base and they were already oppressed and on the ground, curled up in a ball and their whole body shook like sieves .

“The Lord of the city has such a big temper . ” Yang Chen’s voice was still in the ear of the lord of the city, it was as clear as a face-to-face conversation

“I am waiting for you outside the city . ”

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“Return my brother’s life!” With the angry words of the first city lord, the figure of the first city lord has already appeared outside the cave and then immediately saw the figure of Yang Chen in the distance .

His spiritual awareness instantly locked on Yang Chen and the first city lord was very happy . He didn’t consider why Yang Chen’s trace was not noticed at the beginning and he rushed directly . This time, he didn’t want Yang Chen to escape .

However, before waiting for the first city lord to attack Yang Chen’s, an unusually sturdy body was blocked in front of Yang Chen . Hou Yun had already waited impatiently, he was about to use the first city lord to relieve his itch .

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