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chapter 436.1: Lure


The first city lord instantly noticed the fierce aura from Hou Yun’s body. However, the fierceness from Hou Yun was still the kind of fierceness brought by a pure and sturdy body, not the fierceness of a real cultivation base.


At least in the eyes of the first city lord, Hou Yun was having nothing more than a cultivation base in the peak Yuanying stage. Although it was possible for some people to leapfrog their cultivation base in battle in this mortal world, it happened before the first city lord, who still had an urge to laugh.


A peak Yuanying stage master wanted to challenge a middle dacheng stage master, this fierce guy was bored. The master of the city looked at Yang Chen, who was standing behind Hou Yun, without action and he made a decision in his heart.


Yang Chen, this guy, he must not let him die easily. He had to seize him and torture him to get everything from him and then kill him. Of course, before this, he would let him look at his companion die in front of him, it was also a very cruel thing.


His body was still in the air, but the magic weapon of the first city lord had been brought out. A white light flew towards Hou Yun like lightning, the speed was unparalleled.


Hou Yun’s big stick immediately blocked the white light’s way. With a jingle, the white light paused, revealing it’s true form, it was a sharp tooth.


As soon as his teeth were blocked, he deftly flew back in a circle. The tremendous force from the strike, even the first city lord who controlled his life source magic weapon with his spiritual awareness was shocked. The opponent in front him, his power was simply too great.


Distressed by his own life source magic weapon, the first city lord could not bear to use the magic weapon refined from his own teeth and the other party’s big stick to fight. Anyway, Hou Yun was just a muscular man, he could be handled by other methods at any time.


Swish swish. A series of rays of light emanated from the lord of the city and attacked Hou Yun from various directions. A strong ape, it could never have a clever dodging speed, go to die!


Thinking in this way, the mind of the first city lord has been staring at Yang Chen. He wanted to prevent Yang Chen from escaping immediately when he saw a bad situation. The memory brought to him by Yang Chen’s escape last time was too deep. The high-speed magic weapon still made the first city lord a bit irritated when he reminded it.


It seems that in the middle of the previous situation, he thought that Yang Chen would come back, so the master of the city had already figured out a way to deal with Yang Chen’s high-speed magic weapon. Of course, it was not the formation method, but from a monster race in the immortal’s cave.


It was a spider essence. After seeing the spider’s strong silk thread and cobweb, the master of the city thought of how to use it to restrain Yang Chen’s high speed magic weapon.


The spider valued by the first city lord was just having the cultivation base of a peak Jiedan stage, but during these decades, the first city lord was forced to use various resources to promote it to the Yuanying stage. The cobweb formed by the we spider became more tenacious. Even the first city lord himself, with one blow of his own life source magic weapon, it was impossible to cut those soft and tough silk threads at once.


Immediately, the poor spider spirit was directly refined into his own puppet by the first city lord. The speed of spinning and netting in an instant could directly seal the range of a circumference. Yang Chen’s speed no matter how fast, when he calls out the shuttle to escape, it was impossible to escape this area at once.


With this insurance, the first city lord only needed to stare at Yang Chen to avoid any attempt to escape. Not at all worried that Yang Chen could escape his grasp. The thought of Yang Chen’s magic weapons and the huge first wood spiritual solution falling into his hands made the heart of the first city lord race faster.


However, before that, it was even more enjoyable to watch Yang Chen’s panicked performance. Especially when Yang Chen’s stupid monkey helper died miserably in front of him.


The lord of the city was happy, but Hou Yun opposite him was even more happy at the moment.


It must be known that the first city lord of the banyan tree immortal’s cave was not like Yu Wenyi who promoted to the dacheng stage with the help of others, but actually survived the yin fire tribulation and became a dacheng stage master with his own strength, especially his cultivation base has been improved in recent years. He was already at the peak middle Yuanying stage, no matter from what aspect, he surpassed Yu Wenyi by too much.


In the sea of no return, Hou Yun faced a lot of strong enemies, but there were few dacheng stage masters who could compete with him. Now with just a blow, it made him feel the strength of the first city lord. Finally, he could fight with an opponent happily, how could it not make Hou Yun jump up and down happily?


The stick in his hand seemed to come alive and a beautiful stick flower danced freely. The white light flying in all directions was all blocked by the stick flower that enveloped Hou Yun’s whole body and he flew all around.


“Good, you dare to fight with me?” After all the white light was sent flying, Hou Yun stopped in midair and shouted excitedly at the first city lord.


“Big words, will you be able to back it? !” The first city lord frowned, not surprised that his attack was blocked by Hou Yun, but rather angry. A little peak Yuanying stage master dared to clamor in front of herself, did he eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall? Even the real bear monster and leopard monster, he did not know which one of them would dare to clamor in front of him.


He collected one, he grabbed the magic weapon that was refined from his own teeth. The tooth in his hand quickly turned into a curved dental knife. The opponent was extremely powerful, he was holding a stick in his hand, so using his spiritual awareness to control his life source magic weapon was a bit disadvantageous.


Before killing Yang Chen, the first city lord didn’t mind playing with this brute force monkey. While watching the movement of Yang Chen, the first city lord rushed up while holding a long knife.


Seeing that the first city lord was like this, Hou Yun’s eyes were even more excited, his body swayed and greeted him. The big stick in his hand hit towards the head of the first city lord.


Ding Ding Dang Dang, the two began to battle. Hou Yun was afraid that his power was too great, so the first city lord could not stand against him for long, so he tried to be as careful as possible. The opposite first city lord obviously did not have the consciousness of Hou Yun. When he found that he could not defeat Hou Yun with 50% strength from the beginning, he slowly increased his strength. 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% until the full attack.


However, the situation did not seem to have changed a bit and Hou Yun’s strength also seemed to increase with the improvement of the strength of the first city lord, it could be evenly matched.


Although he couldn’t attack with everything he had, Hou Yun was already quite refreshed. What could make him do his best, except Yang Chen, no one else could really take him head on. Even the old tree demon, at most, only received 80% of his strength, but it was together with his body avatar. Now it was easy to have a guy fighting him for such a long time, it really made him happy.


Hou Yun was very happy, but the city master was very upset. The master in the middle dacheng stage was suppressed by a brute force monkey in the peak Yuanying stage. How could he bear such a situation?.

chapter 436.2: Lure


The master of the city was not only having brute force, he also had a stronger killing intent, fighting Hou Yun was just to satisfy his little wish, watching Hou Yun now seems to have the upper hand, he would no longer hold back. He came up with his true skills.


His figure quickly retreated and the first city lord quit the battle circle. Immediately, a more severe attack began.


In the dacheng stage, his overwhelming pressure directly covered Yang Chen and Hou Yun and then the city master’s hand stretched out and slammed down. An invisible big hand appeared in the sky and he shot it directly towards Yang Chen and Hou Yun.


In the eyes of the first city lord, if this situation went as it should, Yang Chen would definitely die. Therefore, he also deliberately controlled the power and at the time he shot the piece towards Yang Chen, he reduced his strength by at least nine points.


Hou Yun shouted, as if he could not bear it, the stick was lifted high and he was very desperate to take the blow.


Boom, the huge imaginary palm directly covered the ground for a few feet. Hou Yun together with the stick, as if he had been photographed on the ground.


Yang Chen, not far away, also seemed uncomfortable. Although he doesn’t seem to be as embarrassing as Hou Yun, it was also hard to support himself. It seemed that the spiritual power of his whole body was mobilized to protect him and his whole body crackled up and down, even the bones made a sound.


This was exactly what the first city lord was looking forward to seeing. Looking at this scene, the first city lord was more comfortable than eating a large block of ice. His whole body felt refreshing from the pores to the bone.


Hou Yun shouted and suddenly came out of the ground. His whole body was full of soil. Grey-faced, so funny, how funny it looked. There was a strange cry in his mouth, carrying a big stick, he rushed up again.


Boom, this time, it was a big punch from the first city lord and Hou Yun directly caught the attack of the first city lord, but his whole person was shot out at least a few miles away.


The nearby Yang Chen screamed in alarm and hurried up. The first city lord was not so anxious and chased in the direction where Hou Yun landed.


From afar, Hou Yun jumped up from the ground and he unconvincingly rushed over to the first city lord again.


With a smile on his face, the far away city master punched Hou Yun with another punch, Hou Yun’s stick came to block. His figure flew back again. Yang Chen chased anxiously, followed by the first city lord unhurriedly.


This went on for a while, after repeated occurrences, the first city lord no longer remembered how many punches he shot. Anyway, the speed of Yang Chen desperately trying to catch up, but he couldn’t keep up with the speed of Hou Yun going out, it was really amazing.


This situation also slowed down the anger of the first city lord and it filled his heart with happiness. Was there anything more pleasant to the mind and body than to abuse the enemy?


”Is it enough?” While enjoying the pleasure, the first city lord suddenly heard Hou Yun’s cries.


”No more is enough!” The first city lord replied. He was now addicted to playing, watching this stupid monkey flying in the air over and over again. What a delightful thing, how could it be said that he had enough?


”It’s almost the same.” Yang Chen’s voice suddenly reached the ears of the first city lord. He was as calm as possible when he said it, it was not a bit similar to his previous hastiness.


”What’s going on?” There was a warning in his mind. Now that he thought about it, Yang Chen seemed to be just a junior in the late Jiedan stage, how could he easily send his voice into his own ears outside the city?


The anger from suddenly hearing Yang Chen’s voice made the first city master forget to judge that this was abnormal. Suddenly hearing this calm tone again, the first city lord became nervous. What was going on?


”It’s really hard not to act!” Hou Yun’s figure stopped at the same place and he didn’t take another step back. The head twisted around his neck a few times, making a gurgling noise. The blue muscles protruding from his muscles seemed to have skyrocketed.


The old tree demon wanted to take control of the immortal’s cave and cannot walk away for the time being. Wang Yong was not good at concealing his cultivation base, so Hou Yun was most suitable as a bait. And Hou Yun told Yang Chen what he said. Yang Chen asked him to do whatever he wanted. He didn’t even care about such a shameful thing. Now it’s finally time to take care of the first city lord.


”I just played very cool, didn’t I?” Hou Yun’s face showed a grin and it had nothing to do with the previous panic. Ten fingers crossed and stretched forward, it also made a burst of popping sounds and then he picked up the stick and walked over to the lord of the city step by step.


Suddenly, the first city lord realized something. Just after a series of bombardments of Hou Yun, it seems that their distance was a little too far away, at least hundreds of miles away from the immortal’s cave, Yang Chen and Hou Yun were trying to lure him away from the immortal’s cave.


Reminiscent of the inexplicable banyan tree immortal’s cave, which has been deprived of half of its control power, the city master fully understood that Yang Chen was trying to rob him of his city and his immortal’s cave.


He was about to rush back to the immortal’s cave quickly and the first city lord suddenly stopped. Behind him, he didn’t know where a majestic master appeared from, it was Yang Chen’s master ancestor Wang Yong.


Around Wang Yong, a red flying sword was floating quietly and the flames looming faintly on it made the first city lord cool for a while. Even just looking at it, he could feel the dreadful power of the flying sword. He didn’t know how many times it was more powerful than the magic weapon he made with his own teeth.


Unexpectedly, a giant spider suddenly appeared next to the first city lord and then a large white net covered all over the surrounding.


As long as everyone could be caught, the first city lord had enough confidence to kill everyone. With the puppet’s cobwebs, the first city lord has a hundred times more confidence.


Cobwebs could almost be said to be invulnerable to water and fire, and super sticky. As long as they were stained with a trace, they would never break free without paying enough price. And this big net was more than a trace.


It’s a good idea, but the scene in front of him made the first city lord soul leave his body. A flame suddenly appeared in Wang Yong’s hand and then the flame instantly covered the area of ​​the cobweb and began to burn wildly. The spider silk originally thought that fire and water would be invalid against it, as soon as it encountered these flames, it was like melting ice and snow, disappearing without a trace.


Sixth grade qilin heavenly fire, it could be that common flame could never compare. The first city lord never dreamed or expected it, the present person unexpectedly had such an abnormal flame, this time his heart surged with intense crisis.

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