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Chapter 423.2: 423.2
Hou Yun himself was a strong man in the dacheng stage and after this period of fighting, his level of ascension has reached the peak of the late dacheng stage . Compared with Luo Yuan, he was not inferior .

Under these circumstances, Yang Chen was able to escape the investigation of his spiritual awareness, which was almost impossible . Unless he was relying on a powerful magic weapon to conceal himself from his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen had used one before, but apparently Yang Chen was not using it now .

Under normal circumstances, Hou Yun’s spiritual awareness couldn’t be shielded . It seems that there was only one possibility left, that was, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was far stronger than Hou Yun’s, at least it had a higher level than Hou Yun’s .

The foundation stage cannot be used to detect the Jiedan stage, the Jiedan stage cannot be used to detect the Yuanying stage, and the Yuanying stage cannot be used to detect the dacheng stage . These were all due to differences in realms .

However, Hou Yun was already a dacheng stage master, the realm that even he cannot detect with his spiritual awareness, what was that realm? Hou Yun could not help but be shocked, this incident was already too incredible .

Hou Yun immediately broke out of the fight with a trick . No matter how it was the refining technique or the realm of his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen was more interesting to Hou Yun than the dacheng stage beast . The sea beast also knew that Hou Yun was very powerful . When it saw that Hou Yun took the initiative to leave the fighting circle, it did not pursue, but it quietly dived into the sea and disappeared .

“Is this the river turning strength?” Hou Yun came to Yang Chen, looked up and down Yang Chen’s body, his face was incredible .

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Hou Yun himself was also taught the body refining technique by Yang Chen . Of course, he understood that the changes in Yang Chen’s body could only be achieved after reaching the third layer, the river turning strength . However, the more he knew about the body refining technique, the more he understood the difficulty of refining it . According to Hou Yun’s own estimation, if he wanted to cultivate to the third level, it would only be possible at least after hundreds of years of his ascension to the spiritual realm .

Yang Chen now was more than a hundred years old . Even if he had not faced the thunder tribulation, his body was easily able to cultivate the body refining technique successfully . However, such a speed of cultivation was really a bit terrifying . Even Hou Yun, the real monstrously talented, was a little moved .

“Fight me!” Looking at Yang Chen’s body, Hou Yun almost glowed from both eyes and couldn’t help shooting a burst of sparks in his eyes .

Seeing Yang Chen’s river turning strength, it even made Hou Yun forget that he was a dacheng stage and Yang Chen was just in the Jiedan stage, he just wanted to have a good time .

“You are not allowed to use spiritual power . ” Gongsun Ling, however, has absolute confidence in her husband, before Yang Chen had beaten Hou Yun once on the shuttle and now that Yang Chen’s body shape changed, naturally she also knows that her husband’s cultivation was successful, how could she let her husband lose his prestige . Limiting spiritual power and using only physical power would naturally make Hou Yun more convinced .

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Gongsun Ling knew the origin of Hou Yun and also knew from the heart that Hou Yun was not willing to join the Pure Yang Palace . But now Yang Chen has the opportunity to subdue Hou Yun, suppress his strength and he also gave him his cultivation method . This mighty Hou Yun might be a big help for Yang Chen .

With Yang Chen’s guidance, Gongsun Ling’s mind was also changed with dexterity and she immediately thought of these . Yang Chen also knew everything in his heart, smiled at Gongsun Ling, then looked at Hou Yun with a smile .

“That’s natural!” Although Hou Yun was belligerent, he hadn’t reached the point where he could overpower people, especially when facing Yang Chen . After he agreed he immediately put on a posture to fight .

“Here?” Yang Chen shook his head directly: “Uncle ancestor, let’s leave this sea to find an island!” After all, there was no place to set foot in the sea, in the sea of no return, it was impossible to fight without spiritual power .

Hou Yun also realized this and immediately followed the suggestion, the golden stick was carried across his shoulders and he was about to leave .

How could Yang Chen let Hou Yun get exhausted, he immediately summoned out the shuttle, packed the three of them, and quickly left this area . The fierce sea of no return, once again restored it’s apparent calm, except for the lack of a lot of fierce sea beasts on the periphery, it looked like no other changes were made .

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Maybe in a few years, there will be similarly fierce sea beasts from other places, maybe there would be some powerful monsters from other parts of the sea of no return to occupy the territory . Anyway, there were no large beasts around here anymore .

In the shuttle, Yang Chen didn’t say anything, first he threw out Sun Chun and the other twenty-one Yuanying stage masters and briefly introduced them, so Gongsun Ling received these dao sects masters in the mountain river geographical map .

In these days, Gongsun Ling collected no less than a hundred Yuanying stage sea beasts and even two dacheng stage sea beasts were captured by Hou Yun . Coupled with these dao sects Yuanying stage masters, the mountain river geographical map that originally needed to be tempered for hundreds of years could be tempered in ten years at most .

By that time, the combat effectiveness of Gongsun Ling would rise sharply and even Shi Shanshan, who has cultivated for more than a hundred years, would not necessarily be Gongsun Ling’s opponent .

In the past few days, Hou Yun has been running around the sea with Gongsun Ling, without a foothold, relying on their cultivation base to circle around the sea of no return, both of them have a feeling of being exhausted .

Of course, Yang Chen understood that the two were exhausted, especially Hou Yun, who not only had to fight, but also take care of Gongsun Ling in case Gongsun Ling was injured, it was hard work .

Yang Chen had to express his concern .

At the moment, Yang Chen didn’t say a word, he made a cup of jade dragon wine with two cups of four seas mysterious coral liquid for Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling . They have been fighting at sea for more than a year and they were exhausted physically and mentally .

Gongsun Ling took in the four seas mysterious coral liquid and of course understood the painstaking efforts of her husband, Hou Yun believed that what Yang Chen gave him was ordinary . He drank it in one go and then fell directly to the ground as if he couldn’t wake up in general .

He simply took Hou Yun to the side and he fell asleep, but Yang Chen carefully held Gongsun Ling sitting next to him, holding Gongdun Ling in one hand, holding out the gourd in one hand, pouring himself a glass of jade dragon wine slowly to drink . Holding Gongsun Ling like this, he let her sleep peacefully in his arms .

The shuttle was on the bottom of the sea and hurried through, but it was directly on the way back to the dao sect domain .

The arrangement of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the South China Sea was completely destroyed and the newly arrived Sun Chun and others were also captured . For at least several decades, there would be no black hands from the Greatest Heaven Sect in the South China Sea .

Now the most important thing for Yang Chen was to hurry back to the dao sects domain and cultivate the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra together with Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan to stabilize the spiritual awareness that suddenly increased because of the dragon yuan

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