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Chapter 423.1: 423.1
In the eyes of outsiders, at this moment, Sun Chun, who was at the peak Yuanying stage, was caught by Yang Chen by his ankle and then struck down from the air, beating him constantly around the ground .

He had peak Yuanying stage strength, but Sun Chun couldn’t escape Yang Chen’s big hand holding his ankle . The strength of Yang Chen almost shattered his ankle . With severe pain, and suddenly being smashed involuntarily, how could he care of others .

An aloof peak Yuanying stage master tasted such a depressing taste . Just a few back and forth smashing made Sun Chun’s physical protection no longer work . His bones were almost broken in half . His whole body’s spiritual power was also scattered by Yang Chen’s high-speed smashing method .

For a moment, Sun Chun, who was supposed to have a winning ticket, changed from a spirited peakYuanying stage ancestor and he became a dying seriously injured cultivator .

Lying helplessly on the ground, Sun Chun could not even move one finger at will . In his life, there have been countless battles, but he had never been so miserable before, which made him feel no better than being dead .

However, Yang Chen left his life for him, not only his life, but even the lives of the other twenty Yuanying stage masters, Yang Chen did not kill them, all of them were still alive .

This wasn’t Yang Chen’s sudden tenderness, but after he knew Sun Chun’s purpose of coming to the South China Sea, he deliberately showed mercy .

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If he killed Sun Chun now, the Greatest Heaven Sect would certainly know and not only would they re-plan for the South China Sea, but would also firmly decide to kill Yang Chen .

However, keeping them alive was different . They originally came here to establish a rogue cultivators alliance and it was estimated that they could not return to the Greatest Heaven Sect for decades or hundreds of years . Then during this period, the Greatest Heaven Sect in the South China Sea was equivalent to having no power at all . As long as the South China Sea Alliance develops faster, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not have the opportunity to intervene in the future .

Second, without killing these people, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not launch a last resort against himself and the Pure Yang Palace in the short term . Although the Pure Yang Palace has developed a lot, it still cannot compete with the Greatest Heaven Sect . It also takes Yang Chen to find ways to weaken the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect for a long time .

In addition, these twenty-one Yuanying stage masters were definitely the best tonic for Gongsun Ling’s geographical map . The addition of more than twenty masters would definitely shorten the time for Gongsun Ling to sacrificially refine the mountain river geographical map .

On one hand, weakening the enemy’s strength and on the other hand, strengthening his own strength was exactly what Yang Chen liked to do . In addition, Gongsun Ling was his wife and a husband helping his wife was normal .

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After putting away the twenty-one Yuanying stage masters, Yang Chen did not let go of the materials of the array, he kept it into his Qiankun bag and then began to search for the whereabouts of Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling .

In the sea of no return area, Yang Chen drove the shuttle for half a month and found Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling outside .

As far as the periphery was concerned, the two have actually gone inside a lot . When Yang Chen entered the sea of no return, Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling were looking for those powerful sea beasts .

When meeting Hou Yun, the sea beasts in this area were pitiful and had been beaten helplessly . This guy who has been sullen for tens of thousands of years in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave was simply a fighting beast . When encountering the sea beast, regardless of whether it attacked them, he rushed up and beat it up .

Ordinary sea beasts couldn’t be seen by Hou Yun . He only selected those guys with strong combat effectiveness . However, even those beasts who had great inborn strength couldn’t handle Hou Yun who has cultivated the transformation secret art and Yang Chen’s body refining technique, he was also a water attribute cultivator .

Apart from that, there was his dacheng stage cultivation base to add to his natural divine power and yellow turban body refining technique, let alone the sea beasts of the mortal world, even if they were the ascended Lan Ying, it was estimated that they had a fight .

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Countless powerful sea beasts became the targets of Hou Yun’s practice one by one . When they were almost beaten to death by Hou Yun, they were thrown into the mountain river geographical map of Gongsun Ling, and became slaves of the mountain river geographical map, helping Gongsun Ling to refine it .

After this lap, all the sea beasts that could be called powerful outside were all made slaves . Except for some guys who were strong and uncontrollable were killed by Hou Yun, all the others were collected by Gongsun Ling . There were no sea animals above the Yuanying stage in the entire periphery of the sea of no return .

Hou Yun was certainly not satisfied, so under the careful support of Hou Yun, the two began to move towards the interior of the sea of no return for a short period . The sea beasts here were more powerful and even dacheng stage masters appeared .

Here, Hou Yun was able to satisfy his addiction . Fighting the sea beasts in the dacheng stage in the sea, even if they were as powerful as Hou Yun, they can’t guarantee that they could be defeated every time . Often fighting very hard, but also allowed Hou Yun to really go all out, from the body to the heart, he felt comfortable .

During the fight between dacheng stage, Gongsun Ling became redundant . However, this does not mean that Gongsun Ling was not safe . After collecting a large number of masters of the sea tribe, the geographical map has inspired new uses . It may not be possible to attack the enemy with it, but if it was only used to protect Gongsun Ling, it was more than enough .

With less worries, Hou Yun was even more wanton, provoking strong enemies everywhere . For more than a year, he has been fighting almost every day . His fighting spirit was unprecedented .

And Hou Yun’s cultivation was a state of mind . In the constant battles of this year, he has been further improved, and gradually reached the edge of the later stage, only one step to the peak dacheng stage .

Yang Chen’s shuttle appeared behind Gongsun Ling, who noticed Yang Chen’s arrival almost instantly . By the time Yang Chen closed the shuttle, Gongsun Ling had already caught Yang Chen’s arms . It seemed that the two already had a wordless tacit understanding . They didn’t need to say anything at all and they would know each other’s mood .

Hou Yun was still fighting . His opponent was a huge tuna . In the sea water, it’s speed was like electricity . Even the turbulent suction force in the sea of no return seems to have no effect on it . The long pointed beak was like a sharp spear, which was comparable to Hou Yun .

It was not known how long they fought . Hou Yun even has sweat beads on his face, his opponent’s terrifying strength could be seen . However, Hou Yun was not easy to match, the golden stick was powerful in his hands, the other party was also in the dacheng stage, but he only dared to avoid by speed and dare not fight with Hou Yun face to face .

Of course, Yang Chen’s appearance could not be hidden from Hou Yun . During the fighting, Hou Yun had already seen Yang Chen and he had also seen the changes in Yang Chen’s body .

However, Hou Yun suddenly found out that he had only seen Yang Chen with his eyes, his spiritual awareness couldn’t detect Yang Chen’s whereabouts at all .

This was a shocking thing .

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