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“Yang Chen, Grandmaster Yang, your current alchemy realm is of no benefit in the Pure Yang Palace.” Sun Chun still planned to persuade Yang Chen when he was faced with Yang Chen, after all, an alchemist willing to join was far more precious than being forced to join “Join my Greatest Heaven Sect and you can get everything you want.”


When he saw Yang Chen for the first time, Sun Chun was also shocked. If he didn’t know that the spiritual awareness imprint would never be wrong, he might think it was someone else. In his impression, Yang Chen’s image was a tall and mighty brave man, how did he suddenly become a person with a normal appearance at this moment?


However, this was not the focus of Sun Chun. It was not surprising that many body refining techniques have similar changes. As long as Sun Chun could be sure that the fifth grade alchemist master Yang Chen was in front of him.


Presumably, Yang Chen has discovered the abnormality, but Sun Chun doesn’t care. What about the discovery? In this formation, unless it was a person who has a much higher realm than Sun Chun’s realm, he cannot escape the shackles of formation at all. Yang Chen, a small Jiedan stage master could not handle it.


“Just because of this?” Yang Chen looked around. A hundred dozen feet away, there were at least a dozen masters. With such a big battle force, did he want them to fight to the death? Yang Chen needs to figure out this problem. After all, hiding in the dark while attacking and facing the Greatest Heaven Sect directly were two completely different concepts and they also needed different methods.


“Of course, we the Greatest Heaven Sect are very sincere.” Sun Chun saw Yang Chen’s expression was not unexpectedly terrible. Then his heart moved, perhaps Yang Chen’s mind had begun to shake. This was definitely a good phenomenon. As long as Yang Chen was willing to consider, there would be opportunities.


“What kind of sincerity?” At this moment, Yang Chen was in no hurry to start. There was such a master who understood the internal affairs of the Greatest Heaven Sect so it was not impossible to get information out of him.


“As long as we can do it. You can ask.” Sun Chun’s tone was unprecedented. This was not his arrogance, nor was he making decisions on behalf of the masters, but a fifth grade alchemist master, the only fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world, was worth the price.


“If I don’t agree, will you kill me?” Yang Chen pointed to the surrounding formation and asked again calmly.


“This battle formation can only trap people. It won’t kill people.” Sun Chun shook his head slightly, seemingly sincerely said, “I’m just going to talk to Master Yang and have no other intention.”


Of course, even if he said so, if Yang Chen doesn’t agree, then the formation would become a battle formation to capture Yang Chen. However, Yang Chen now believed that these people did not intend to kill him, they just wanted to win him over or capture him.


“Not planning to kill me?” Yang Chen smiled suddenly: “Let me join the Greatest Heaven Sect. Could the past issues be forgotten? The death of Li Qingchen in your sect, don’t you plan to pursue it?”


“Li Qingchen was originally responsible for his own fault, we can’t blame you.” Sun Chun’s heart became more and more happy, as long as Yang Chen was willing to ask these things, he wouldn’t worry that he would not be tempted. After all, Sun Chun also knew that the first ancestral sect that Yang Chen came to join was the Greatest Heaven Sect, but he was thrown out with no inspection, he had a heart toward the Greatest Heaven Sect, not to mention a Li Qingchen, the master of Li Qingchen, at this moment in order to win Yang Chen would be sold without hesitation.


“What about the six masters of the Yuanying stage?” The smile on Yang Chen’s face was very strange, looking at Sun Chun with a smile. Last time, the Greatest Heaven Sect used six Yuanying stage masters to try to intercept and kill Yang Chen and Yang Chen counter-slaughtered them. Could such a thing be forgiven by the Greatest Heaven Sect?


Sun Chun really knew about the six Yuanying stage masters, but at this moment he didn’t hesitate and nodded directly: “At that time, everyone had a different position. It was inevitable that there were deaths and injuries. Even other people in the sect could figure it out. You don’t have to worry about it. “


After a pause, Sun Chun seemed to want Yang Chen to be completely assured, adding: “Besides, everyone knows that with your own strength, you can’t kill six Yuanying stage brothers. The fault was not with you, although you carry the name of killing on the back, but the sect is too high and the issue will never be pursued again. You can rest assured.”


In order to attract Yang Chen, even the six Yuanying masters who have died in Yang Chen’s hands were no longer held accountable by him. It must be said that the Greatest Heaven Sect this time put a lot of capital aside. Replaced by a small sect, losing six Yuanying stage masters, was almost a tragic disaster, the great assets of the Greatest Heaven Sect was extraordinary.


“Did mister just make this trip for me, Yang Chen?” Yang Chen nodded while listening, but as soon as the topic changed, he immediately switched to the purpose of Sun Chun’s trip.


“Originally, it was just about the cause of the collapse of the Hidden Dragon Cave. I happened to learn that you are here, because of fate.” Sun Chun was also a hoodlum. In order to make Yang Chen completely assured, even the purpose of this trip was also stated “the Hidden Dragon Cave was destroyed this time, and greed caused the trouble. You don’t have to blame yourself Master Yang, you can destroy it as you like.”


“The Hidden Dragon Cave is part of the Greatest Heaven Sect?” Yang Chen asked, staring closely at Sun Chun. The other party even told him about this kind of thing, presumably he was already prepared for the worst, either to solicit or to capture. There was really no way to put it, such secrets could never be leaked to outsiders.


“Exactly, this time I came down to the South China Sea in order to rebuild a rogue cultivators union.” Since Sun Chun had already made up his mind, he was not afraid to tell Yang Chen “The Greatest Heaven Sect is bound to control the South China Sea. I think Master Yang can see the Greatest Heaven Sect’s strength, not only in the South China Sea, but also in several other places, I have the power of my Greatest Heaven Sect. “


Looking at Yang Chen’s slightly surprised eyes, Sun Chun said more and became excited: “Others thought that the Greatest Heaven Sect was damaged when the mountain gate was destroyed and lost a lot, but only some of the outer sect juniors were lost. As long as it takes time and not a hundred years, my Greatest Heaven Sect would certainly be stronger than now by a few times. The mortal world is so big, but it’s in my hub of the Greatest Heaven Sect. “


“Master Yang, I have told you all the secrets, you join my Greatest Heaven Sect and the things in this world could be demanded by you.” Sun Chun felt that there was enough said, if Yang Chen was smart enough, he should have made a decision by now, right now there should be no more nonsense, he directly asked Yang Chen to respond: “I don’t know what Master Yang intends to do?”


“Mister, you are here to rebuild a rogue cultivators alliance to replace the Hidden Dragon Cave, is it so?” Yang Chen did not directly reply, but asked a seemingly unrelated word.


“Exactly!” Sun Chun did not hide it. If Yang Chen didn’t want to die now, he could only accept Sun Chun’s mercy.


“That’s good!” Yang Chen’s face suddenly smiled “For at least a few decades, the Greatest Heaven Sect probably won’t look for you and these people.”

While Sun Chun was still wondering what Yang Chen meant by this, Yang Chen’s figure had already begun to move. His goal was not directly facing Sun Chun, but the fifteen masters who were close to him within twenty feet.


At a pace that stunned the people, Yang Chen faced the one farthest from him, without a word, he just punched out.


In the formation, these masters knew what would happen, so they had already called out their flying swords and held it in their hands. As soon as the formation was activated, the spiritual power was sealed and the Qiankun bag could not be used, let alone remove their life source flying swords, which could not be taken out from their body. As for using the flying swords to attack people, it was even more unavailable. There was no other way besides holding it in their hands.


Seeing that Yang Chen blasted a punch towards him, the other party was a Yuanying stage master, with rich combat experience, so he was not afraid of it. Fortunately, he still didn’t want to hurt Yang Chen, so he only used the spine of the sword, he wanted to stop Yang Chen’s punch easily.


No one, including Sun Chun, felt that something unexpected would happen. Originally, the formation was meant to deal with three people, but now there was only Yang Chen, needless to say that it was twenty-one against one, even if it was one against one, they could handle the situation.


With a loud noise, the Yuanying stage master holding the sword felt shock in his hand and he could no longer hold the sword handle. The flying sword flew out his hand, he did not know where it fell. However, Yang Chen’s fist momentum didn’t stop at all and he still banged with one punch in the opponent’s chest.


The Yuanying stage master couldn’t avoid it at all. When he was punched, he didn’t say anything, he passed out and became unconscious. Yang Chen didn’t stay still in the slightest, but turned around and flung towards the other person.


This time, no one would dare to underestimate the enemy, all of them were protecting themselves from the enemy. Several close ones even gathered together to form a team or two, not intending to fight Yang Chen separately.


Who would have thought that Yang Chen, who had his spiritual power sealed, would be so fierce. There was no need to ask, it must be related to his body refining technique. A certain type of refining technique has reached a certain level, and this situation has occurred. However, it was so unfortunate that he broke through at this time.


But no matter what, if they were still unable to win against Yang Chen in a 15 against 1, all the Yuanying stage masters in the field should be killed. Sun Chun’s face was dark and he waved at several of the surrounding brothers and sisters for them to attack.


This Yang Chen, who was ignorant of the current situation, still wanted to be lucky under such circumstances.


The furious Greatest Heaven Sect experts almost rushed forward instantly. The little Jiedan stage junior dared to be so arrogant, would he dare to be so arrogant by relying on a body refining technique?


Suddenly, at least eight people rushed to Yang Chen’s side, and at least five swords were chopped on Yang Chen’s body. Fortunately, these people did not forget to keep Yang Chen alive, all the limbs were targeted, but there was nothing fatal.


However, the next scene that appeared in front of them was simply unimaginable. Five flying swords striked on Yang Chen’s body, but they just cut through Yang Chen’s clothes, when the blade touched his body, they felt a shock. The five flying swords that had striked suddenly bounced off and not even a white mark was left on the part cut by the blade.


What was this? Without spirit power, magic weapons could never be used, but what kind of cultivation method could counteract the flying swords?


This was not an ordinary sword, but everyone’s life source flying sword. It was definitely not done by something a secular world’s blacksmith could create such as a golden bell and iron cloth shirt.


In a short period of time, Yang Chen took a few sword strikes without fail, but his fists burst out relentlessly. With several punches, all of them fell on the opponent’s chest, using just the right amount of strength. The seven Yuanying stage masters couldn’t even withstand a punch and they all fell unconscious.


Within this array that seals spiritual power, Yang Chen’s body refining technique was almost like a fish in water. When this immortal skill reached the fifth level, it could compete with those Great Principle Golden Immortals. Although Yang Chen was now only in the third level, it was definitely more than enough to handle a few masters in the Yuanying stage.


What’s more, these enemies also sealed their own spiritual power. Yang Chen has seen fools, but he has never seen such fools. He didn’t need to ask them to know that this was because they were afraid that his shuttle would be too fast for them to catch up to, but this method of self harming was still too strange that Yang Chen could not help but want to smile.


Actively sending 21 masters in the Yuanying stage to capture him, this was really a masterpiece of the Greatest Heaven Sect. This Sun Chun did not think that he was looking for trouble for himself, but he happened to think that he was bullying him.


At this moment, everyone has gathered. Within the scope of this formation, no one was Yang Chen’s opponent. It’s a far cry from strength. Within a moment, the remaining Yuanying stage masters, except Sun Chun, were all brought down by Yang Chen with his fists and none escaped.


“You? You?” Sun Chun originally wanted to help the brothers and sisters fight against him, but he didn’t expect things to happen so fast. When he rushed to Yang Chen, there was no standing brother around him.


At this moment, Sun Chun’s eyes seemed to spit out flames. This guy, Yang Chen, even talked so much with him. Now he still despicably knocked down all his brothers. This was simply drawing himself away to give him a slap, how could Sun Chun endure it?


With the flying sword in his hand, he suddenly cut towards Yang Chen’s throat. At this moment, how could Sun Chun still plan to capture Yang Chen? If Yang Chen was not killed, once the matter of the Hidden Dragon Cave was spread, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely be the target of public criticism. In any case, Sun Chun would like to kill Yang Chen on the spot.


Prior to the attack, Sun Chun had crushed the jade symbols that controlled the magic array. As long as it was within ten breaths, this magic seal array would fail. Those brothers and sisters were knocked down by Yang Chen before they even recovered their spiritual power. However, this also gave Sun Chun a lot of time, with his peak Yuanying stage strength, to deal with a middle Jiedan stage Yang Chen was absolutely nothing.


Suddenly, Sun Chun felt light, and the feeling of his spiritual power being sealed disappeared without a trace. Sun Chun’s face showed a happy smile. The flying sword in his hand was like a dragon entering the sea. He soared and chopped it between Yang Chen’s neck.


He hadn’t waited for Sun Chun to see the result, and suddenly his ankle was tightened, as if being lifted by something. Then, a few beeps, Sun Chun’s figure flipped up and down, and was repeatedly beaten on the platform of the original formation. His whole body was beaten and his whole body was aching, he didn’t know how many bones were broken.

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