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Chapter 421.2

The most important point was that Yang Chen does not have Gui Shanyou beside him, only Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun . Hou Yun was said to be a master in the peak Yuanying stage, but that was not important . The important thing was that there were no top masters of the Pure Yang Palace beside Yang Chen and the sky was high in the South China Sea . Even if they do it, the Pure Yang Palace would not know who did it .


There have been six Yuanying masters killed instantly for blocking Yang Chen, but everyone suspected that it was Gui Shanyou who has always followed Yang Chen, otherwise it was impossible to do this with Yang Chen’s ability .


Now Gui Shanyou was determined to be in the Pure Yangyang Palace, which was at least one year away from the sea of no return . Even if he has wings, he cannot fly here so fast . Sun Chun, however, brought 20 Yuanying stage masters . There were four peak Yuanying stage masters that were comparable to him . It was more than enough to kill the unknown Hou Yun . As for Gongsun Ling, a middle Jiedan stage junior, as long as any of the Yuanying stage masters made a move, they could catch her easily .


Coincidentally, Gongsun Ling was one of Yang Chen’s wives . As a hostage, Yang Chen would be more obedient . Sun Chun this time, he felt like he was in luck, he was able to encounter such a good opportunity . Not to mention how much benefit he could gain from Yang Chen, a fifth grade alchemy master, in the Greatest Heaven Sect, he could be exchanged for a coveted reward .


Such God given opportunities, if Sun Chun didn’t seize it, wouldn’t it be against the heavens . So after getting Yang Chen’s whereabouts, Sun Chun immediately started to make arrangements .


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Of course, Sun Chun was not a reckless person . First of all, he needs to understand the situation . He quickly learned from a rogue cultivator . After he got everything, Sun Chun took the 20 Yuanying stage masters, went around in a circle and went straight to the sea of no return .


Up to the periphery of the sea of no return, Yang Chen’s position has not changed, which made Sun Chun very happy . At least he didn’t have to worry about Yang Chen leaving .


To catch Yang Chen, the most troublesome thing to be afraid of was Yang Chen’s flying magic weapon . Once Yang Chen was able to launch it, in all likelihood Sun Chun could not catch up . Fortunately, in the past, the Greatest Heaven Sect specifically dealt with this magic weapon of Yang Chen, so Sun Chun knew that it was simple and could be realized here .


The boat that was used by the Greatest Heaven Sect the last time failed . Now that there was no magic weapon that could compete with the shuttle, it was natural to look in another direction .


The simplest course was to make Yang Chen unable to use the shuttle . At this moment, Sun Chun had such a method . A sealing formation, once he entered the formation, no matter who it was, his body’s spiritual power would be firmly sealed, unless it was a master of the dacheng stage, there would be no way to get rid of it . Obviously, Yang Chen didn’t have such a cultivation base yet .


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This formation was very powerful, but the shortcomings were equally obvious . Once the formation was launched, the enemy’s spiritual power was blocked, but the same would happen to the master of the array’s spiritual power .


But Sun Chun doesn’t care about this . As long as he enters the battlefield, plus his twenty-one Yuanying stage masters, couldn’t he catch a middle Jiedan stage master who also has no spiritual power? The body of the master of the Yuanying stage who has been baptized by the thunder tribulation was by no means in the imagination of those in the Jiedan stage .


The only shortcoming was that this array required a lot of masters to start and the layout time was not short . The enemy would not stumble into the battlefield, once it was seen, he would inevitably return . However, as long as the layout was completed, the masters under the dacheng stage cannot escape the constraints under the conditions that the masters couldn’t give full play to their spiritual power .


But with the compass that holds Yang Chen’s whereabouts, things were much simpler . This method could also be used in the past, but at that time, everyone did not think that the six masters of the Yuanying stage could not catch Yang Chen . Now for Sun Chun, this opportunity was available .


When setting up the formation, Sun Chun was even surprised to find that Yang Chen seemed to be in the core of the sea of no return . How Yang Chen went in and how he was safe after he entered, these were all things that Sun Chun wanted to know desperately . With this reason, Sun Chun wanted to catch Yang Chen alive more firmly .


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There were countless precious materials at the edge of the sea of no return and countless powerful sea beasts . What was in the core would be really exciting . All of this, as long as he grabbed Yang Chen, he could know it thoroughly .


While Sun Chun was constantly exploring the position of Yang Chen, Yang Chen was cultivating in the Dragon Yuan and he couldn’t care about anything else . After Yang Chen emerged from the Dragon Palace, he immediately noticed the tremor of the spiritual awareness imprint in his body .


The spiritual awareness mark was planted by the Greatest Heaven Sect young sect master Li Liheng and Yang Chen has confirmed it . Li Liheng has been unconscious for almost every period of time in recent years, exactly the same as the time when Yang Chen threw a part of the spiritual awareness imprint into the bloody river . He did not expect that by accidentally hitting another enemy, he could avenge another enemy . Yang Chen was certainly happy, he kept throwing the mark of consciousness into the river of blood once in a while .


With Yang Chen’s human immortal first grade spiritual awareness, he immediately found out what Sun Chun was doing . Even with the formation of Sun Chun, Yang Chen could see clearly and understand it’s role clearly .


The other party actually planned to use this method to limit Yang Chen’s escape . For a moment, Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or mourn for Sun Chun and his party . It was a very strange decision to seal the spiritual power in an attempt to defeat himself with the physical body of a Yuanying stage master who was baptized by the thunder tribulation .


Not to mention for Yang Chen, with the help of the Dragon Yuan, the three purities secret art set the record of allowing him to reach the fourth layer in the mortal world and his spiritual awareness reached the human immortal first grade . It was difficult to say whether Yang Chen could be trapped in this formation . Yang Chen’s cultivation of the body refining technique has reached the point where he could overturn a river, but these people wanted to use physical strength to fight against him .


In the face of such a good opportunity, of course, Yang Chen did not hesitate to follow the bridge designed by Sun Chun, plunging into the array that has been arranged for a long time for Yang Chen to throw himself into .


In order to judge Yang Chen’s line of movement in the formation, five of the twenty Yuanying stage masters have temporarily lost their combat effectiveness . The remaining fifteen were all trying to maintain the operation of the formation . And Sun Chun himself was standing in the middle of the formation, quietly waiting for Yang Chen’s arrival .


He believed that Yang Chen had found the anomaly, but now that he has entered the formation, everything was already too late . At this moment, Yang Chen was like a beast trapped by the formation, which could be slaughtered by anyone .


Regardless of which direction Chen Chen walked as he lost his spiritual power, he would eventually be led to the position of Sun Chun by the formation . Sun Chun, who was at work, has even seen Yang Chen captured by himself, learned the secrets of the sea of no return and learned the secrets of Yang Chen’s alchemy .

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