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Chapter 415.2: 415.2
There was still a gap between the two,

Yang Chen took a little advantage and then this advantage became larger and bigger . Finally, Yang Chen yelled loudly and pressed Hou Yun’s arm to the table .

His husband won against a predecessor, so Gongsun Ling smiled proudly . Although her face did not open up to celebrate, but happiness from the heart could not be concealed .

Hou Yun’s face was incredible, he was looking at Yang Chen like he was looking at a monster . He was a mighty ape king, born with powerful strength . In addition to the physical improvement of his realm in these years, he thought that his power of the flesh had reached an incredible level, but he did not expect that his most proud aspect would be defeated by Yang Chen .

Although it’s just a simple little game like arm wrestling, it reflected the strengths and weaknesses between the two without any compromise . Hou Yun actually lost to Yang Chen in physical strength, the Great Ape King lost in strength to a human cultivator and he was just a mid Jiedan stage cultivator .

Yang Chen has now reached the pinnacle of the Mountain Picking Strength and would soon enter the realm of River Turning Strength . Compared with Hou Yun’s refining of his body when he was only relying only on instinct and ascension, this kind of Immortal World Body Refining Technique, it was not known how many times greater it was . Just to take care of Hou Yun’s face, he didn’t press his wrist down instantly, otherwise Hou Yun would have an ugly face .

“How is that possible?” Hou Yun almost screamed, his unprecedented frustration suddenly made him feel that his cultivation was meaningless . Even a human cultivator could overpower him with pure physical strength . What future does this cultivation have?

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“The refining technique of this younger generation is not an ordinary refining technique . ” Yang Chen explained with a smile: “In this world those that can surpass the power of this junior, maybe only those Majestic Colossus in the late dacheng stage will be able to do it . Don’t be surprised . “

“What kind of refining technique is so powerful? Can I practice it?” Hou Yun didn’t care about any etiquette and he never felt that a predecessor asking something from a junior was any shame, so he immediately asked .

“Of course you can . ” Yang Chen didn’t mean to be evasive . The Yellow Turban Body Refining Technique was originally a cultivation method with extremely harsh conditions . It was not easy for a person to have such conditions . Of course, he must practice and strengthen his own strength .

“However, in order to cultivate it, ancestor you have to promise me a condition . ” Before taking out the cultivation method, Yang Chen offered a condition .

“What condition?” Hou Yun asked about the content of the condition .

“Uncle master must absolutely protect the safety of A’Ling . ” Yang Chen pulled Gongsun ling and stood her in front of Hou Yun: “This time, when we go to the sea of no return, uncle master must ensure the safety of A’Ling . ”

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“You don’t need to say this . ” Hou Yun rolled his eyes directly at Yang Chen “No one can hurt her unless I am dead . ”

With Hou Yun’s assurance, Yang Chen would be relieved when they go to the sea of no return this time . Holding the copied jade slip of the body refining technique, Yang Chen gave it to Hou Yun .

According to Yang Chen’s estimation, Hou Yun’s physical strength was already equivalent to about half of Yang Chen strength and it absolutely meets the requirements of the body refining technique . However, Hou Yun was now in the dacheng stage and his body has been tempered by two tribulations . Compared with Yang Chen, it may be more difficult to cultivate it .

But even so, Hou Yun still started to cultivate the body refining technique in the mortal world, which has more advantages than having it in the immortal world .

Although he has given Hou Yun the body refining technique, Yang Chen still felt that he needed to strengthen Hou Yun’s combat power in order to better protect Gongsun ling . After thinking about it, he simply took out a jade bottle containing Tenth Water True Essence and gave it to Hou Yun at the same time .

“What is this?” Hou Yun was not polite, took it directly and opened it, and instantly found out what was in the jade bottle . His eyes widened and he looked at Yang Chen more incredibly .

“I believe that with the help of this, the predecessor can practice to the realm of 300,000 jin strength faster . ” Yang Chen explained, pointing to the body refining technique cultivation method .

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300,000 jin strength just shows that the realm of refining was relative to the most basic conditions of cultivation . Practical cultivation means at least a tenfold increase in physical strength in this realm . It was believed that as long as Hou Yun could cultivate the first realm to success, his combat effectiveness would be at least doubled .

This was a real force, and the increase of twice the combat effectiveness was still a conservative estimate . However, Yang Chen still has some concerns about the sea of no return, fear that Gongsun Ling would be hurt .

This time exploring the sea of no return, Yang Chen did not intend to take Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun into the depths of the place, but wanted the two to trouble the mighty sea beasts outside .

As for Yang Chen himself, he must enter the sea of no return . Although the Dragon Tongue Orchid could be collected from the outside, the weak dragon qi was definitely escaping from the inside of the sea of no return .

He gave Hou Yun the Tenth Water True Essence, but Yang Chen didn’t give him the Tenth Water True Essence secret art . The monsters race had their own means of absorbing Tenth Water True Essence and Yang Chen didn’t need to add a method . Moreover, the process of absorbing the Tenth Water True Essence was also a process of refining, which could just promote the practice of the body refining technique .

The next step was to hurry on ahead, Hou Yun silently cultivated the body refining technique and Yang Chen was also controlling the profound spirit furnace to absorb the newly received fire seeds .

Gongsun Ling was still responsible for taking care of Yang Chen, and the regular wine dishes made Yang Chen eat with a smile . Hou Yun, who was immersed in spiritual cultivation, has no time at all and has no interest in enjoying this happiness between the two .

Yang Chen’s estimation was correct . With the help of the Tenth Water True Essence, Hou Yun only completed the first level in half a year, which was faster than Yang Chen by several times .

However, the speed of Hou Yun’s body refining technique cultivation has now come to an end . This time, the first level of the body refining technique was completed with the help of the Tenth Water True Essence .

After completing his cultivation, Hou Yun’s body shape has skyrocketed again and he was even stronger than Yang Chen . The surging force emanating from raising one’s hands to one’s feet, as if just waving his arm, he caused an invisible wind pressure .

“Good cultivation method!” Hou Yun realized that he was familiar with his current strength and could not help but sigh with regret “I wish I met you thousands of years ago . ”

Only those who have practiced the Yellow Turban Body Refining Technique would know how powerful this body refining technique was . Unfortunately, Hou Yun was too late to cultivate it, otherwise like Yang Chen, the power of each realm upgrade would definitely be more than ten times and twenty times greater . The later the cultivation, the smaller the future achievements would be .

While Hou Yun sighed, the shuttle was approaching the edge of the sea of no return .

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