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Chapter 415.1

The dragon qi was only found by Yang Chen in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . Now Xiao Tian actually found that the Dragon Tongue Orchid has extremely weak dragon qi, What does this mean?


There was only one explanation . Where the Dragon Tongue Orchid grew, there was something that released the qi, which would cause the Dragon Tongue Orchid to absorb some weak qi .


In the face of such a thing, Yang Chen had to go and see it . Even if it wasn’t for himself, Yang Chen had to go by himself in order to wrestle for it .


However, now he was unable to bring his force . On the one hand, the Hidden Dragon Cave has been eliminated and basically there was no place for them to use force . On the other hand, She Kui and Xie Sha have just received two baptisms of the yin fire tribulations and were in need of retreat and digestion, so he couldn’t justify putting them to hard work and disturbing their cultivation .


The old tree demon was gone from the hundred thousand mountain for a few years, and now it was time to go back . Only Hou Yun who was free and interested had not yet followed . As for Gongsun Ling, she would follow Yang Chen anywhere, this was beyond doubt .


With a very good distribution plan, the old tree demon led everyone back to the Pure Yang Palace . Gongsun Lin directly lent the ship to the old tree demon . The ten masters of the Yuanying stage could retreat directly on the ship . There was the old tree demon sitting guide so no one could disturb them .


All the things in the Hidden Dragon Cave were brought back by the old tree demon, and when they were handed over to Shangguan Feng, they would definitely make a lot of money . The cooperation between the two parties also requires the old tree demon to tell the news to Shangguan Feng .

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Yang Chen and Gong Sunling asked Bian Xuren to ask where the Dragon Tongue Orchid was planted so that they could have a look and find clues .


According to Bian Xuren, there was not much medicinal material like the Dragon Tongue Orchid and the place it grew was very remote, but it was dangerous . Compared to the value of the Dragon Tongue Orchid, it was not worthwhile to go to pick it . This was the only one that some masters brought back when they went there .


This was only reasonable . At least Yang Chen thought it was reasonable . Where there was a dragon qi, it was impossible for it to be very close to the archipelago of the South China Sea Alliance, otherwise someone would have discovered the secret of the dragon qi .


However, what surprised Yang Chen was that the place where the Dragon Tongue Orchid grew turned out to be a fierce place where everyone feared in the South China Sea Alliance . That area of ​​the sea, people told him it was called the Sea of No Return .


In Sea of No Return, there were not only countless fierce monsters, but also a powerful current . When a cultivator entered, before the monsters begin to do anything, they would be swept apart by the powerful current .


So far, the information that people knew about the Sea of No Return was only limited to the periphery of the Sea of No Return . As for what was inside, no one understood it . In other words, no one knows, and none of the people who have gone deep into the Sea of No Return has returned .

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In his previous life, Yang Chen also knew this dangerous place, but he has not been there . Now Bian Xuren told him this, making Yang Chen hesitant about whether he should take Gongsun Ling to take such risks .


Hou Yun seemed very excited when he heard the name Sea of No Return . In the Blue Vault Immortal Cave, he has taken step by step to improve his realm, but he has not experienced many battles .


Originally expecting this time to come out to enable Hou Yun to fight a few wild people, but he only killed Yu Wenyi, who had just been promoted to the dacheng stage, he was only able to promote by the old tree demon cheating method, so he was very unhappy . Hearing that there were countless powerful monsters in the Sea of No Return, Hou Yun’s eyes immediately glowed .


On one hand, the dragon qi that was discovered by Xiao Tian and on the other hand Hou Yun’s desire to fight, Yang Chen considered it and finally decided to go . However, Yang Chen has already calculated that Hou Yun and Gong Sunling would go to fight the fierce sea beasts on the periphery of the Sea of No Return . On one hand, Hou Yun could satisfy his urge, on the other hand, Gong Sunling would be able to capture more masters to fill the mountain river geographical map .


So far, this time out in the South China Sea, Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map has added ten masters, all of whom were captured by Hou Yun . The two cooperated very well .


It was not known why but Hou Yun was getting along very well with Gongsun Ling, he seemed to be doing everything to meet Gongsun Ling’s requirements . Perhaps this has nothing to do with Yang Chen .


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Anyway, the three of them entered the shuttle together and set off on the way to the Sea of No Return . The distance from here to the Sea of No Return was almost the distance from the Central Plains to the South China Sea Islands, it would take several months on the road .


Hou Yun has always been puzzled about Yang Chen’s strength . After starting on the road, Hou Yun challenged Yang Chen .


“Boy, how about we compare strengths?” Hou Yun has never had much contact with others, even if he joined the Pure Yang Palace and has good communication with outsiders . He never felt like there was anything wrong with a dacheng stage master challenging Yang Chen who was a Jeidan stage master .


“It’s just physical strength, you can’t use spiritual power, you can’t rely on your realm to oppress people . ” Hearing the challenge from Hou Yun, Yang Chen’s eyes brightened and suddenly he became spirited .


Yang Chen was also interested in Hou Yun’s strength . The strength of Hou Yun who was the King of the Great Apes was not clear to Yang Chen, but the huge stick made by Hou Yun with his own tail was full of power . You couldn’t pick it up, let alone wield it .


One was the King of the Great Apes and the other was a human who has cultivated the Yellow turban body refining technique and has reached the state of Mountain Picking Strength . At the same time, they wanted to understand the strength of the other party . As soon as Hou Yun challenged him, Yang Chen immediately agreed .


“Okay!” Hou Yun patted Yang Chen’s shoulder with the slightest strength . “Refreshing, you are more refreshing than Old Gui, I challenged him a few times and he ignored me, he is afraid of losing . You boy are to my taste . “


As he said, Hou Yun stretched his arm and put it on the table, and said to Yang Chen: “Simple, arm wrestle! Lil’ Ling, you judge!”


Yang Chen also put his hand on the table and held it with Hou Yun . Just so, each felt the strength from the opponent’s hand and each had a kind of excitement like when the opponent would meet in a chess game .


Gongsun Ling was also afraid that he would make everything chaotic, holding their two hands together and putting them in the middle, Lil’ Ling screamed and gave the command “Ready! Start!”


With the order of Gongsun Ling, the muscles of the arms of the two burly men suddenly began to bulge and their muscles burst into the air . There was a faint grid noise as they held their hands, it seemed that the bones of both sides began to make a sound .


Fortunately, the table under the arm was part of the shuttle . It was hard and abnormal, and could withstand the huge force of the two without any shake .


In Gongsun Ling’s eyes, Yang Chen’s arm slowly began to press down Hou Yun’s arm .

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