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Chapter 414.2: 414.2
“We are interested!” Bian Xuren said in a hurry “If Mr . Yang offers the price, I wouldn’t make a counter-offer . ” Yang Chen would detoxify them, which was a life-saving grace, plus a complete cultivation place, as long as it was Bian Xuren, he would never let go of the demands of the South China Sea Alliance .

“That being the case, this junior will be rude . ” Yang Chen also knew that if Bian Xuren was not allowed to bleed some blood, Bian Xuren would feel sorry for himself, and might even doubt the authenticity of the antidote Yang Chen gave them and then further doubt Yang Chen’s purpose .

“Well on this site, the confederate leader can exchange some special products of the South China Sea for it . ” Yang Chen said with a smile . The island itself was useless, just for some special products from the South China Sea . However, after thinking about it, he added the following sentence: “If there are some special kind of fire seeds and miscellaneous books here, this younger generation will also accept it . ”

Just as the things from the Central Plains became valuables after coming over here, the goods produced in the deep sea on the South China Sea side were a good deal to get to the Central Plains dao sects, the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower could also make a lot of money .

Hearing that the specialty of the South China Sea could be used to trade for the island of the Hidden Dragon Cave, why would Bian Xuren still disagree . As for the quantity, it was not necessary for Yang Chen to mention, as long as the South China Sea Alliance could find it, they would definitely conduct the transactions fairly and would never let the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower suffer a loss . The end of the Hidden Dragon Cave was right in front of them, how would they also go looking for trouble .

As for talking about the fire seeds, it was even more important . They were on the vast sea, and most people were water attributes . Some high-level and low-level fire seeds were almost unattended to here and Yang Chen even accepted these . Even if it was the market here, fire seeds could sell for a good price .

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“Perhaps we can build a long-term cooperation with your alliance in the future . ” After the deal was negotiated . Yang Chen talked to the alliance leader about another thing: “I will use the output of the Central Plains in the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower to trade for specialties in the South China Sea from your alliance . ”

This was a long-term cooperation . This time the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower faced an accident, this was a disadvantage . In the South China Sea, the distance was far away . If you set up a branch here, it would be difficult to guarantee their security . The South China Sea was not as good as the Central Plains, but the South China Sea products could not be exchanged for Central Plains output without a branch, but it could also earn huge profits, and it also has one more partner . For Yang Chen, it was killing two birds with one stone .

In this way, the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower earns high profits from the South China Sea specialty products in the Central Plains and the South China Sea Alliance earns high profits from the Central Plains output in the South China Sea . Everyone makes a fortune together and this cooperative relationship would last longer .

The two sides immediately agreed on this matter . The South China Sea Alliance has no channel in the Central Plains, but has a lot of resources for South China Sea specialty products . The situation was the same for the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower . The two parties would exchange with each other, but the risk of their own ultrlong distance operation was eliminated . At most, it only adds a risk to transportation and both sides were satisfied with it .

The only one dissatisfied was Hou Yun . He followed Yang Chen to come out to kill, but it ended up in the end that he only killed one . Although killing the most powerful master of the dacheng stage, Hou Yun was not very satisfied .

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When Yang Chen was helping the alliance to refine the elixir, the alliance was raising enough resources around to pay for the purchase of the Hidden Dragon Cave’s islands .

No one dared to say more about the foundation of the South China Sea’s largest rogue cultivators alliance to annex the foundation of the Hidden Dragon Cave . In addition, the people of the Hidden Dragon Cave discovered from other people that they were attacked by a group of masters whose background was unknown . Even the man who was promoted to the dacheng stage was killed . The people who knew about it were naturally trembling .

It only took four or five days . Yang Chen has already completed the refining of the pills . In Gongsun Ling’s words, a fifth grade alchemist master refining this simple antidote was really overkill .

If Bian Xuren knew Yang Chen’s identity later, they would definitely feel honored, and it was estimated that they would also feel abnormal regret . Yang Chen personally made elixir for outsiders, which was a good thing that even the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t ask for now, but their alliance encountered it . But the fifth grade alchemy master only refined this simple detoxification pill, it’s simply a waste of nature’s resources .

If anyone in the Central Plains knew it, they would definitely beat their breast and stamp their feet . The opportunity for Yang Chen to help refine a pill was wasted on this and the South China Sea Alliance would definitely regret what they missed .

However, Yang Chen and others waited here for a full month . Within the month, the South China Sea Alliance almost cleared the market and the South China Sea Alliance’s own inventory and the masters exhausted themselves, they searched and collected wildly in the surrounding waters and finally collected what they thought was sufficient to come and trade with Yang Chen .

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Originally, Yang Chen would give up these islands even without these things . Now that there were so many benefits, Yang Chen was naturally happy .

After the transaction was completed, a senior executive of the South China Sea Alliance and Bian Yong each took the antidote made by Yang Chen . Two days later, his sickness was eliminated, his whole body was relaxed, and he had no worries . The two sides could be regarded as happy, and at the same time, the long-term cooperation has begun .

From the killings of the Hidden Dragon Cave, Yang Chen and the others have been divided up . In this regard, Yang Chen has never treated his own .

Even the harvest this time, Yang Chen meant to give it to everyone . However, everyone didn’t accept it, they just picked a batch of things that were of interest to them and all the rest was given to Yang Chen .

Several types of fourth fire fire seeds, which were unique to the deep sea were collected from the underwater volcanoes and other places . Among them, there were many third-grade and fourth-grade fire seeds that Yang Chen could not obtain in the Central Plains and they were now also included in the bag .

Miscellaneous books were also collected by almost tens of thousands of volumes, which made people in the South China Sea Alliance feel very strange . They didn’t know what Yang Chen wanted these things which were useless unless to have fun to do . Yang Chen didn’t explain, he just accepted it by herself .

Knowing that Yang Chen likes alchemy, the South China Sea Alliance even gave Yang Chen a copy of the alchemy information of the rogue cultivation alliance, allowing Yang Chen to learn more systematically .

Yang Chen also carefully studied some of these deep-sea specialties, especially some of the medicinal herbs . In this aspect of reusing deep-sea medicinal materials, the rogue cultivators alliance that has been in the South China Sea was obviously more adequate than the Central Plains, which has also given Yang Chen a lot of learning opportunities .

Among the massive amount of medicinal materials obtained, one of them caught Yang Chen’s attention . Rather, it was Xiao Tian’s attention .

This reddish-brown herb was not very conspicuous in a dried medicinal material . It had an interesting name, it was called Dragon Tongue Orchid, which was named after the shape of a biological tongue .

However, Xiao Tian obviously felt a very weak dragon qi from this medicinal material called Dragon Tongue Orchid .

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