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Chapter 414.1: 414.1
The tall guy who looked unusually strong actually smashed Yu Wenyi’s head with the flying sword into a rotten watermelon with one stick? Was everyone dreaming about the scene just now?

No matter how unbearable Yu Wenyi was, he was a dacheng stage master who was promoted under the eyes of everyone but he couldn’t stop one attack from the stick? What was the cultivation base of the guy with the stick?

Hou Yun was a master of concealing his aura when he was in the blue vault mountain immortal cave . If it weren’t for the dacheng stage, there could be no masters below the dacheng stage, even for the old tree demon, at first glance, there was no way to know that Hou Yun was a master of the dacheng stage .

Even in the battle with the seven Yuanying stage masters in the Hidden Dragon Cave, except for the people in the Pure Yang Palace, everyone initially thought that Hou Yun was just a master of the peak Yuanying stage . Even so far, Hou Yun has not released the aura of the dacheng stage, others still thought that Hou Yun was just at the peak Yuanying stage .

In this world, there were many geniuses, and the people that could overcome levels to fight opponents were like countless stars . However, the people who were in the peak foundation stage defeating the early Jiedan stage, or the people in the peak Jiedan stage defeating the early Yuanying stage,that was still something everyone could imagine . The problem was that Hou Yun who was now at the peak Yuanying stage gaining victory over an early dacheng stage master .

The gap between each realm was no clearer than for the masters of the dacheng stage . They thought that Yu Wenyi might escape, and he would become a big problem for everyone, but they didn’t expect the shock to come so suddenly .

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The people in the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, whether they needed them to make the antidote or not, they couldn’t provoke them casually now . These people were really too fierce . A big hidden dragon cave in the south China sea, in less than three hours, fifteen Yuanying masters were all killed, even Yu Wenyi who was promoted to the dacheng stage was no exception and only eleven people did it .

These people’s fighting power was unparalleled . This was the scene where everyone didn’t know that the old tree demon interfered with the tribulation to increase the experience of everyone, otherwise, their chin would fall down .

Not to mention the crowd being stunned, there was no slightest surprise from the people in the Pure Yang Palace . This was the natural outcome . If Hou Yun couldn’t even handle a guy who could only survive the yin fire tribulation by cheating, his combat effectiveness would be too average .

Yu Wenyi’s body became a fertilizer for the Blood Demon Vine and Blood Demon Vine Sword . The blood demon vine flying sword once again absorbed the blood of a dacheng stage master, the quality seems a little better . The blood demon vine was nourished by the masters of the dacheng stage and it’s vitality was restored a lot .

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From the moment Yu Wenyi was smashed into a rotten watermelon by the stick, Yang Chen completely dealt with the Hidden Dragon Cave . The upper ranking members of the Hidden Dragon Cave were annihilated as much as possible . Even if there were a few fish that leaked through the net, they were just small fish and shrimps . They were not qualified to draw the attention of the Greatest Heaven Sect . This was the gathering place for rogue cultivators and soon these small fish and shrimps would become disciples of other rogue cultivators alliances .

From this moment on, the Hidden Dragon Cave was removed from the South China Sea . He believed that after the news of the collapse of the Hidden Dragon Cave spread, there were two things everyone would keep in mind .

One was that in the future, if someone would form a rogue cultivators alliance, it must not be called the Hidden Dragon Cave . Another thing was that when encountering the company of Ten Thousand Treasure Tower in the future, it was best to be disciplined, and never think of stealing, playing tricks, or even killing for their money . That’s not the murder of others’ money . In the end, it’s the man himself who loses his wealth .

The next thing to do was to harvest the loot . The assassinated disciple belongings in the Hidden Dragon Cave must all be found and collected as much as possible . In addition, the Hidden Dragon Cave has been entrenched on these islands for hundreds of years and there would definitely be warehouses to store their resources . Now, all these things belong to the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower .

At least in the eyes of outsiders, after the people in the Hidden Dragon Cave destroyed the branch of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower and took all their belongings . Now the people in the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower came to destroy the Hidden Dragon Cave in turn, it was absolutely doing the same thing .

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Some people from the South China Sea Alliance blockade outside, so no one could come in and plunder . Even if the South China Sea Alliance’s blockade was weak, no one dared to rush in . The new dacheng stage master Yu Wenyi met his end . If anyone was impatient for death, let him try it .

After waiting until Yang Chen and the others packed up, all the spoils were searched and taken by them, Bian Xuren and his wife came together to Yang Chen hand in hand .

The three dacheng stage masters and the others who blocked the Hidden Dragon Cave did not come forward, for fear of causing misunderstandings for Yang Chen and the others . At this juncture, there was no need for extra complications .

“Congratulations to Mr . Yang for taking his revenge, to get justice for your branch treasurer and his fellows!” Of course, after congratulations on meeting, Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu came with another purpose .

“Thank you for your support!” Yang Chen responded with a smile, and then immediately said the issues that the Bian Xuren and his wife were most concerned about: “In the Qiankun bags of those in the Hidden Dragon Cave, the appropriate medicinal materials have been found . Confederate leader should wait for a few days and I will immediately refine the medicinal pills for you . “

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Bian Xuren’s hanging heart finally fell back into his stomach . They were afraid that Yang Chen would say that no suitable medicinal materials were found here and that they could only solve the problem by going back to the Central Plains .

Although the poisoning was not deep now, after all, all the high-level members were poisoned . Who knows whether these slight toxicity would have any hidden dangers, it would be a lot of relief to detoxify it immediately . Once Yang Chen said that he would have to return to the Central Plains, who knows how things would develop in the future, there would be many nightmares, now this result was just right .

“Alliance leader, I don’t know if the South China Sea Alliance is interested in these islands?” Yang Chen looked at the islands of the Hidden Dragon Cave where there were no more living people, and thought for a moment, then began to ask Bian Xuren’s intentions “If the side of the leader is interested, this junior would be willing to sell at a suitable price . “

Yang Chen’s words brightened the eyes of the Bian Xuren couple . Although the several islands occupied by the Hidden Dragon Cave were not the best islands, this main island was full of spiritual power . In addition, with the operation of the Hidden Dragon Cave for hundreds of years, it was basically a ready-made cultivation ground .

Previously occupied by the Hidden Dragon Cave, even if the South China Sea Alliance wanted these islands, it was not available, after all, everyone had not reached the stage of throwing away their faces . Now these islands were without any owner, Yang Chen and the others have killed them, and so they belong to Yang Chen and others . Since Yang Chen was willing to sell, it could be obtained at the cost of some spiritual resources, which was very cost-effective .

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