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Chapter 412.1: 412.1
As soon as the red light came out, the bloody smell suddenly became nastier and the corpse fragments on the ground and the blood flowing across the ground suddenly seemed to start to change at this moment .

It’s as if there was an invisible mouth that was devouring everything, the flesh and blood that was swallowing quickly disappeared without a trace . It only took a while, except for the smell of blood, no trace of flesh could be seen .

The eleven Yuanying masters who were fighting against She Kui, Xie Sha and Hou Yun, however, changed their faces greatly, and did not care about others . Everyone took a red elixir from their Qiankun bag and quickly took it .

In the Central Plains dao sects, basically every sect gate has a moun­tain pro­tect­ing great for­ma­tion . Once there was an invasion by an external enemy, it would be launched immediately to prevent the external enemy from the formation .

However, in the South China Sea, it was difficult to have such a large array . As the islands were distributed in different places, it was difficult for the Moun­tain Pro­tect­ing Great For­ma­tion to accurately protect the required islands, and the islands were either too small or large . The large array method cannot be arranged, and the small array method was not powerful enough to resist the masters, so basically, the rogue cultivators alliances on the South China Sea side have no Moun­tain Pro­tect­ing Great For­ma­tion .

But this does not prevent some alliances from setting up some small formations on their main island . The formation of the Hidden Dragon Cave was one of them .

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However, this red formation seems to be very evil, full of blood, and once the formation was launched, everyone had a feeling of losing blood .

Yang Chen’s spiritual aware­ness was almost the most powerful, and he immediately noticed that this formation was absorbing the blood of everyone . In this formation the enemy and friend were not distinguished . Even the masters of the Hidden Dragon Cave, their blood was also absorbed .

But soon Yang Chen discovered that when those guys in the Hidden Dragon Cave took the red elixir, the speed of qi and blood absorption suddenly decreased a lot . Compared with the people on Yang Chen’s side, it was basically compared to ten times the speed .

This congregation has already discovered the physical anomaly and wanted to break away from this array, but soon found that everyone’s body seems to be connected with this blood red light to a red invisible channel, no matter how far away the people were , they could not get rid of this red channel like the iliac crest, their whole bodies qi and blood was continuously absorbed by the red light along this red channel .

The old tree demon clone with half-closed eyes hasn’t been moving at all . At this moment, the eyes opened wide suddenly, and he struck the ground suddenly . Boom, almost the whole main island seems to shake .

The old tree demon thought that this foot could shatter the formation, but he did not expect that the formation even absorbed most of the spiritual power contained in his foot, which in turn enriched the formation and it became stronger .

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After a while, everyone had felt that they could not control their own blood and they had to lose their blood and vitality while fighting .

The eight Yuanying stage masters joined the attack without thinking . For the present, only by quickly killing the enemies in these formations, could they free up their hands to deal with this weird formation .

Not to mention the Hidden Dragon Cave, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, the array method arranged in such a small area could not trap two dacheng masters . This was the idea of ​​everyone, so they would show no mercy .

“Snort, you want to kill, the more you kill, the more blood you add to the formation, the stronger the formation would become, I want to see how fast you can kill . Hahaha!” Outside of the formation, Yu Wenyi’s somber voice accompanied by his laughing passed into everyone’s ears and everyone who was about to start attacking couldn’t help but stop .

At first glance, it could be seen that this was the demonic path formation . There was really something like the more it absorbs the master’s blood, the more powerful it became . In the past, these masters of the monster race would never believe it, but after learning for a long time in the Pure Yang Palace, they also learned a lot of common sense about the demonic race and no longer relied on instinct to fight like the other ignorant monster race .

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For a while, everyone fell into an embarrassing situation of whether to fight or not . Everyone knew that the longer the time drags on, the more unfavorable it was to the other side, but for a short while, no one could break this weird formation .

“Such insignificant ability!” After studying it for a while, Yang Chen suddenly sneered: ” it is only mediocre!”

As soon as the words fell, Yang Chen’s feet suddenly burst out a bloody red vine, and the vines began growing rapidly . After a while, the area that was flashing red light was completely covered .

The Blood Phantom Vine flying sword screamed out, it cut off towards the red channel at the foot of Gongsun Ling . Strange to say, the red invisible channel that has been raving Gongsun Ling constantly . When it met the blood demon vine flying sword, it broke easily, and the end connected to the array method became connected to the blood demon vine sword .

The flying sword didn’t stop, each of the red channels under the feet of the people from the Pure Yang Palace were cut by the sword in order . After flying back to Yang Chen and cutting off the one under Yang Chen’s feet, the blood demon sword had fourteen red channels connected to it .

After all, the blood-sucking array was laid out recently and then fed a little bit with flesh and blood to increase its power, compared to the blood demon sword, which was a natural plant that sucks blood . The blood demon vine sword has absorbed the flesh and blood of several masters in the dacheng stage and its power was better than the entire formation .

The channel connecting everyone was cut off by the Blood Demon Vine Sword, and the blood absorbed in the original formation was absorbed by the Blood Demon Vine Sword in turn . Not only that, the bloody demon vine that suppressed the red light all over the ground also began to crazily absorb the blood in the formation .

In a short period of time, the bloody red color has faded a lot . And everyone had no sense of their blood loss anymore, everything seems to be back to normal .

After a while of work, everyone could perceive that the blood in their body has been absorbed by about 10% . Fortunately, everyone was an expert . This loss of blood would not be put in their eyes .

However, in the eyes of Yu Wenyi, this scene became another kind of fear . The Blood Sucking Demonic Array, which has always been favorable, has no effect . Even their hidden experts, such as the seven-children Yuanying stage masters and the seven-star sword array, have been sent . There was no other thing to stop Yang Chen and others from killing his people .

The eleven Yuanying stage masters in the Hidden Dragon Cave group have completely lost their confidence at this moment . The three people on the other side were on a par with theirs, and now there were eight more masters in the Yuanying stage . Their fate could be imagined .

On Yu Wenyi’s face, there was a sudden increase in determination, and he suddenly became stubborn, staring at Yang Chen, he suddenly screamed fiercely: “This is what you forced me to do, this is what you forced me to do! All of you go die! “

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