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Chapter 412.2: 412.2
An egg-sized yellow elixir suddenly appeared in Yu Wenyi’s hands . Yu Wenyi no longer had any scruples and he swallowed this elixir into his belly .

Ah, ah, Yu Wenyi’s mouth began to scream . Yu Wenyi’s screams echoed from She Kui and Xie Sha’s four opponents .

Without the interference of the Blood Sucking Demonic array for the eight ancestors in the Pure Yang Palace worried about, they rushed at the four people . For Hou Yun’s opponents, they did not dare to grab, but She Kui and Xie Sha’s opponents were not so lucky .

Originally when it was two to four, She Kui and Xie Sha still had the upper hand . Now it was ten to four, the outcome was almost instantaneous . The four Yuanying masters just turned into four slabs of meat in just one face-to-face and were quickly absorbed by the formation method, leaving no trace .

Hou Yun certainly saw the situation here, and he no longer showed mercy . With a big swipe, his power suddenly increased . With just one blow, the Seven Star Sword Formation could no longer be maintained and dispersed . The formation of the seven twins in the Yuanying stage, was involuntarily taken by Hou Yun’s stick and gathered in one place .

Hou Yun, who jumped high, fell down with a huge stick in his hand, and the seven were helpless and could only sacrifice their sword . With a bang, the seven flying swords shattered, and the seven were fainted by the powerful pressure shock .

When he fell to the ground, Hou Yun didn’t look at the seven people in the ground, but only slightly picked up the stick, and the seven masters of Yuanying were picked up in front of Gongsun Ling .

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Gongsun Ling received the unconscious seven-born twins in the Yuanying stage into the geographical map and together with Yang Chen, he looked at Yu Wenyi who was screaming wildly there .

“This is what you forced me! This is what you forced me!” In the mouth of Yu Wenyi, in addition to screaming, there was only this sentence . As he said, Yu Wenyi’s body also began to change dramatically, his whole body became red and his muscles began to swell .

After a while, Yu Wenyi, who was originally small, turned into a big man comparable to Yang Chen and Hou Yun and his momentum was also crazily increased .

The elder standing next to Yu Wenyi, from the beginning, stood beside him like a wooden post, not moving or speaking . If it weren’t for his breath, everyone would have thought he was a dead man .

But now, Yu Wenyi grabbed the elder suddenly, and the elder didn’t have any struggle, so he was helplessly caught by Yu Wenyi .

Next, Yu Wenyi made an action that the people could not tolerate . He grabbed the elder and took him to his mouth . Opening his mouth wide, he bit his elder’s neck and began to suck up the blood .

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Yang Chen and others have loomed into a circle, and Yu Wenyi cannot escape in any direction . There was Hou Yun in the sky, and the roots of the old tree demon have quietly covered the entire island and so there was no way to go underground also .

But Yu Wenyi didn’t have any plans to escape, he was just staring with blood-red eyes, watching the people around him, and constantly sucking the elder’s blood in his mouth . The elder caught by Yu Wenyi’s aura has gradually weakened, finally getting weaker and finally disappearing .

Abandoning the elder who had lost any vitality, Yu Wenyi’s aura soared again, and his body swelled a bit . There was still the blood of the elder in his mouth and he looked at them with a strange look .

“Ah!” Yu Wenyi yelled at the sky suddenly, shaking a hundred miles . Clouds began to pile up frantically in the sky . The sky was clear and after a while, it became dark clouds .

“Interesting!” There was a playful smile on Yang Chen’s face .

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How familiar this situation was, it was simply a sign of achieving the Great Ascension stage . However, Yu Wenyi did not reach this realm through normal cultivation, but reluctantly spurred the tribulation by relying on an unknown elixir and devouring the blood essence of another elder’s body .

The ten Yuanying stage monster cultivators, just approached the old tree demon clone . The old tree demon was not indifferent, directly holding up a shield, covering everyone including Yang Chen and Gonsun Ling . There was only Hou Yun left outside, still standing in the air watching Yu Wenyi coldly .

Such a close observation of the Yin Fire Tribulation was the first time for everyone except Yang Chen and the old tree demon . Hou Yun has passed the Yin Fire Tribulation, but has not seen others complete it . Although others have been fortunate to have seen Wang Yong, the distance was not so close .

For everyone, this was a rare experience, even for Hou Yun and the old tree demon . At least they could understand what different methods were used by people with different attributes of the five elements to cross tribulations .

Yin Fire started to burn on Yu Wenyi’s body . Yu Wenyi with water properties seemed to be very easy to deal with the first Yin Fire . Originally it was water to overcome fire, and natural to overcome, which made Yu Wenyi’s crossing the tribulation look easy at first .

However, everyone knew that this hidden danger of forcibly elevating the realm by medicinal pills was easy at first, and more difficult later . This was the first Yin Fire, and there were eight more behind it . It’s not that simple .

Beginning with Yang Chen and others, hundreds of miles away, a group of experts from the South China Sea Alliance, led by Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu, had already surrounded the sea around the Hidden Dragon Cave .

There were three masters beside the Bian Xuren couple, two men and one woman, whose depth cannot be seen through, but the Bian Xuren couple were very respectful to them . Needless to say, these were the three dacheng stage masters of the South China Sea Alliance .

At the beginning of the battle, there were no waves . Needless to say, the three dacheng stage masters, even the Bian Xuren couple could easily detect the movement over there with their spiritual awareness .

Seeing that Yang Chen had brought twelve Yuanying stage masters, even Bian Xuren couldn’t help but be surprised . This Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was not exposed to mountains and water, but it still has such a heritage .

When everyone gathered on the main island, Yu Wenyi launched the formation, and Bian Xuren didn’t worry about it . What he meant was that he wanted to win over Yang Chen by sending charcoal in the snow under the circumstances that Yang Chen and others were lost . They would never show up until the last minute .

However, the next situation surprised Bian Xuren, who couldn’t help Yang Chen and others . By relying on a strange flying sword, Yang Chen broke the Blood Sucking Demonic Array and made Bian Xuren curious about the flying sword .

When Yu Wenyi started to cause the Yin Fire tribulation to appear and Yang Chen and the others stood by to watch, Bian Xuren finally changed his face: “Oops, how could Yu Wenyi be so easy and free of interference? Success is Yang Chen’s death! Elder, you must rescue that Yang Chen, or the poison cannot be relieved . “

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