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Chapter 409.1: 409.1
“Poisoning?” Not only Shu Lanqiu, but even the big man who had been listening screamed loudly .

No way, the news was so shocking that they could not accept it . For hundreds of years, everyone did not know how many doctors had been secretly found, whether they were from the secular or the cultivation world, all thought it was a rare disease and could not be treated . As soon as Yang Chen came here, he said that he was poisoned with a rare poison .

“My son is really poisoned?” The guy whispered again, and at the same time he waved his hand, wrapping up the entire room where the sickbed was located with several restrictions, so no one would hear it .

“It’s poisoning . ” Yang Chen nodded heavily while sighing and said with certainty: “I’m sure this is poisoning, Union Master Bian . ”

The other person called the patient my son, naturally it was Bian Xuren himself, not to mention that Yang Chen had claimed to have seen Bian Xuren before, so he was not too blind to call out the Alliance leader .

“What poison?” As soon as Bian Xuren heard that Yang Chen was determined it was poison, he suddenly became a different person, and his murderous aura covered his body “Is there a cure?”

Shu Lanqiu beside them was already crying with joy, for the first time in many years, someone gave a diagnosis with certainty . Whether it was illness or poisoning, there was always a direction to follow .

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“Young master’s poison is not a big problem, at most it makes people feel weak and lethargic . It will not be fatal for a while . ” Yang Chen said slowly, while organizing his own words” if It’s you two, it might be a little bit troublesome . “

“What do you mean?” Bian Xuren’s face changed for a while, his son became like this and Yang Chen said that it was all right . Instead, he and his wife, two masters of the Yuanying stage, had something wrong with them . What was it?

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Yang Chen didn’t answer right away, but sniffed around for a long time and his tightly frowning brows didn’t go away . This action made Bian Xuren and his wife inexplicable . They didn’t know what happened, but nobody dared to disturb Yang Chen .

After a long while, Yang Chen looked puzzled and frowned, “This shouldn’t be!”

“What shouldn’t be?” Shu Lanqiu asked puzzledly . She now cares about her son and her husband, and it also involves herself, so she was anxious .

“The poison of your son is unique, and it is easy to solve . ” Yang Chen explained patiently, “It is just that this younger generation has never figured out how the two seniors were poisoned . ”

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“We are also poisoned?” Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu were surprised for a while, how could that be? So far, they haven’t had any abnormal feelings . How could they be said to be poisoned?

“This junior knows that seniors don’t believe it . ” Yang Chen said frankly, without going around in circle and quickly made his request: “I also asked the seniors to find a live Fire Dragon Fish, and you would know at a glance . ”

It’s already at sea here, and it’s not unusual to get a live Fire Dragon Fish . Although it was a nourishing sacred product in the earthly world, it was just an ordinary thing in the South China Sea Alliance . Soon, a large tub was brought to Yang Chen with the sea fish .

After the restrictions were still set, Yang Chen got up and started to grab the Fire Dragon Fish, took out a jade bowl and stabbed the Fire Dragon Fish body with a knife, and after a while, accumulated a small bowl of Fire Dragon Fish blood .

“I also asked the predecessor to get her hands dirty, so as to get a little bit of your son’s blood . ” Yang Chen was also polite and directly ordered Shu Lanqiu .

Seeing the mystery of Yang Chen, Shu Lanqiu and Bian Xuren were also a little frightened . Shu Lanqiu glanced at her husband and Bian Xuren nodded slightly, and then Shu Lanqiu went to the bed . She gently stroke on the veins of Bian Yong’s wrist, squeeze a little blood dripping into a jade cup, and then quickly repaired the small wound with spiritual power .

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After Shu Lanqiu did all of this, Yang Chen started to make four portions of Fire Dragon Fish blood, divided it into four small jade bowls, then picked up the jade cup, and put a few drops of blood from Bian Yong and slowly poured into the blood of one of the Fire Dragon Fish .

Alas, a horrifying sound came out suddenly . As soon as the two bloods came into contact, white smoke erupted and snored . It took a while to stop .

When it calmed down, the red blood in the jade bowl has also become a weird liquid, which was actually dark purple . Yang Chen scooped down the gill slices from the Fire Dragon Fish head and threw them into the small jade bowl . There was another snoring sound, and the gill slices began to slowly dissolve in the purple liquid .

It was almost unnecessary for Yang Chen to say anything more . Both Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu took a breath of cold air . The blood turned out to be something that could erode bones, its toxicity was conceivable .

Immediately after, Yang Chen cut a hole in his hand and dropped it into the second jade bowl . The two kinds of blood were mixed for a long time, there was no movement, they were still so red and there was no change . Immediately, Yang Chen pushed the remaining two jade bowls in front of Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu, and made a gesture of please .

Obviously, this was Yang Chen asking them to try with their blood . The two did not hesitate to cut through the blood vessels to squeeze out a few drops of blood, which were dropped into the Fire Dragon Fish blood .

There were sounds and white smoke, but they were not violent . Compared with Bian Yong’s blood, the blood reaction of the two was very slight . However, after a while, the red Fire Dragon Fish blood in the jade bowl turned into lavender .

At this moment, the faces of Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu suddenly became ugly, they were poisoned without even realizing it, which was incredible .

They couldn’t believe everything happening in front of them . There was no response from Yang Chen’s blood, but all three of Bian Xuren’s family responded . Needless to say, there must be something wrong here .

“If the two seniors don’t believe it, take a closer look at the blood of the two seniors . Some of them are already purple . ” Yang Chen sighed and said slowly .

The couple Bian Xuren was even more frightened . They desperately made a few drops of blood again and dropped them into the white jade bowl and they looked carefully .

At a glance, the faces of the two changed again . In their red blood, there was a little bit of light purple, which was very rare . If it was not that both were cultivators and their eyesight would be greatly increased, and they would be reminded by Yang Chen, and the contrast in the white jade bowl would be sharp, they really couldn’t find it in a short period .

This has fully demonstrated that the two couples, Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu, had been poisoned without even realizing it and the two were unaware of it .

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