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Chapter 409.2: 409.2
“The poison in the young master was not a deadly poison, but once it comes into contact with something in the Fire Dragon Fis blood, it will become very poisonous,” Yang Chen explained slowly .

In fact, Yang Chen didn’t say too much, and Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu both understood what was going on . The demonstration just now has explained everything .

“The two seniors have been taking good care of the young master . The poisonous gas in the young master’s body has accumulated over the years, and they have also entered the bodies of you two . ” Yang Chen continued his judgment: “Just, this younger generation has never heard of them smelling like Fire Dragon Fish blood, so I don’t understand how the two seniors were poisoned . “

Seeing Yang Chen’s confusion, Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu glanced at each other suddenly and said, “Supplementing Spirit Soup”

“Supplementing Spirit Soup? What is it?” Yang Chen suddenly felt as if he had found the answer and asked eagerly .

“This Supplementing Spirit Soup, as the name suggests, is used to nourish the spiritual awareness . ” Shu Lanqiu explained heavily to Yang Chen: “Every day after sending spiritual power, I am always exhausted . You have to drink some of this Supplementing Spirit Soup . To make this Supplementing Spirit Soup, Fire Dragon Fish is used . “

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Just in an instant, all three understood everything . Bian Yong was poisoned . After the Union Master Bian and other elders work hard to replenish Bian Yong’s spiritual power every day, they would drink the Supplementing Spirit Soup made from the Fire Dragon Fish .

They were only in face-to-face contact with Bian Yong . The poisonous gas attack was almost negligible . After the soup was boiled, some ingredients in the Fire Dragon Fish blood were also negligible . Maybe two meals don’t matter, but after hundreds of years of accumulation, both of them have been unknowingly exposed to this strange poison .

The ruthless part was that this poison had almost no effect in the early stage . This could be seen by Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu who haven’t noticed the abnormality . If they wait until deep in age, who knows what would happen?

“Not good!” Yang Chen suddenly remembered something and hurriedly reminded them “Did other elders of the South China Sea Alliance also spend spiritual power for the young master and drink this Supplementing Spirit Soup?”

“Not good!” Bian Xuren was reminded by Yang Chen and was also shocked . In the past 100 years, each elder has spent spiritual power for Bian Yong, and even several dacheng stage elders were no exception . Almost every Individual drank some of the Supplementing Spirit Soup, and the person that poisoned Bian Yong must have figured this out before making such an arrangement .

Although it was not known who arranged such poisoning schemes, it was very obvious to target the South China Sea Alliance . This has almost wiped out the top leaders of the South China Sea Alliance . As long as the time arrives, even the enemy’s hands were not required, the top leaders of the South China Sea Alliance would die as many poisonous weapons as possible . The absence of these experts in the South China Alliance would only make it a loose sand .

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The more Bian Xuren thought, the more frightened and angry he was . What kind of enemy would actually make a plan that was so deep, long and even hundreds of years old to destroy the South China Sea Alliance?

“Not everyone drank the Supplementing Spirit Soup . ” Shu Lanqiu suddenly frowned and said with gritted teeth: “There is one person who has never drank it . ”

Bian Xuren froze, then his complexion became complicated . Yang Chen was on the side, but he didn’t say anything, he just listened quietly, as if nothing was of concern to him .

“In my South China Sea Alliance, Elder Luo has always disliked seafood, never ate fish and shrimp, and naturally did not drink the Supplementing Spirit Soup made from a Fire Dragon Fish . ” Bian Xuren seemed to speak into the air when saying these words . But everyone knew that these words were said to Yang Chen .

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence . ” Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t speak out of turn and he justified for Elder Luo who he had never seen before: “It’s not a big crime to not eat seafood . ”

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It’s not that Yang Chen’s character was good and he has to say good things for others . It was really the friendship of other people for hundreds of years . They just saw Yang Chen for the first time . If he talked badly, who knew what others would think, simply be a good person and think of people for the benefit . Even if Bian Xuren didn’t want to think that way, it had nothing to do with Yang Chen .

“Elder Luo wanted to have a relationship with the dao sects in the Central Plains . ” Bian Xuren smiled and did not hide anything from Yang Chen who he met for the first time, but said by himself: “is it really a coincidence ! “

Hearing what Bian Xuren said, Yang Chen’s heart sank for a moment . How could this hundreds of years of arrangement be so similar to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s plot in the Pure Yang Palace? Hidden Dragon Cave was the minion of the Greatest Heaven Sect, was there a shadow of Hidden Dragon Cave in it?

“Sir, I don’t know if this poison can be cured?” Shu Lanqiu has always been concerned about whether her son could be saved, and now she was more concerned about whether her husband and herself could be saved, so after Bian Xuren has vented, she immediately asked Yang Chen .

“If the poisoning day is deep, there is no way for even a Great Principle Golden Immortal to do anything about it . ” Yang Chen sent Shu Lanqiu directly into the abyss, but immediately pulled her from the abyss to the sky: “But now the poisoning is not deep, but it is difficult, as long as you find a few herbs, you can detoxify after refining it . As for young master, it is even simpler . The same herbs can be used without refining . “

“What kind of medicinal herbs, as long as the gentleman can say it, even if it is under a mountain of swords and in the sea of fire, the South China Sea Alliance will be able to find it for you . ” Shu Lanqiu was really excited . Yang Chen could not only cure his husband and himself, but also her son, was there anything more enjoyable than that?

“It is not necessary to go down the mountain and the sea of ​​fire . The medicinal materials are not too rare . In the Central Plains, it is easy to find . ” Yang Chen waved with a smile: “my Ten Thousand Treasure Tower Branch had it, but unfortunately, the branch was destroyed by the Hidden Dragon Cave, killing and stealing the goods . “

When Yang Chen talked about the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, Shu Lanqiu remembered what happened to Yang Chen . Yang Chen helped them so much . Whenever possible, the South China Sea Alliance also had to come forward and put pressure on the Hidden Dragon Cave .

When she was just about to tell Yang Chen, Shu Lanqiu’s face changed a little, turned to her husband Bian Xuren and quietly said “Elder Luo also made good friends with the people of the Hidden Dragon Cave, and Hidden Dragon Cave was willing to join the central plains dao sects, the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, had medicinal materials for treatment . It happened that the branch of Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was destroyed by Hidden Dragon Cave . Is it a coincidence! “

“Sir, if the medicinal materials are taken alone without any refining, is it effective?” Shu Lanqiu seemed to think of it and asked Yang Chen again .

“Of course, it is impossible to completely detoxify, but it can offset a lot of toxicity . ” Yang Chen answered .

“Okay! Good!” Bian Xuren also figured out a lot of things, he could not help but even say two good words “What an Elder Luo, what a Hidden Dragon Cave cave!”

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