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Chapter 387.1

What made everyone shocked was that two super sects like the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island actually allowed their own genius disciples to commit themselves at the same time, and this person was still only a second-rate sect’s disciple . Although there was a slight achievement in alchemy, it should not be enough to make people pay attention to him .


Equally shocking was the request made by the two fairies . For there being no difference between them, it could be done easily . With the appearance of the two fairies and their background, it was impossible for someone to take the two women as a concubine . But the other request put forward by the two fairies were obviously impossible to attain .


Yang Chen must personally defeat the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan, which was almost impossible in the eyes of many people . It must be known that when Yang Chen entered the Pure Yang Palace and began to cultivate, Shi Shanshan had to condensed her golden dan . After such a long period of cultivation, even if Yang Chen has entered the early Jiedan stage, Shi Shanshan has long entered the late Jiedan stage .


Let Yang Chen, a boy who just entered the early Jiedan stage, challenge the famous cold plum fairy who was famous for fighting in the mortal world . It was not known whether this was the Green Jade Immortal Island helping Yang Chen, or deliberately embarrassing Yang Chen .


Don’t look at it that Shi Shanshan was only in the late Jiedan stage, but in the past 100 years, Shi Shanshan almost spent it in battle, and the masters of the Yuanying stage who died in her hands was more than one . With her rich experience of combat, she was second to none in people with the same age, Shi Shanshan’s combat power, simply could not be judged by her realm .


Anyone who knew the character of Shi Shanshan knew that since Shi Shanshan has made such a request, it means that Shi Shanshan would never hold back during the battle and would definitely go all out .


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In contrast, Yang Chen, the opponent of Shi Shanshan, he had a duel with a fellow in the qi refining stage on the heavenly stairs and then had a duel with Li Qingchen of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Although both duels ended in victory, everyone knew that Yang Chen was by no means a good fighter .


This point could be seen from Yang Chen’s acceptance of the challenge every time he accepts the challenge . If it was not a guilty conscience, how could he admit defeat for the second time?


Saying that he was not suitable for people to challenge, only accept the life and death duel, this was even more slippery . Who does not know that the challenge of life and death could only be raised by the low-level party? And the challenge of life and death that was lower than oneself, who was not afraid of it!


If you don’t mention this, just look at Yang Chen’s body shape and you would know that it was very strong, and he was obviously winning by strength . Shi Shanshan, who was experienced in combat, if he relied on brute force, it was courting death .


Moreover, Yang Chen was famous for his reputation as an alchemist . In this regard, Yang Chen indeed was very good and no one could deny it . However, since the road to alchemy was so proficient, there was a slight lack of battle . This was not incomprehensible, no one could master all the paths of cultivation .


Don’t look at it that Yang Chen has entered the Jiedan realm, but everyone absolutely guessed that Yang Chen promoted by his own refining medicinal pills, no one would doubt this . The people who promoted by medicinal pills had a low fighting power . This was already a common thing, if you ask someone else, you would be ridiculed .

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Even some people in the Greatest Heaven Sect were aware of this . Although the Greatest Heaven Sect sent a lot of Yuanying stage masters to assassinate Yang Chen, so far no one was successful, but the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect felt that Yang Chen had bought a few peerless masters to protect himself with pills .


Although everyone heard that Yang Chen was once chased by a master of the late dacheng stage and he successfully escaped, that had nothing to do with Yang Chen’s combat effectiveness .


The gap between the two sides was so huge that under the circumstances that Shi Shanshan does not hold back, if Yang Chen wanted to defeat Shi Shanshan, it would be absolutely impossible . Not to mention that now, even in the distant future, it was impossible . Even Yang Chen’s combat power would grow in the future, would it true that the genius cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan would be in the same place? It was a joke!


On the other hand, the requirements of Sun Qingxue was even more amazing . It sounded very simple, any kind of medicinal pill could be refined . However, people who knew the difficulty of alchemy would not think so .


It was not necessary to mention how difficult it was to refine the fifth grade pill . It was only with one fact that it was very difficult to explain how difficult Yang Chen’s problems were .


In the history of the mortal world, the fourth grade was the highest level of alchemy . The standard for the promotion of the fourth grade alchemist master was that a certain kind of fourth grade medicinal pill had to be refined .

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A certain kind of medicinal pill was any medicinal pill . That is to say, as long as the simplest kind of medicinal pill was refined to fourth grade, he could become a fourth grade alchemist master .


Fifth grade refining system, as long as it succeeds, no matter what kind of medicinal pill it was, it means that the alchemist master has reached the realm of the fifth grade alchemist masters .


Since there were only fourth grade alchemist masters in the history of the highest level of alchemy in the mortal world, then Yang Chen who was not the most talented alchemist master, how could he become a fifth grade alchemist master?


It wws not so much that Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue gave Yang Chen a chance . It was better to say that the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island refused the marriage of the Pure Yang Palace in this way . In this way, everyone would not be hurt, it was also a comfortable situation, except that Yang Chen would be a little depressed .


Everyone thought this way, except for Gao Yue and Gongsun ling . Even the elders and the palace master who knew some of Yang Chen’s secrets were of the same mind .


Fighting Shi Shanshan? Don’t look at Yang Chen who once killed the second-city master a dacheng stage, don’t look at Yang Chen who has killed six Yuanying stage masters from the Greatest Heaven Sect . Don’t look at Yang Chen’s killing of more than a dozen Yuanying stage and peak Jiedan stage killers . However, one-on-one personally defeating Shi Shanshan, it seems that everyone was not optimistic about Yang Chen’s chances .


As for becoming a fifth grade alchemist master, it was already a difficult problem for those who have come before . The palace master and several elders who received the reply of the two major sects even thought that the euphemisms of the two major sects was refusal .


The elders and the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace were all having such thoughts, not to mention the onlookers who watched the events on the sidelines .


A toad wanted to eat swan meat . This was the idea of Yang Yang, which was unanimously thought of by other people, it was why Yang Chen came to seek for marriage . They were worried about the face of the two major sects so no one dared to speak out so blatantly .


A second-rate sect, a small alchemist master, dared to think about receiving these two beauties together . The two sects didn’t directly attack them, It was already giving face to their cooperation . Did he really think that Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue would not be able to find other dao companion besides him?


After knowing this reply, many sects and rogue cultivators visited the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island to immediately seek marriage with the two fairies .

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