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Chapter 384.2: 384.2
Gongsun Ling had long been reminded by Yang Chen when the three of them spoke, so she returned to Yang Chen’s side . Just near the position where the Yuanying stage master appeared, she left her own praying mantis puppet underground .

The praying mantis puppets were discovered by Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue in a certain secret plane, all of which had Yuanying stage cultivation bases . Yang Chen gave it to many people in the sect and both his master and apprentice sister had one .

The refining of the puppets was later re-refined by Wang Yong, and the power was almost comparable to that of the praying mantis’s cultivation base when it was alive . Moreover, the puppet itself did not have any vitality and it had the earth attribute . If it was hidden under the land, without a strong spiritual awareness like Yang Chen’s, it was impossible to find it even if he was standing on it .

Yang Chen waved his hand and Gongsun Ling controlled the praying mantis puppet to attack . The main means of attack of these praying mantis were it’s two arms, between the waves, it was very fast . Even when Yang Chen first entered the secret plane, he was almost killed and he had to use his body protecting magic weapon to save his life .

The appearance of the Yuanying stage master shelf was large, his tone was very arrogant, but his strength was not very good . He was not like Sun Qingxue, who had a master of the dacheng stage to prepare a body protecting magic weapon for her, and he did not have such a strong means like Yang Chen’s body protection method . The two arms had already passed the body of the Yuanying stage master before he reacted .

But no matter what reaction he made, it was too late, the praying mantis brushed its two knife like arms and slashed across the waist, and turned the other side into four quarters .

When the four bloody chunks landed, the three people on the ground did not react at all . After finally understanding what had happened, the three people screamed with uncontrollable fear .

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How could they not be shocked . Their savior, the savior in their hearts, was slain in front of them . They didn’t even have the chance to escape . Is there something more frustrating and desperate than this?

However, their screams did not last long . The mantis just cut with one hand and turned the three people lying down into six segments . The screaming sound stopped .

Gongsun Ling went to clean up the Qiankun bag of the Yuanying stage master . Yang Chen was thinking about whether the discovery of the alchemist master was related to the medicine nourishing gourd .

According to the facts, here was not a place with spiritual power, nor a place for the production of elixir . Apart from the medicine nourishing gourd, Yang Chen couldn’t think of any reason to improve the success rate of refining medicinal pills .

Obviously, the other party does not know the real reason, or has not had time to know the real reason . The Yuanying stage master and four slaves appeared here, and it was estimated that they were asking for the alchemist master to refine a pill .

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The blockade of this place was definitely to make the alchemist master have a better alchemy, but they were not lucky . The place where the bird does not lay eggs, there were even such masters as Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling .

The purpose of this trip was to collect the medicine nourishing gourd . Yang Chen certainly would not leave this kind of thing to others . Even if others found out, Yang Chen would make a move to snatch it .

No one appeared in front of him again and soon Yang Chen arrived at the place where the medicine nourishing gourd was . Not as far as Yang Chen expected, on the top of the mountain, a Yuanying stage alchemist master was sitting on a flat ground, carefully controlling a well-looking pill furnace and the eye-catching process seemed to have reached the key time . It seems that this person should be the alchemist master Gao Jing that the people mentioned .

It’s inaccessible, Gao Jing was concentrating, and he doesn’t know who he was . After waiting for a while, it seems that just after an important joint, the alchemist master breathed a sigh of relief and looked up, just to see Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling in the distance .

Not the original Yuanying stage master, Gao Jing’s heart was shocked, and the control of the pill furnace was somewhat out of control . A loud bang came out, and a black smoke broke out from the pill furnace, this kind of medicinal pill was a refining waste .

Gao Jing’s mind was agile . This was not his old friend, but two strangers . My old friend recently received a message to deal with a guy who came, but now he has not returned . What happened was almost certain .

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He did not control the dregs in the pill furnace . Gao Jing used the quickest action to put the pill furnace away, and then turned around without turning back . He also seems to have a good flying magic weapon on his hand and instantly escaped dozens of miles away .

“He is smart!” Yang Chen took Gongsun Ling and landed on the flat ground where Gao Jing was . As soon as they breathed, the smell of the dregs entered their nose .

“Danyang grass, dragon fruit, snort, this is to refine the second grade spirit calming pill, the drug has been integrated, condensed and not scattered, the second grade spirit calming pill has not succeeded . ” After mentioning a series of herbs names, Yang Chen had been able to judge what kind of medicinal pill was being refined by the other party “for the second grade spirit calming pill, if he can’t control the fire in time . If he was scared, he will refine a waste . It is not so good to think about the level . At most, it is the level of a third grade alchemist master . ”

The name Gao Jing, Yang Chen had never heard of it before, and it was obvious that he was not a famous person . A third grade alchemist master, Yang Chen was still not afraid of offending .

Here was where the medicine nourishing gourd was, but obviously the other party did not find this . It was no wonder that standing here, no matter how the exploration of the spiritual awareness, he could not detect any abnormalities, it was normal to not find it . It was already a very good chance to be aware that the success rate of alchemy here was higher .

“Here is the place where you said the medicine nourishing gourd was?” Gongsun Ling looked around carefully . Her spiritual awareness explored, but she could not find the medicine nourishing gourd and she could not feel the aura of any magic weapon . She started to have some doubts .

“Of course!” Yang Chen was originally confused, but soon saw the location of the medicine nourishing gourd and answered Gongsun Ling .

After Gongsun Ling looked at it again, there was still no discovery . She could only ask Yang Chen “Where?”

“It’s at our feet!” Yang Chen replied with a smile, pointing to the position under his feet .

“Here?” Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness quickly explored below, and continued to explore dozens of feet, she did not find the slightest abnormality, once again turned her confused eyes to Yang Chen, waiting for Yang Chen’s explanation .

“If you fly a little further, you may see it clearly . ” Yang Chen smiled and pointed out .

Gongsun Ling said nothing, immediately she brought the ship and flew out of the distance, carefully looked at the feet of Yang Chen and finally found the clue .

The mountain peak at the foot of Yang Chen was thick on the side and looked round . There was also an annular gully flushed by the torrents near the mountainside . Looking from far away, it was clearly a gourd .

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