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Chapter 382.1

Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, like a leisurely swim on the road, like a mountain playing with water, did not hurry and slowed down to the place where the medicine nourishing gourd was kept, no matter whether the outside had been turned over because of the questioning inner heart pills .


Gongsun Ling took out her best craftsmanship, just like a wife and gave Yang Chen every time to make elaborate foods . Anyway, the main aim of Gongsun Ling was to temper her life source magic weapon and consolidate her cultivation base, the mountain river geographical map had its special effects . As long as it travels enough, it could be upgraded . It was not necessary for Gongsun Ling to consume too much energy to cultivate it .  


This was naturally easier for Yang Chen, he could enjoy the food that Gongsun Ling carefully prepared for him . Every meal left Yang Chen beaming with joy .


At this time, Gongsun Ling was at Yang Chen’s side, so she was responsible for making food for him . She looked at Yang Chen’s mouth which was eating her own food, and her face was full of satisfaction .  


Yang Chen knew that the best way to treat his beloved wife who cooked with her heart for him was to devour the food she cooked . This was the greatest respect for her efforts and Yang Chen did the same . Gongsun Ling had a small amount of food, the people who cultivated seldom eat some common food . Almost ninety-nine percent of the delicious food fell into the mouth of Yang Chen .


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In addition to this, the two were talking about some mountains and rivers and they traveled to see it . In essence, Gongsun Ling was still an array cultivator . For array cultivators, the powerful formations were also like the whole world, and then the powerful masters must survive in the heavens and the earth, and cannot jump out of them . The mountain river geographical map was strong, it was also for this reason .


Therefore, what Yang Chen said to Gongsun Ling was nothing more than letting Gongsun Ling know more about the natural world, it was also of great benefit to her cultivation . Of course, what Yang Chen said, was not as inferior as what Gongsun Ling witnessed when she traveled the world, but that must be of the future too .


Naturally, when the two were together, there was no shortage of spiritual awareness double cultivation . Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness advancement was of great benefit to the promotion of Gongsun Ling . In fact, before returning to the Pure Yang Palace, Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness has already risen to the peak of the early Yuanying stage . And every time they practiced, the spiritual awareness of the two would become more concise .


Although Yang Chen had a more powerful double cultivation method, Yang Chen does not intend to cultivate it when everyone was in the early Jiedan stage .


Not to mention that Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were tempering their life source magic weapon, rashly having double cultivation would infringe on their own magic weapon .  


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It was not enough to practice those double cultivation methods . Cultivating the double cultivation method under Yuanying stage, unless there was no way around it,Yang Chen would never consider it .


This point was not only for Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, but also for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . Yang Chen could have the  highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra double cultivation with them, he would not easily cultivate the spirit power double cultivation .


Originally it was thought that the upsurge of the new masters of the dacheng stage would gradually weaken with the passage of time, but when experts visited the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen was once again pushed to the cusp again .


The expert who met the two sects was the Beast Taming Sect senior black tiger . In fact, speaking strictly, the first one to accept the monster race was not the Pure Yang Palace, but the Beast Taming Sect .


However, the cultivation method of the Beast Taming Sect was relatively special, the monster could not completely break the relationship . Every monster pet was a monster, and a powerful monster pet was a more powerful monster . In essence, these monsters were of the monster race, but only the monster race who were controlled by people .


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Of course, the dao sects could accept this kind of thing, no doubt . The identity of the black tiger predecessor was also a monster pet of an ascended expert who stayed to look after the sect . For a powerful beast taming master, there would never be only one monster pet, leaving one was not difficult .


With the life span of the black tiger and the monster race, plus the cultivation base of the dacheng stage, no matter which sect, it could afford the name of a predecessor . What’s more, now the Beast Taming Sect, Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island have been cooperating to operate the 100,000 mountains . The two sects were of course courteous with the reception of the older generation .


This year, when the black tiger predecessor left the 100,000 mountains, because the Beast Taming Sect and the Pure Yang Palace had fewer masters, the two sects sent experts there . When the black tiger came back, they turned to the Pure Yang Palace . Of course, it was the avatar of the old tree demon Gui Shanyou .


The black tiger predecessor visited the two sects, which was purely etiquette . In recent years, the Beast Taming Sect has also received a lot of resources for its long-term development, and it has absolutely the most direct relationship with the four big sects . As a small sect, the Beast Taming Sect certainly knew where these benefits came from, as the black tiger predecessor was the most respected existence in the Beast Taming Sect, It was also natural to visit the two sects .


Not to mention the black tiger predecessor overseeing the 100,000 mountains, but what happened in the past ten years has not passed his eyes and ears . There were also well-informed generations in the 100,000 mountains . Especially after the four sects secured the 100,000 mountains, many people in the dao sects went to the 100,000 mountains to try their luck . The black tiger predecessor knew no less than anyone .


Originally it was only a courtesy visit, but at the time of his visit in the Blue Cloud Sect, it was quite accidental to talk about this dispute in the secret plane . For this level of the secret plane, the black tiger predecessor had never had an extravagant hope about it, but he heard that the Blue Cloud Sect had two great masters of the dacheng stage injured, which may lead to hundreds of years or even longer time to recover . He was a little surprised, but also a little hesitant to rest on it .


Sect master Lu was aware of this point, and he was slightly balanced in his heart, he sincerely asked the black tiger predecessor . Anyway, sect master Lu faced the black tiger predecessor as the younger generation . The younger generation consulting the senior was perfectly justified .


“When this old man was facing a yin fire tribulation, he was seriously injured . Although I was lucky enough to be promoted to the dacheng stage, the internal wounds have been in the body . ” The black tigers hesitated for a moment, but he said something: “l have been suppressing the internal wounds for hundreds of years . A few decades ago, I was finally unable to suppress it . ”


This was the secret of the Beast Taming Sect, which was related to the survival of the Beast Taming Sect, so the Beast Taming Sect has never publicized it . Now the black tiger predecessor has already convalesce and he said it to sect master Lu, so it was no big deal . For the first time, sect master Lu heard this Beast Taming Sect secret and was very focused .


“When the internal injury was about to break out, this old man met Yang Chen . ” The black tiger predecessor finally said the most important part: “He saw this old man’s injury and refined two pills for this old man . One was called the black tiger supressing pill, and the other was called the black tiger yuan replenishing pill . The two medicinal pills were taken, and this old man has recovered from the internal injuries from hundreds of years ago . ”

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