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Chapter 382.2: 382.2
Having said that, how couldn’t he understand it already .

Before, everyone was still talking about the success or failure of the secret plane . The Blue Cloud Sect sent out six masters of the dacheng stage, one died and two were seriously injured . There was nothing that could be done about the dead one, but the two that were seriously injured, weren’t they in a similar situation to the black tiger predecessor?

What’s more, the black tiger predecessor’s injury was an internal injury left by the yin fire tribulation . Strictly speaking, it was still heavier than the injury of the formation in the secret plane . Even the injuries of the black tiger predecessor could be healed, doesn’t that mean that these two seriously wounded dacheng stage masters could be the same?

The first three masters of the dacheng stage were the three guys who did not obey sect master Lu . However, after this time lessons of the secret plane, together with the new dacheng stage master who made the breakthrough with the questioning inner heart pill, the two remaining seriously injured guys must have understood the general trend .

Under this circumstance, if they could make the two seriously wounded masters of the dacheng stage recover, doesn’t it mean that the strength of the Blue Cloud Sect would immediately return to before the battle of the secret plane, they would be more united and they would have the secret plane resources .

Sect master Lu was in charge of the Blue Cloud Sect for many years and the key to this could certainly be understood . After listening to the description of the black tiger predecessor, sect master Lu was overcome with joy .

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Yang Chen could treat the injuries of the black tiger predecessor, and it was very likely that he could also treat the injuries of the two masters of their sect . When they cure the injury and they became obedient, the benefits were self-evident .

Since he has already said this to the Blue Cloud Sect, when the black tiger predecessor was in the Green Jade Immortal Island, he did not discriminate and mentioned the same thing .

The thoughts of the Island master and sect master Lu were almost the same . Otherwise, they will not be in the same tacit understanding of the previous secret plane battle . They each sent several disobedient guys . Although the Green Jade Immortal Island lost two dacheng stage masters, only one had serious injuries, but it was a dacheng stage master, if he could be cured, even if he does not listen to the sect master, it would also strengthen the power of the sect .

Everything seems to have returned to Yang Chen again . Yang Chen, who was planning to collect medicines and the medicine nourishing gourd outside, did not know that he unconsciously has become the focus of attention .

These secrets were of course limited to the two high-level sects . The black tiger predecessor would not see anyone and he would say that he was seriously injured in the past and was cured by Yang Chen . Therefore, there were not many people who knew this .

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However, another thing about Yang Chen that the world got to know about quickly caused a sensation . The Pure Yang Palace’s palace master personally went to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, respectively, for their own ancestral disciple Yang Chen to ask for a marriage with Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, this thing did not have much concealment, it quickly spread over the sects .

Cold Plum Fairy and Snow Fairy, almost as long as they were cultivators, everyone knew the names of the two . Born with gentle attitudes, their talents were excellent, and they were also beautiful and unparalleled . Whichever one was taken out as a double cultivation dao companion has been dreamed of by countless cultivators . It was not known how many people were secretly playing with the idea of having the ​​two fairies .

But now, a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace has dared to take the world by storm . One person was trying to marry the two fairies as his dao companions . How could it not make countless people who were having ideas on the two females scream out in anger?

Although Shi Shanshan had already stated that she was Yang Chen’s person, but hasn’t this always been a fact? How many people were looking forward to Yang Chen suddenly suffering a violent death, so that they could take the opportunity to enter the fray .

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Although the snow fairy did not say so clearly, there were many people in the Blue Cloud Sect who knew the relationship between Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen . It seems that it was also at the point where it was not impossible .

People who knew this kind of thing understood, but they all knew one thing, that was, if Yang Chen wanted to be a dao companion with any one of them, it was not a difficult thing . However, if he became greedy and he wanted to take the two beauties and imitate an emperor, it was simply impossible .

Not mentioning that if the two women meet this kind of situation, they would not agree, but the two major sects of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would not entertain it . Needless to say, even if the head of the Palace of the Pure Yang Palace personally came forward, even if the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect came out, the two sects may not necessarily give the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect such face .

What’s more, this was not the most extreme thing about the situation . The most disappointing thing was that Yang Chen, the kid, actually wanted to marry his master and apprentice sister also . At this point, the Pure Yang Palace did not hide it . According to this argument, the cold plum fairy and snow fairy would not necessarily be Yang Chen’s wife .

After hearing this news, the first reaction in everyone’s mind was to hit their face . This was definitely the Pure Yang Palace slapping the two major sects in the face, there was no other explanation . Was there anything more ridiculous than hearing this?

Compared with this kind of shock, Yang Chen wanting to marry his own master was almost a small little thing that could no longer be a small sesame . If a cultivator and his master had double cultivation together, it was not worth making a fuss about . What really shocked everyone was that the move of the Pure Yang Palace was definitely a good bullying of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, it could be used to obtain soft persimmons .

If this could be tolerated, what else couldn’t they bear? There was still no formal indication from the two sects, the cultivators in the world were already in amnesty . What does Pure Yang Palace want to do? They were courting death for themselves . Who really thought that Yang Chen the little alchemist master could be so arrogant?

Yes, the alchemist master in the cultivation world was indeed an honorable rank, idlers were not willing to provoke them easily . However, this does not include the big sects like the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . Which big sect does not have a few senior alchemist masters, they really thought that without a small Yang Chen, no one could refine a medicinal pill?

Among them, the most happy was the Greatest Heaven Sect . The Pure Yang Palace’s move was definitely a self-destruction of their relationship . It’s hard to establish an alliance with the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . If it was because of this event on the part of the Pure Yang Palace, it’s a waste of effort . As long as there was no alliance with the two sects, if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to destroy the Pure Yang Palace, it would take just a matter of minutes .

Everyone was waiting for a reply from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . Everyone was waiting to see the outcome of the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen . Countless gloating guys were even thinking about it once the Pure Yang Palace was abandoned by the two main sects, how they could get the most benefits from the Pure Yang Palace . If they could get the questioning inner heart pill, it would mean the brightest future for them .

Yang Chen, who was at the cusp of the event, had no awareness of being concerned . He was traveling with Gongsun Ling and slowly approaching the place where the medicine nourishing gourd was located . There were more than a dozen days ahead, which was the destination . At that time, Yang Chen’s dream of raising the medicine nourishing gourd would be in Yang Chen’s hand .

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