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Chapter 377.2
chapter 377 . 2: Satisfaction


Everyone had their own misgivings, so this discussion would naturally be lost . Whether it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, Blue Cloud Sect or the Green Jade Immortal Island, they were constantly complaining that they lost their manpower, but they did not get anything in return .


At that time, when they were splitting the resources in the secret plane, they didn’t see the things, they just chose a direction . At that time, there were almost a dozen portals in the secret plane . Everything was divided according to the number of portals . As for what was inside, apart from the people who entered, others were not clear about it .


In this way, there would be rhetoric . The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island said that several portals were empty and that there were only one or two portals with something inside and most of them were on the side of the Greatest Heaven Sect . The Greatest Heaven Sect also said that they did not get anything and the good things were in the portals controlled by the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island .


Anyway, they didn’t know what the other got, so everyone was arguing and quarreling . Even if they didn’t know what to do in the end, they guessed it was good to have more . Soon a few major sects stopped this meaningless quarrel and dispersed .


As a result, apart from the relationship between the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, the five major sects were still somewhat tacit, and the other three were somewhat scattered and confrontational . In fact, this has always been the case, but now it was just a plus .


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On the surface, it was the unfortunate luck of the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun sect . The luck of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island was somewhat ok . Although they lost some masters, they were compensated .


But the one who was really happy was Yang Chen, who had directed all of this, the palace master and the elders of the Pure Yang Palace .


These last few months could be described as turbulent . Last time, the Pure Yang Palace invited nine masters of the dacheng stage to deal with the 100,000 mountains, It was already a big scene . This time, there were 19 masters of the dacheng stage, seven dead and six seriously injured . Only the second group of masters from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island went back intact .


There were also more than ten Yuanying stage masters who were lost and there were more than a dozen in the Jiedan stage . The result was terrifying, even if it was in the great calamity of the de­monic art, such a situation did not appear . This was the real big scene .


The people of the Pure Yang Palace deserved to be happy because everything was directed by their own disciples . The Greatest Heaven Sect lost their troops, their harvest was limited and their strength dropped again . Their allies seemed to have lost a few masters, but they were all guys who did not obey their sect masters and they had been greatly compensated by the resources and their strength would be improved .


In the inside and outside, the Pure Yang Palace had no reason to be unhappy . Yang Chen said clearly at the beginning, if they couldn’t get the resources in the secret plane, it would be better to leave it to their own allies than the Greatest Heaven Sect . Now that all the goals were almost all achieved, was there anything more perfect than this?

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Yang Chen was very comfortable these days . Accompanied by Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, they traveled as they wanted to collect some sea medicine . But most of the time, Yang Chen and the two women traveled along the coastline near the sea .


While looking for some spirit springs and tea trees, or looking for some wine-making products, while freely collecting some of the lesser-known sea elixir, while still hearing the news about the secret plane, the days were not too leisurely . You should know that whether it was Yang Chen or the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, their cooperation with the Wine Im­mor­tal House was very good and this news could be sent to them at any time .


It was not that no one was tracking them, but the three of them didn’t care . If the three people were alone, there might be someone looking for trouble, but the three people were together so there was nothing to worry about, for someone to risk the anger of the three major sects at the same time was unlikely .


Although the two women were still having their previous attitudes, they were always able to put up with each other . Yang Chen was surrounded by beautiful women and he was carrying two beauties to travel, he has already let countless young masters of various families bite their teeth in anger .


After the news from all over the place confirmed that the secret plane event was almost complete, it was already half a year later . In the first half of the year, Yang Chen and the two women accompanied each other and traveled around the world to visit some mountains and rivers .


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But now everyone was finally going to separate, the two women had to go back to their sects to see the situation . After all, such a big thing happened and the masters of the dacheng stage died so it was necessary to go back to see . After reluctantly bidding farewell to Yang Chen, the two women set foot on their way home and Yang Chen became a lonely figure again .


“This time, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island got a lot of things and it would not be difficult for them to provide the medicinal ingredients of the questioning inner heart pill!” In the Greatest Heaven Sect, the sect master was serious and directed at several elders “You can no longer give them a chance to get the questioning inner heart pill, find Yang Chen and kill him!”


“Do it cleanly!” When an elder was ordered to arrange, the sect master suddenly gave a command . The elder nodded silently and went out .


Although dacheng stage masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island have also received damaged on this trip, if they had questioning inner heart pills in their hands, they might be able to create more masters of the dacheng stage . Under the circumstances, the dilemma of the Greatest Heaven Sect could be imagined . This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was planning to kill Yang Chen at all costs .


In addition to this reason, there was still a bit of a bad feeling in everyone’s mind, that was, the secret key was interpreted by Yang Chen . Although the guiding array was stimulated in the Greatest Heaven Sect, the result was that the Greatest Heaven Sect was not able to control it .


When they closed their mountain, they offended a lot of cultivators who came to the Greatest Heaven Sect to do business . In the end, they did not achieve the required effect, but it became the current situation .


All of this seemed to be because of Yang Chen . If Yang Chen did not know the ancient scriptures, would they be in this current situation? At this time, as long as it was related to this matter, they would almost be angered . And Yang Chen was a thorn in the eyes of the Greatest Heaven Sect and he was taken as the first object to vent their anger .


Yang Chen was controlling the shuttle, he was planning to return to the Pure Yang Palace . Suddenly, the group of spiritual awareness imprints that were surrounded by his spiritual awareness in his sea of consciousness, once again shook, reminding Yang Chen that someone began to pay attention to his whereabouts again .


All along, Yang Chen was very curious about who this spiritual awareness imprint belonged to, it could even ignore his spiritual awareness that he cultivated from the Three Pu­ri­ties Se­cret Art . So he kept this spiritual awareness imprint, he wanted to find the owner of it, and see what kind of skill he had and how he had such a strange spiritual awareness .


However, the investigation of his whereabouts in succession made Yang Chen feel a little angry .


Someone was looking for him and Yang Chen was not afraid at all . After all the attributes were congested, he needed to vent . But he couldn’t let the other party find it so easily . Yang Chen made a fuss and threw the spiritual awareness imprint directly into the bloody river .

… . .

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