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Chapter 378.1
chapter 378 . 1:


At the same time as Yang Chen was doing this, in the Greatest Heaven Sect, a seemingly young Jiedan stage disciple who was sitting cross legged on a futon screamed, and then without warning his whole body fainted .


A group of people around him panicked and helped the youth to the luxurious jade couch . Then several people began to check spiritual examinations almost indiscriminately, while others tried to wake up the young man .


Among the few people around him, there was even a Yuanying stage ancestor . Usually, if it was just a simple coma, as long as they use spirit power to  stimulate him, they could easily wake him up .


However, what was surprising was that the young man who was in a coma could not wake up with the people using this means .


The group of people waited for a long time and they all showed different facial expressions of dismay . Some of them even had sweat on their faces, as for the guys who were the servants, they all had horrified expressions on their faces .


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In the end, the Yuanying stage ancestor made a decision for the people . After frowning for a while, he rushed to tell a slave “report to the sect master, tell him that the young master suddenly fainted and could not wake up!”


If Yang Chen was there, he would certainly recognize this young man who was in the small audience . He oppressed others with his authority in the past, but he was finally killed by Yang Lan and the blame was shifted onto Yang Chen for killing the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect .


Li Liheng, the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, was not a cultivation genius, but he had a special physique, so he could practice a unique skill in the cultivation of spiritual awareness in the Greatest Heaven Sect .


This kind of cultivation method could make spiritual awareness grow faster than the cultivation speed of spirit power, the cultivated spiritual awareness would be very strange and the directivity was very obvious . The person who was marked by Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was almost imperceptible . And through a unique array, it was easy to find the position of the spiritual awareness imprint .


Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness cultivation base has already reached the middle Yuanying stage and was quite similar to the sect master’s . With this unique directional feature, the Greatest Heaven Sect has secretly tracked and killed dozens of opponents, none of which was discovered .


This kind of spiritual awareness cultivation method was really special . If the person does not have a unique and rare physique like Li Liheng, it was almost impossible to successfully cultivate it .


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According to the experience of the predecessor who created this cultivation method, this cultivation method could be practiced to the end of the Yuanying stage and the spiritual awareness could be raised above the peak dacheng stage, it could even be used for an  extremely short period under certain conditions in the spiritual world . If someone in the spiritual world responds, you could even communicate with the masters of the spiritual world through this short-lived opportunity to enter the spiritual world .


Even if it was only for a moment, the communication could bring enough important news, which was even more convenient than the consciousness clone descending in the lower realms . A long time ago, the reason why the Greatest Heaven Sect could rise, this cultivation method was also very important and a key factor . With the support of the upper realm, it was much easier to rise than anything else .


This was one of the reasons why Li Liheng was established as a young master at a young age . With this unique method, when Li Liheng grew to the middle of Yuanying stage and even higher, it would definitely bring more earth-shaking changes to the Greatest Heaven Sect .


However, the practice conditions of this cultivation method were too harsh, so that in addition to the ancient ancestor, until now that they were able to find a suitable disciple .


In this case, Li Liheng’s position in the Greatest Heaven Sect was just like a meteorite . No one could shake it . All the resources should be tilted to Li Liheng . In the Greatest Heaven Sect, Li Liheng could be said to be able to make it shine and rain .


It was precisely because of Li Liheng’s importance that the former Li Liheng was killed by Yang Lan and blamed on Yang Chen, which would cause the Greatest Heaven Sect to become infuriated and destroy the Pure Yang Palace . Of course, the qualifications and stunning beauty of Gao Yue at that time really caused the hunger of the sect master .

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As for the Ten Thousand Years Vermillion Fruit, it was entirely the handiwork of Yang Lan . In order to rely on Li Liheng, he did not hesitate to send his sister to Li Liheng to let Li Liheng play with her and he made a lot of evil ideas . The Ten Thousand Years Vermillion Fruit was something that Yang Lan wanted, but he told Li Liheng that it was a kind of lotus fruit that could increase his spiritual awareness cultivation base . After the incident was revealed, Li Liheng was killed and then Yang Chen was blamed .


Of course, Yang Chen would not know the inside story . The special cultivation method of Li Liheng was something that only the sect master and the two elders who were protecting him knew, other people simply did not know that there was such a cultivation method . So in order to protect Li Liheng, Li Liheng was also rumored to be the illegitimate son of the sect master .


However at the moment, Li Liheng who was the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect and who was very incomparable was in a coma and could not wake up . The sect master who received the news was shocked .


A dacheng stage elder checked Li Liheng’s situation, but he had no way to wake him up . Several elders who heard the news and the sect master have seen it again, but there was nothing they could do .


“How could this be? How could this be?” the sect master muttered and the anxiety in his expression could not be hidden .


Several people who didn’t know the truth when they saw this, in their hearts they thought that the rumors about the sect master’s illegitimate child were true . Otherwise, how could the sect master be so anxious? Of course, no one could say anything, but they were all thinking about how to flatter the young sect master in the future .


“How do you serve the young sect master?” After a check and there was no result, the sect master became angry . There was nothing going well for them these days . The troubles of the secret plane have not yet passed and Li Liheng has inexplicably fainted . Was it because the heavens want to make it too hard for them to survive?


A few of the few guys who served on the young master side were all scared to the ground and their bodies shook uncontrollably . Everyone knew that recently the sect master has been in a foul mood, now as they were the servants of the young master, they became terrified .


“Sect master, the younger master fainting is not necessarily related to them . ” The first Yuanying stage ancestor, who was the one who told them to report to the sect master, spoke to help the servants at this time . He was also present at the time, plus with the identity of a Yuanying stage ancestor, he had a certain weight in speaking “I am afraid there are other reasons for this . ”


No one would have thought that the spiritual awareness imprint left by the young master on Yang Chen was being soaked in the blood river by Yang Chen . If Yang Chen didn’t take it out for a moment, the younger master couldn’t wake up in a moment .


When he felt that this guy has suffered enough, Yang Chen finally took out the spiritual awareness imprint and threw it to the side . At this time, he still doesn’t want the person to die and he still hoped to use this thing to catch more fish .

… . .

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