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Chapter 359.2
Shao Fanghua was not a sex maniac, nor was she a rash person . Therefore, she did not immediately ask for a room with Yang Chen .

The jade law was a double cultivation method, and of course it required the willingness of both parties . At this point, how could Shao Fanghua not understand how to read men?

The Yin-Yang Demon Sect, this was a sect that indulged in Yin-Yang double cultivation, and all the disciples were famous for their knowledge in it . As the elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, Shao Fanghua was naturally one of the best among the best in this aspect .

Dealing with men, making men falling in love with her, Shao Fanghua compared to Gongsun ling, who only knew how to feel shy when holding hands with Yang Chen, their experiences could not be measured .

Shao Fanghua’s eyes were more greasy than Gongsun ling’s . She does not give men the slightest space and the performance of jealousy was a hundred times stronger .

“Young Master, although I only want to have a happy night, but it is also clear that I am a pure daughter! Even if young master does not abandon, but also have to be sympathetic . ” When Shao Fanghua was dressed in the most conservative palace lady style of dressing only revealing her most attractive lines, plus the noble and glamorous face, when her inviolable expression spoke these words, it really made people have a strange feeling .

Yang Chen looked at Shao Fanghua’s gaze at the time . Although some of the eager appearances were out, but what kind of person was Shao Fanghua, there were countless people she has experienced . Where couldn’t she see that Yang Chen really has such a lover?

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As long as Yang Chen has such a temptation, Shao Fanghua has the confidence to make Yang Chen fall under her pomegranate skirt . For a man, the happiest thing was not to get a woman who was compliant, but to conquer an ice-cold woman who cannot be conquered .

Shao Fanghua’s action at the moment was in full compliance with the image of the woman who could best provoke men’s conquest . She was glamorous and noble and her temperament was outstanding, It looked like ice and jade . Although it was a flower in the mouth, it never makes a fuss to a man . As long as it was a man, he would like to put such a woman under his body and enjoy it, this could have a different satisfaction .

Moreover, the identity of Shao Fanghua was noble, the Yin-Yang Demon Sect had almost the same status as the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . The status of the elders of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect and theirs were almost the same . Conquering such a noble woman could definitely make people choke with satisfaction .

What was even more exciting was that the reputation of Shao Fanghua was really pure . Despite being the elder of the first big double cultivation martial art sect of the demon path, there has never been a rumor of Shao Fanghua having an affair with any man . Her reputation was based on her killing abilities, and it was not known how many of the guys who covet her beauty have become a stepping stone under her fame .

The reason why she was called madame was not because Shao Fanghua has already been married, but it was only when her identity reached this high level, and those who respected her called her madame . It was very rare for someone to be called a fairy in the demonic domain, so they were called madame instead .

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Calling herself pure was to make everything clear, coupled with this deliberate performance, seemed to have suddenly lost the relationship between Yang Chen and Shao Fanghua . It was not that Shao Fanghua wanted to push Yang Chen, but Shao Fanghua wanted to let Yang Chen accept her .

This was the great thing about Shao Fanghua . Turning a good thing for both sides, and still asking for something, into a role-playing general conquest game, the man’s mind was almost exactly accurate .

If want you to come to me, but you still have to ask me, let me allow you to go to me, the subject and the guest, the moment was reversed, so the means of overturning the rain, even Yang Chen could not help but secretly scream for the performance of this stunner .

“This Shao Fanghua isn’t it just a casual person . Before I give myself to the young master, i don’t dare to ask for the identity of a concubine . I just want to be a slave or maid, that will attend to the young master’s needs . ” Shao Fanghua’s sentence was not all, she just followed it up and also said this .

She puts herself in a low position, but she does not leave false words, this was the performance of a pure woman who could definitely stimulate the men’s conquest directly .

Sometimes, the process of conquering the pursuit was even more wonderful than the result . Shao Fanghua knew this well, and the small means of using it was pure . If it was changed to someone else, it would absolutely irritating, they would have to use pleasing words to flatter, in order to approach them .

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Shao Fanghua was really like Gongsun ling, she was covered with black velvet, respectfully standing behind Yang Chen, waiting for the time to come, but before she has begun to conquer, she has already enjoyed a great satisfaction . .

Thinking about it, a beautiful woman in the Yuanying stage, apart from not touching her, she was obedient in front of him, what a proud satisfaction?

In particular, this beautiful woman still has a great reputation in the local area . When countless people saw this, what kind of envy and hateful eyes would they show when they looked at him? What kind of vanity would it be? What kind of satisfaction and pride would it be?

In grasping the hearts of the people, especially the man’s heart, Shao Fanghua was definitely at the level of a Grand Master, she was almost second to none .

” Young master, you cannot comply!” Gongsun ling acted as if there was a threat to her status, she has to brush the image of a concubine . After seeing Shao Fanghua’s action, her first reaction was to plead with Yang Chen .

In fact, Gongsun ling was indeed afraid of the temptation of this woman in Yang Chen . Even if she was a woman, Gongsun ling could feel the great attraction of Shao Fanghua . It was not the case that wearing a few exposed clothes could compete with each other .

In the past, Gongsun ling always thought that as long as a person was beautiful, they would be able to get the pursuit of many people . For example, the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan, the snow fairy Sun Qingxue, even her own self, including Gao Yue, there were many young talented juniors who have expressed their love, but they were refused .

Now facing Shao Fanghua from the demon sect, Gongsun ling really realized that even if people wrapped themselves up tightly and their faces were not revealed, and even if they were cold and indifferent, they could also make men fascinated . At this moment, Gongsun ling felt that she and Gao Yue had been greatly threatened .

“Why not?” Yang Chen’s reaction, really sat down with the concern of Gongsun ling, he even complied with Madame Fanghua’s request . This made Gongsun Sunling’s heart sink in an instant .

“Madam!” Yang Chen just called a sentence, and was interrupted by Madam Fanghua “Young Master, this slave do not dare to be called madam, please call this slave Fanghua!”

“Well, Fanghua!” Yang Chen accepted the advice and immediately changed his mouth “This young master wants to buy a group of nine secluded magic irons essence, take this young master to see!”

“Yes, young master!” Madam Fanghua agreed, and then took Yang Chen to go out first .

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