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Chapter 360.1
Of course, Madam Fanghua was not really a slave to Yang Chen . The reason for this was that in addition to Yang Yang’s willingness to cooperate, there was another important plan .

Even if you want to slaughter a pig, you have to wait for it to mature before killing it . Although it was magical to raise the jade law, it was also a matter of maturity . Judging from the performances of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, Yang Chen was just at the third layer of the jade law . Although it was already possible to have sexual intercourse at this point, it was better for Yang Chen to raise his cultivation base for the jade law to have a higher effect .

During this period of time, in addition to letting Yang Chen become enchanted with her, Shao Fanghua’s other plan was to improve Yang Chen’s cultivation . With her insights and some hidden means, it was clear that Yang Chen was now at the peak early Jiedan stage . As long as he could make some breakthroughs, she would naturally get more benefits .

The highest of Yang Chen’s spiritual powers was the wood attribute spirit power, which was as the result of the nourishment of the huge first wood true essence spiritual solution . In the same way, the wood attribute was the spiritual root attribute that Yang Chen actively expressed after he came to the Demon domain . Whether it was spiritual power or flying sword, it was all wood attributes .

If she wanted to improve Yang Chen’s cultivation, it seems that she needed to work hard on the wood attribute spirit power with medicinal pills . Madam Fanghua has begun to ponder how to help Yang Chen improve his cultivation base .

The relationship between Madam Fanghua and Yang Chen was not so much like a master and a servant or a cooperation, but rather they are two people who are working to out do each other . Shao Fanghua did not wait until Yang Chen said that he had promised, until she had just shown that the situation aroused Yang Chen’s desire to conquer, and then she heard the words promised by Yang Chen .

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Prior to this, regardless of whether Yang Chen agreed or disagreed, Shao Fanghua has secretly placed Yang Chen under house arrest .

With her cultivation base at the Yuanying stage, she believed that Yang Chen could never escape her control . And Yang Chen has no extra movements, it seemed to have defaulted to this situation .

After all, in the consciousness of Shao Fenghua, Yang Chen also has a powerful and arrogant ancestor who she would never provoke it if it was not necessary . Yang Chen also needed to use the power of Madam Fanghua to do his own thing . So, until now, both sides have treated each other with courtesy and have not tore their faces .

Now, Mrs . Fenghua wanted to raise pigs . She had to play a role-playing game with Yang Chen, Yang Chen naturally has to cooperate . When the graceful Madam Fenghua became the slave of Yang Chen and appeared in the small city, the whole city suddenly boiled up .

Madam Fenghua did not mention her real name in the small town . The fat man and the thin man did not know Madam Fenghua, but they also heard the news of Madam Fenghua from the mouth of the white bone old demon .

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Although most people did not know the true identity of Madam Fenghua, but to be able to control the most luxurious inn and having the the peak Yuanying stage cultivation base, this woman has already made many people have a desire but they did not have the guts to act . As for those who knew the identity of Madam Fenghua, they dare not have any scorn .

But now the woman who had the identity as the most noble woman in the small town, In less than a few hours, she became a slave to Yang Chen . Even her status was not as strong as that of Yang Chen’s early Jiedan stage concubine . This caused countless guesses .

What was the identity of Yang Chen? Actually, without any major conflicts, Madam Fenghua became his slave . Standing behind him, it seemed that she belonged to the kind that made Yang Chen do whatever he wanted . What kind of background should he have to be become a taboo for a master of the Yuanying stage?

As for those who knew the identity of Madam Fenghua, they directly guessed the identity of Yang Chen to be the heir of the demon emperor . Otherwise, it was impossible to explain how the elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect would be willing to become a slave to an early Jiedan stage junior?

The innkeeper and the bodies of the two beautiful women were even undressed and thrown away, which made them certain more and more . It should be that Yang Chen was not happy, and that Madam Fang Hua personally moved and killed the three people to please Yang Chen .

No one could guess the true identity of Yang Chen, but everyone has already had a consensus, that was, never to provoke Yang Chen .

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Here was the mining area of ​​the nine secluded iron mines, Yang Chen wanted the nine secluded iron essence which was almost everywhere in the area . However, the highest quality was still at the auction houses .

Madam Fenghua came to the auction site directly with Yang Chen . When the group arrived, the person in charge of the auction site almost came out to meet and greet him . He respectfully brought Yang Chen to the auction house .

“Young Master, here is the best nine secluded iron essence!” In front of the person in charge of the auction site, Madam Fenghua very graciously reported this to Yang Chen and immediately turned to the head of the auction site: “Is it possible to take out your best nine secluded demon iron essence, so that the young master can pick from it?”

“Let’s relax!” Gongsun ling in Yang Chen’s arms screamed out loudly: “The young master hasn’t decided yet, are trying to decide for him?”

The person in charge of the auction house knew the true identity of Madam Fanghua, and Gongsun ling’s resentment almost scared the head of the auction house to a sudden cardiac arrest . Does a woman in the early Jiedan stage dared to berate Madam Fanghua so much?

But what was even more frightening was the performance of Madam Fanghua . After being reprimanded by a Jiedan stage descendant, Madan Fanghua did not show any anger, but she was submissive and apologised “Yes, this slave acted by herself!”

Although he have already seen Madam Fang Hua’s appearance as a slave from the beginning, there was still a trace of suspicion in the hearts of the auctioneer . Even if Madam Fanghua bowed, she would have her own temper . He didn’t expect this scene in front of him to be so shocking .

For a while, the head of the auction house was trembling a little, not knowing what to do next . Was it necessary to take out the nine secluded demon iron essence, or should he not take it out .

“There are rules for the auction house in every auction house . Since there is something we like, then we have to wait for the auction . ” Gongsun ling continued “Shopkeeper, when is the auction? When will there an auction for the nine secluded demon iron essence? My young master will also have to stay for some time and be ready to get involved . ”

“In just a few days! There will be one in a few days!” The auctioneer quickly replied, and looked up . He saw Madam Fanghua staring at him and hurriedly changed his mind “Tomorrow, there will be an auction tomorrow . The nine secluded demon iron essence will also be in the auction!”

“Well, my young master will come to the auction tomorrow!” Gongsun ling made a decision for Yang Chen directly, and then turned to Yang Chen, and spoke with a soft voice “Young Master, what do you think about how I handled it?”

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