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Chapter 359.1
“Shao Fanghua?” Yang Chen’s eyes jerked and he remembered a person: “Mrs . Fanghua?”

The elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect was unexpectedly in this inn, it was something that Yang Chen did not expect . The strength of a Yuanying stage master could also add countless variables to Yang Chen’s trip .

“I don’t dare, this Shao Fanghua salute young master!” Shao Fanghua once again gave Yang Chen a slight bow, but her eyes never left Yang Chen’s face . She smiled and asked: “Is the ancestor good?”

The Jade law was of course definitely a unique ‘skill’ of some old devil . Yang Chen could practice to the third layer and it must be that he was descendant of the ancestor . Even Shao Fanghua did not dare to be rude to a legendary ancestor who was about to ascend .

“The ancestor is very good, I am indebted to Sister Fanghua for her worry!” Yang Chen laughed and replied, and he became more astute . His eyes were no longer lasciviousness .

He practiced the ‘Jade’ law to the third layer, and he was able to maintain his virginity in the presence of a few beautiful women, if he still acted that he was still lasciviousness in front of her, It would be a bit too much, so Yang Chen immediately returned to his normal appearance .

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However, Gongsun ling did not intend to leave Yang Chen’s arms . She just held Yang Chen, she was staring at the noble and unmistful Mrs . Fanghua as if watching the life and death of an enemy . If the eyes are knives, It was estimated that Shao Fanghua would already be riddled with holes .

Mrs . Fang Hua certainly noticed Gongsun ling’s unfriendly gaze, if it were not for Gongsun ling being Yang Chen’s concubine . When such a gaze came out, Mrs . Fanghua would have already attacked her . Mrs . Fanghua not only relied on the power of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, but more importantly her own killing trump card .

“Little sister, you are at the early Jiedan stage, It is really a waste of natures product to occupy such a treasure . ” However, since it was a person around Yang Chen, Mrs . Fanghua still does not want to offend her, so she explained to Gongsun ling with unprecedented patience “Elder sister only wants to have a happy night . If little sister is willing, whatever you want, as long as elder sister can do it, it will not decline . ”

Gongsun ling never thought that one day, she would actually be in public and there would be a beautiful and majestic woman who she has only seen asked her to give her lover to her for the night if she agreed to her conditions . It seemed like such a thing was just an ordinary transaction, a common thing .

If this kind of thing happened in the Dao Sects, it would simply be an inconceivable matter . Which ‘female’ cultivator would be such a shameless person and so brazen to talk about these things? Even if it was for double cultivation, they would not be so open about it .

For a time, Gongsun ling was directly stunned and did not know how to answer it . However, this situation fell in the eyes of Mrs . Fanghua, but she thought that it was Gongsun ling who was still hesitant and painfully struggling in her heart .

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“This inn belongs to elder sister, elder sister will drive away everyone else and let you and young master enjoy yourself!” Mrs . Fanghua stood up and no longer talked about this matter with Gongsun ling, but she agreed to Yang Chen’s original request when he came to the inn .

From the beginning to the end, Mrs . Fanghua did not seem to have required Yang Chen’s reply, It was just that Mrs . Fanghua doesn’t care about it . When she murdered in front of Yang Chen, she has already demonstrated her determination with action . Yang Chen agreeing or disagreeing seemed to be less important to her .

Although the ancestor behind Yang Chen was very scary, but he was approaching his ascendancy, so he presumably would not start a dispute with the Yin-Yang Demon Sect at this stage . Moreover, although this matter has great benefits for Mrs . Fanghua, the benefits for Yang Chen would be even greater .

Yang Chen was only in the early Jiedan stage and if he had double cultivation with Shao Fanghua who was in the Yuanying stage, the unique speciality of the ‘Jade’ law would make Mrs . Fanghua break through, and Yang Chen would get at least half of Mrs . Fanghua cultivation base .

Of course, this was not to say that it would directly destroy the cultivation base of Shao Fanghua, but to purify her spiritual power and spiritual awareness to an incredible point, and the extra part was naturally to Yang Chen .

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The difference between the two was almost close to two big realms . This kind of double cultivation could directly upgrade Yang Chen’s cultivation base to the peak Jiedan stage and even immediately facing the tribulation to form his Nascent soul was possible . And Yang Chen’s ‘Jade’ law would also raise and enter the fourth layer .

In the fourth layer, Yang Chen could have double cultivation with any ‘female’ of his own choosing, and he wouldn’t have to worry about the restrictions of the cultivation method .

In fact, when the ‘Jade’ law was at the third layer and he was to have sexual intercourse, the higher his female partner cultivation base was the better . To be frank, a master of the dacheng stage, maybe would even take the opportunity to have double cultivation with him . Shao Fanghua got such a rare treasure at the moment, how could it be given to others .

Fortunately for Shao Fanghua, if she was replaced by other people, they might not know the mystery of the ‘Jade’ law . The elders of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect were better than others in their knowledge on this aspect .

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling absolutely did not think of it, that just letting Gongsun ling disguise as his concubine, pretending to be demonic cultivators, just because of Gongsun ling and the five ‘female’ slaves being virgins it would let Shao Fanghua to produce such a big misunderstanding .

Unexpected things have already happened . Yang Chen seems to have encountered some fun opportunities . When Shao Fanghua arranged everything, they lived in the most luxurious inn set, without the supervision of others . After that he arranged a few restrictions, Yang Chen began laughing .

Gongsun ling has never known what it was to raise the ‘Jade’ law, although the previous performance just showed her position, but of course this time she would have to ask .

After Yang Chen explained to Gongsun ling that he had not raised the ‘Jade’ law, Gongsun ling did not know whether to laugh or cry . How could things inexplicably develop to this point, even in the misunderstanding, Yang Chen became the treasure in the eyes of the ‘female’ demon cultivators, and they would rushing to seek Yang Chen to sleep with them .

It was a pity that the cultivators who cultivated the ‘Jade’ law have only one chance to break through, and the conditions of their cultivation were harsh . They must also be in the first and second layer when they are tempted by the beauties around them . If their mind was not strong, it would directly lead to cultivation deviation and they could die . If it was not this difficulty, it was estimated that every man in the demon sects would cultivate the ‘Jade’ law .

However, it was precisely because of the harshness of the cultivation of the ‘Jade’ law, which has led to the success of the ancestor for thousands of years .

Yang Chen’s counterfeit goods appeared and was discovered by Shao Fanghua . It was estimated that even if she was risking offending his ancestors, she would risk it . Not to mention the improvement of her realm after the breakthrough, if Shao Fanghua could also become a master of the dacheng stage and not grow old, It was enough to make any beautiful woman mad with desire .

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