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Chapter 354: 354
Currently, he was using the shuttle, a magic weapon that didn’t have the slightest stain of demonic qi, making it clearly provocative . Yang Chen quickly found a place, quickly put away the shuttle, and then let Gongsun Ling find a black gauze to cover her face, then the two of them, like ordinary demon sects cultivators, continued to hurry on their way .

At the beginning, the several demon cultivators who they met occasionally did not talk to each other . Instead, they kept a distance and were careful to guard against everyone .

Amongst demon cultivators, there was very little trust . Everyone only had respect for strength, so they did not trust each other . The friends who would be having wine together, could be trying to kill each other in the next instant .

However, Yang Chen was very clear that the other party seemed to have very obvious hostility towards both of them, this made Yang Chen wonder .

Even if it was a demonic cultivator, you couldn’t say that strangers would fight and kill each other when they meet . There must be some reason for this . It’s just that Yang Chen didn’t figure it out for a while, but the other party was careful to keep their distance and not come close to them .

Going forward for another two days, Yang Chen began to feel strange . Some of the demonic cultivators they encountered before had been on the same road as themselves, but they didn’t change their direction even slightly, while maintaining a distance .

These demonic cultivators had a cultivation base which was not very high, the highest one was in the middle Jiedan stage, and other three were at the peak foundation stage .

All the way forward, it seemed that people alongside them kept increasing, and the atmosphere increasingly became stranger . Yang Chen didn’t want to provoke a reaction; thus, he did not take the initiative . He just followed the flow of people and walked in the direction of the seventh metal true essence .

There were already hundreds of people around them, and the situation was already very chaotic . At this time, Yang Chen wanted to grasp an individual to figure out what was happening, but it was necessary to not alarm the demonic cultivators around them . There was also Gongsun Ling with him, so Yang Chen did not want to cause more trouble . He could only hope to go to the destination separately from these people, as they would be busy with a different issue .

However, even if Yang Chen did not bother them, it did not mean that the others would tolerate him in this circumstance . Under such circumstances that everyone around them were part of separate parties, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling’s team was very eye-catching among the large crowd around them .

“Yang Chen, the atmosphere around is not right!” Gongsun Ling was also carefully guarding herself, and at this moment, she whispered a reminder to Yang Chen .

Yang Chen of course also found the surrounding situation very precarious, he nodded slightly and no longer said anything .

An invisible aura, from somewhere started spreading, but Yang Chen found the clue immediately .

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“Someone used poison . ” When some air was breathed in by Yang Chen, he became keenly aware of this . Gongsun Ling who was next to him was slightly shocked and held her breath in silence .

“No need, it is a very subtle toxic gas, people will only unconsciously decline in strength . ” Yang Chen dismissed this with a glance . Abi’s body blue jade vine only slightly revealed a small tip on his body and the poison gas around them was swept away .

Gongsun Ling certainly believed in the words of Yang Chen and she let go of her mouth and had the courage to breathe, their actions seemed very normal . Yang Chen’s eyes were rapidly scanning the surroundings as he wanted to find out who was doing it .

The calm situation did not last long, and soon someone discovered that someone was poisoned and suddenly panicked: “Who sneaked attacked?”

In a blink of an eye, the short-lived peace that was still barely maintained was instantly broken . Dozens of magic weapons quickly blasted into the crowd, regardless of whether it landed on a friend or foe .

Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, at the end of the queue, heard the riot . Gongsun Ling suddenly became alert and a protective flag was directly arranged by their side, protecting the two completely .

They heard pitiful screams in front of them . There were a few guys who obviously had low-level cultivation base in the crowd, and they were still plotted against with this kind of poison . At this moment, they were like meat on a cutting board . The group of about a hundred people was reduced to half its strength in an instant .

Perhaps Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling who were two masters of the Jiedan stage made the people around little afraid, so those magic weapons in the first wave did not fall on them .

It seemed that all the people who had attacked had a common mind, picking the weaklings first . The first to die were those that had low cultivation bases, the foundation stage demonic cultivators . Except for those that had backing of a Jiedan realm expert, all the others were dead .

There were almost thirty or forty people left, almost all of them were Jiedan stage cultivators . Everyone was in control of their magic weapons, looking for good opportunities to strike .

Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling didn’t even know why these people suddenly started to attack each other . However, since it was fight, Yang Chen would never be afraid . With a wave of his hand, the blood demon vine flying sword appeared in his hand .

In the domain of the Demon sects, it was more suitable to use the blood demon vine flying sword . The bloody demon vine’s powerful absorption of flesh and blood was very consistent with the demonic cultivators’ path .

Yang Chen had already discovered that there was an ambush in front of them, but he did not make any moves, he was just waiting for the other party to show up . It seemed that the party had plans to kill them .

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“Jie Jie Jie”, suddenly a burst of laughter came from the front, which made people feel shocked . Yang Chen Gongsun Ling were unaffected, but there were already a few Jiedan realm experts around with their body shaking .

The voice was getting bigger and bigger, and the people who were shaking seemed to be shaking with increasing intensity . Finally, someone realized that something was wrong and yelled: “What is this poison?”


“When was the poison used?”


A series of flustered sounds, and at least half of the remaining people became flies without heads, screaming around .

Whistling, in the darkness ahead, three black shadows jumped out in succession and rushed towards the crowd .

The three black shadows were close to each other . Everyone had seen the appearance of the black shadow; it was three monsters that could not be named . At this moment, the monsters were like pets of another person . They rushed to the side of the crowd but did not start fighting . Instead they grabbed bodies and pulled them aside . In front of everyone, they began to wildly eat them .

Karakala, the sound of bones breaking brought a strange feeling of dread to everyone around . Every time they ate a few mouthfuls, the three monsters would look up and look at all the people . Then they continued to look down and eat .

Gongsun ling looked at this scene and her face became a bit pale, Although she was already a master of the Jiedan stage, although she had killed before to gain experience, this was her first time seeing such a cannibalistic scene staged before her eyes .

The monsters swallowed the bodies as if nothing had happened, but Yang Chen soon found out that something was wrong . After the monsters swallowed the bodies, their eyes began to turn red, which was obviously not a good thing .

Sure enough, after swallowing the corpse, it was not enough to satisfy those monsters, so they continued to rush into the crowd, each pulled out a body and they continued to gnaw on it crazily .

Among the people present, in addition to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, there were several Jiedan realm masters who had not been poisoned . The poisoned people were still shaking with a sinister smile, they didn’t know what type of poison it was which could leave them a group of Jiedan realm masters without any resistance .

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This time, after the monsters swallowed the bodies, their form began to grow rapidly, twice as much as the original . At the beginning, they were already at the size of a normal ox, and this change almost directly made them to become like three small meat mountains . Both of their eyes had turned red, like two small red lanterns .

After swallowing two bodies, the three monsters separated in three directions and slowly pressed against the crowd .

A sinister laughter was suddenly heard, and the three monsters seemed to have gotten a signal as they rushed towards their respective targets .

The most shocking thing was that the Jiedan realm demonic cultivators just trembled with laughter, and turned out to be like a well-trained group of slaves rushing towards the people around them .

They were mixed in the crowd, and everyone was not far away from each other . At first, everyone thought that these people were affected by the poisonous gas and have lost their strength and so no one had been too careful . This sudden attack surprised everyone .

Once they found that something was wrong, they immediately counterattacked them . Although their attention was attracted by the monsters, these demonic cultivators did not completely lose their vigilance . The turn of events was quite shocking, but the counterattack was also unusually sharp .

The sound of a flying sword passing through a body came and went instantaneously . After all, those poisoned guys were still poisoned . It seemed that their body’s reactions were greatly reduced . The attack from the flying sword had almost no reaction from the victim .

The three monsters were unusually fierce . Although there was flying swords striking their bodies, it seemed that after they had devoured the corpses, their body protection had greatly improved . Only a few injuries could be seen, but none proving fatal . However, the claws of the three monsters were very strong, very hard to fight with flying swords .


A group of people rushed up and directly blew themselves . A Jiedan realm master’s self-destruction, even for a master of the same level, would be very troublesome to deal with it . Not to mention, it was not only a single Jiedan realm master self-detonating, but at least three or five of them .

In an instant, more than a dozen people who survived were immediately reduced to meat paste by this explosion and more than half were killed . There were now only five remaining .

The five, of course, included Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling . Her protective array formation was very comprehensive, but even without this formation, Yang Chen would not be hurt by such an explosion .

From the beginning to the present, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling did not do anything, they just stood at the same place with a defensive posture . However, even if they did not do anything, it did not mean that the other party will not target them .

At least five Jiedan masters blew themselves around the two . The violent explosion even caused Gongsun Ling’s protective array to sway a bit .

However, the formation’s spiritual power was provided by Yang Chen’s top-grade spiritual stone . Although the other side’s explosion was fierce, it only made the protection strength of the array fall rapidly . Though before it depleted, it was supplemented by the top-grade spiritual stone, strengthening it once again .

So far, the mastermind had not yet appeared . Yang Chen knew that the other party was hiding in the darkness not far from them and looked at it all with cold eyes . All the attacks were inexplicable, and everyone seemed to be a bit strange . Yang Chen was waiting, waiting for the other party to take the initiative .

In addition to Yang Chen, there were three other Jiedan masters, but they were entangled by the three monsters . Their bodies had different degrees of injuries because of the surrounding Jiedan masters’ explosion .

What made Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling very surprised was that they were clearly at a disadvantage, but they have not lost . Yang Chen looked about with more care, he felt like even if they wanted to escape, they will not be able to .

Gongsun Ling certainly saw the anomaly . She was about to remind Yang Chen, but she was stopped by a slight movement of his hand . His eyes just stared at the three monsters and the three Jiedan masters who were fighting .

This battle did not last for too long . The three monsters very fiercely watched Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, showing off their strong fighting power .

The protective strength of the monsters was very firm, and the flying words could only leave holes on them . Only one flying sword of a Jiedan master had caused serious damage to one of the monsters . Under this wound, black flesh and blood could be seen . Obviously this Jiedan master’s flying sword was also smeared with poison .

In the time for a fragrant incense to burn, the battle was decided . The three Jiedan masters all died without exception, and one of the monsters was eventually killed by one at the end with the remaining two being all bloody .

The two monsters began to approach Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling slowly but stopped not too close . Then they dragged a body and gnawed on it again . After less than half of the food was eaten, the injuries on their bodies had all recovered . Their eyes were bloodier red, and their figures looked even fatter .

“If there is nothing, we will leave first!” Yang Chen just looked at the two monsters as if nothing had happened and did not care . He had been waiting for them to be fully restored .

“You want to go? Currently, isn’t it already a little late?” There was a gloomy voice which sounded in the darkness, it was the guy who made the sinister laugh before .

With the voice of the guy, the two monsters, which had obviously recovered, and were even more powerful, had already set off in an attacking posture .

“Whether sooner or later, if I want to go, I will leave . ” Yang Chen just responded faintly: “With only these two, do you think you can keep us here?”

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