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Chapter 354.2
Gongsun ling looked at this scene and her face became a bit pale, Although she was already a master of the Jiedan stage, although she had killed before to gain experience, this was her first time seeing such a cannibalistic scene staged before her eyes .

The monsters swallowed the bodies as if nothing had happened, but Yang Chen soon found out that something was wrong . After the monsters swallowed the bodies, their eyes began to turn red, which was obviously not a good thing .

Sure enough, after swallowing the corpse, it was not enough to satisfy those monsters, so they continued to rush into the crowd, each pulled out a body and they continued to gnaw on it crazily .

Among the people present, in addition to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, there were several Jiedan realm masters who had not been poisoned . The poisoned people were still shaking with a sinister smile, they didn’t know what type of poison it was which could leave them a group of Jiedan realm masters without any resistance .

This time, after the monsters swallowed the bodies, their form began to grow rapidly, twice as much as the original . At the beginning, they were already at the size of a normal ox, and this change almost directly made them to become like three small meat mountains . Both of their eyes had turned red, like two small red lanterns .

After swallowing two bodies, the three monsters separated in three directions and slowly pressed against the crowd .

A sinister laughter was suddenly heard, and the three monsters seemed to have gotten a signal as they rushed towards their respective targets .

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The most shocking thing was that the Jiedan realm demonic cultivators just trembled with laughter, and turned out to be like a well-trained group of slaves rushing towards the people around them .

They were mixed in the crowd, and everyone was not far away from each other . At first, everyone thought that these people were affected by the poisonous gas and have lost their strength and so no one had been too careful . This sudden attack surprised everyone .

Once they found that something was wrong, they immediately counterattacked them . Although their attention was attracted by the monsters, these demonic cultivators did not completely lose their vigilance . The turn of events was quite shocking, but the counterattack was also unusually sharp .

The sound of a flying sword passing through a body came and went instantaneously . After all, those poisoned guys were still poisoned . It seemed that their body’s reactions were greatly reduced . The attack from the flying sword had almost no reaction from the victim .

The three monsters were unusually fierce . Although there was flying swords striking their bodies, it seemed that after they had devoured the corpses, their body protection had greatly improved . Only a few injuries could be seen, but none proving fatal . However, the claws of the three monsters were very strong, very hard to fight with flying swords .

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A group of people rushed up and directly blew themselves . A Jiedan realm master’s self-destruction, even for a master of the same level, would be very troublesome to deal with it . Not to mention, it was not only a single Jiedan realm master self-detonating, but at least three or five of them .

In an instant, more than a dozen people who survived were immediately reduced to meat paste by this explosion and more than half were killed . There were now only five remaining .

The five, of course, included Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling . Her protective array formation was very comprehensive, but even without this formation, Yang Chen would not be hurt by such an explosion .

From the beginning to the present, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling did not do anything, they just stood at the same place with a defensive posture . However, even if they did not do anything, it did not mean that the other party will not target them .

At least five Jiedan masters blew themselves around the two . The violent explosion even caused Gongsun Ling’s protective array to sway a bit .

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However, the formation’s spiritual power was provided by Yang Chen’s top-grade spiritual stone . Although the other side’s explosion was fierce, it only made the protection strength of the array fall rapidly . Though before it depleted, it was supplemented by the top-grade spiritual stone, strengthening it once again .

So far, the mastermind had not yet appeared . Yang Chen knew that the other party was hiding in the darkness not far from them and looked at it all with cold eyes . All the attacks were inexplicable, and everyone seemed to be a bit strange . Yang Chen was waiting, waiting for the other party to take the initiative .

In addition to Yang Chen, there were three other Jiedan masters, but they were entangled by the three monsters . Their bodies had different degrees of injuries because of the surrounding Jiedan masters’ explosion .

What made Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling very surprised was that they were clearly at a disadvantage, but they have not lost . Yang Chen looked about with more care, he felt like even if they wanted to escape, they will not be able to .

Gongsun Ling certainly saw the anomaly . She was about to remind Yang Chen, but she was stopped by a slight movement of his hand . His eyes just stared at the three monsters and the three Jiedan masters who were fighting .

This battle did not last for too long . The three monsters very fiercely watched Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, showing off their strong fighting power .

The protective strength of the monsters was very firm, and the flying words could only leave holes on them . Only one flying sword of a Jiedan master had caused serious damage to one of the monsters . Under this wound, black flesh and blood could be seen . Obviously this Jiedan master’s flying sword was also smeared with poison .

In the time for a fragrant incense to burn, the battle was decided . The three Jiedan masters all died without exception, and one of the monsters was eventually killed by one at the end with the remaining two being all bloody .

The two monsters began to approach Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling slowly but stopped not too close . Then they dragged a body and gnawed on it again . After less than half of the food was eaten, the injuries on their bodies had all recovered . Their eyes were bloodier red, and their figures looked even fatter .

“If there is nothing, we will leave first!” Yang Chen just looked at the two monsters as if nothing had happened and did not care . He had been waiting for them to be fully restored .

“You want to go? Currently, isn’t it already a little late?” There was a gloomy voice which sounded in the darkness, it was the guy who made the sinister laugh before .

With the voice of the guy, the two monsters, which had obviously recovered, and were even more powerful, had already set off in an attacking posture .

“Whether sooner or later, if I want to go, I will leave . ” Yang Chen just responded faintly: “With only these two, do you think you can keep us here?”

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