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Chapter 351: 351
“The only way left for the sect, is it still releasing the news?” The same question was raised again at the elders assembly when Yang Chen faced the elders who were in charge of the palace .

This question has made everyone all silent . It was also a secret plane . This news was really too shocking for the elders .

Yang Chen has discovered more than one secret plane and everyone knew this . But wasn’t it now a bit too overboard to openly use a secret plane as a reward in partnership with other sects?

“Can’t we gather the treasures there ourselves?” Finally, after a long silence, Elder Zheng Feng, who was in charge of the storehouse of the Pure Yang Palace, asked .

This question was on everyone’s mind, but they were too embarrassed to say it . When Zheng Feng asked, Yang Chen saw the eyes almost all the elders shining brightly .

“The price needed to be paid for gathering it is very big . ” Yang Chen shook his head and helplessly said . If he didn’t know that in his previews life the Greatest Heaven Sect has paid an extremely painful price for this, otherwise Yang Chen would also be tempted himself .

“How much might it cost?” Geng Hong’s temper was anxious and asked directly . Of course, this was also a question of interest to everyone else .

“The price of three to four masters of the dacheng stage . ” Yang Chen carefully recalled the experience of his previous life and finally gave his own judgment . After the Greatest Heaven Sect received the secret plane, at least three of the dacheng stage masters directly announced their seclusion to the outside world . Till the time Yang Chen ascended, there was no recurrence of these masters . Presumably, even if they were not dead, they had paid a great price .

Sssh, when Yang Chen’s answer came out, suddenly he heard a large sound of intake of cold air around him . Three or four masters of the dacheng stage, this was definitely not a price the Pure Yang Palace could pay, even if everyone could agree to this, the Pure Yang Palace does not have so many masters to let them bear the sacrifice .

The people were silent again, and no one said anything anymore . However, everyone had the same mind, they were somewhat unwilling .

They needed to pay the resources of three or four masters of the dacheng stage to get the secret plane resources, the value of the things inside, could only be imagined . The problem was that now the Pure Sun Palace can’t pay the price and they could only watch the secret plane resources .

“Can you delay for a while, wait until the strength of the sect is strong enough, and then we will take it out?” The newly appointed Elder Qiao Ming who was originally the lord of the fierce yang hall where Yang Chen was located . Now, he just mentioned this, he seemed not sure how to put it .

“No!” Yang Chen shook his head and sighed “There can only be fifty years of wait at most . When time passes, others will start to notice it . ”

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From the time of Yang Chen’s detonation of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s welcoming array, it has been almost twenty years since then and the Greatest Heaven Sect required hundred years again to be able to receive another consciousness clone, so they had about 80 years . However, considering the time required to break through the secret plane, it would take another 30 years, so they could only have 50 years at most . After that, it would be known by the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Once the Greatest Heaven Sect knew about the secret plane, and the Pure Yang Palace has to do it again, they would become their archenemy . The Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely put their sect’s destroyed things directly on the head of the Pure Yang Palace . Although he was guilty, but Yang Chen was not willing to directly dispute with the Greatest Heaven Sect when the Pure Yang Palace was still weak . For a hundred years, it was not enough to level the distance between the Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“If the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island know the news, won’t they think that we are leading them into disaster?” Elder Xu Chengxin was more cautious as he has more involvement in foreign affairs so he considered all points .

“There is enough rewards . ” Yang Chen responded with a respectful tone . In fact, in the face of the elders, Yang Chen has always maintained a respectful attitude: “In addition, the island master and sect master Lu, can not fully gain control of the two big sect . Perhaps, they also need a chance to let some disobedient guys do something . ”

These words of Yang Chen suddenly made several elders look at Yang Chen’s gaze immediately, there was another meaning to his words that could not be said clearly . Now Yang Chen was just a small Jiedan stage disciple, but he could think of such a long-term plan, and could also make full use of some external opportunities to strengthen the strength of his allies, he indeed has a limitless future .

Such a disciple, fortunately was one of them and has always been loyal to the sect . Otherwise, if Yang Chen was pushed to other sects at the beginning, they don’t know how many people who were present would regret it .

Finally, after a long time, Zhu Chentao nodded “If we can’t get our hands on it, let’s spread it . If it will be cheap for others later, it’s better to make it cheaper for your own allies . Without a big appetite, don’t think about eating so much good food . ”

After saying this, Zhu Chentao even seemed that he suddenly understood a lot of things, or has withstood the test of a temptation, and his mind was more solid . Suddenly, no matter everyone in the elders assembly meeting, he stand up and greeted everyone and said: “I have gained some insights, so i am going into seclusion to comprehend it . ”

After Zhu Chentao finished speaking, he turned and left, and he did not return . The master of the palace was overjoyed, and suddenly cried “Elder Zhu wait!”

Zhu Chentao, who was walking, turned back and saw a white light flying toward him . His hand stretched out and grabbed the white light that flew to the front of his eye, it was an unusually dense medicinal pill that was wrapped in a talisman, it was the second grade questioning inner heart pill .

He had some insights in his heart . When he retreat, he would take the second grade questioning inner heart pill which would double the effects . When everyone saw this scene, all of them were envious .

Although the second grade questioning inner heart pill for people at the level of the elders of the Pure Yang Palace, it was not a precious thing and everyone knew this . However, this opportunity to comprehend was rare . Everyone admired Zhu Chentao for having such an opportunity .

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Since Elder Zhu Chentao has expressed his views, after everyone thought about it, they all nodded . This way of handling it was still the best, rather than wasting it in their hands, it was better to exchange it with their own allies .

Everyone couldn’t let it go at first, it was estimated that this kind of price that needed to be paid made the people feel that the income would be worthwhile . But what Zhu Chentao said was good, if they did not have a big appetite, they should not think about eating so much food, the Pure Yang Palace does not have that strength, so they couldn’t entertain this idea .

“So, then let’s do it according to this method!” Finally, the palace master made a decision . However, everyone has already made a choice, and this decision was very good .

The elders present were open-minded people, and no one even asked Yang Chen about the secret plane . It seemed to be handed over to Yang Chen to deal with by them . They were very relieved .

“Yang Chen, come with me!” After the elders dispersed, the master of the palace was still in the same place for a while, thinking about it for a while and said to Yang Chen .

Some things, in any case, must be clarified, so as not to be sorry after an accident .

Following the palace master, Yang Chen came to the house chosen by the head of the palace in the Immortal’s Cave . For the sake of convenience, the head of the palace has his own courtyard among the groups in several areas . Where they now were was in the location of Jiedan stage area .

After placing several restrictions, the palace master asked Yang Chen to sit down . He then asked very seriously “Where is the news of the secret plane coming from? Is it too from the Greatest Heaven Sect?”

Some of these things, Yang Chen could not conceal it, when the palace master asked, Yang Chen nodded and admitted to it .

Seeing that Yang Chen admitted it, the palace master immediately frowned . If it was the news from the Greatest Heaven Sect, then the Greatest Heaven Sect would know that Yang Chen has passed the news to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, which was easy to make people suspect Yang Chen .

“Isn’t it too risky to do this?” The head of the palace had some doubts about the feasibility of Yang Chen’s idea: “Once you let the Greatest Heaven Sect know…” The palace master didn’t need to talk about the consequence, Yang Chen also understood .

“If the Greatest Heaven Sect wants to know, it will take them about eighty years . ” The palace master was also concerned about Yang Chen . Of course, Yang Chen knew how to deal with it and he hurriedly explained: “This news was passed down from above . ”

“The descent of a clone into the lower realm?” Of course, the Master of the Palace has heard of this magical technique, but the Pure Yang Palace has never had such an undertaking . Listening to Yang Chen saying that it was from above, he understood it immediately .

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At the same time, the master of the palace was also deeply shocked . What kind of technique did Yang Chen use to make the Greatest Heaven Sect’s formation explode, but he got the news from the clone?

Although he was shocked, but the head of the palace did not ask Yang Chen . Everyone has their own secrets, and Yang Chen was no exception . The palace master directly connected all of this to the miscellaneous books that Yang Chen reads .

“Won’t it be more difficult to explain at that time?” The mind of the master of the palace quickly returned to the issue . It could be done in secret, but there must be perfect cover, otherwise it would lead to a dead end .

“This kind of secret plane, is reserved for the people who have a relationship with the owners . ” Yang Chen smiled and explained “The secret plane has been passed down in the mortal world . The clone only passed down the position and the opening method of the secret plane and some adequate warnings . We will just find a suitable opportunity and let the Greatest Heaven Sect know the existence of the secret plane, when everyone is fighting over it, we will be watching the show on the side . ”

Seeing that Yang Chen was sure of his plan, the palace master also gave a sigh of relief and said: “It is best to show no traces, If you can’t do it, don’t take risks . ”

“Yes, palace master!” Yang Chen would certainly promise, this kind of thing, Yang Chen was not a person who does not know how to be cautious . After agreeing to the palace master, Yang Chen suddenly remembered something and followed by saying: “Palace master, there are some things i also want to report to the palace master . ”

“Oh? What is it?” For Yang Chen to be so serious, the palace master was also curious about it .

In a flash, the sailing magic weapon of the Greatest Heaven Sect appeared in front of the head of the palace, and the water-winged wing also appeared, plus the sword of the robust man and some things in their Qiankun bag .

“This, this is…” The palace master inspected the things and he felt dizzy .

The style of sailing boat and water dividing wings, the head of the palace has heard about it, but he has never been seen one before . But suddenly it appeared in front of his eyes, the always calm palace master, could not help but jump up in shock .

“Is this the things of the Greatest Heaven Sect?” After watching the sailboat and the water dividing wings, the head of the palace directly turned to Yang Chen and asked, his face was incredible .

Yang Chen did not answer, but the look on his face has fully explained that there was no mistake in the judgment of the head of the palace .

“How did you get your hand on it?” The voice of the head of the palace has already begun to trembled, although there have been several possibilities in his heart, but no matter what the possibility, he was not still not able to keep calm .

“Six Yuanying stage ancestors of the Greatest Heaven Sect, tried to block this disciples at sea . ” Yang Chen had nothing to hide, directly in the most concise way he explained the process .

As for the result, Yang Chen did not have to say anything more . The sailing boat and the water dividing wings and this pile of things were here, the end of the six Yuanying stage ancestors could be imagined .

“What did they want to do?” The head of the palace became angry and began to grind his teeth in his mouth, but in his heart, he knew more than anyone what the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to do .

The development of the Pure Yang Palace has already made the Greatest Heaven Sect feel a threat, and they even intended to secretly remove the outstanding disciple of his own sect . Without Yang Chen’s medicinal pills, the Pure Yang Palace would directly return to its original shape . Even if there was some improvement now, it was not enough to become a qualitative change and they still cannot threaten the Greatest Heaven Sect .

The master of the palace was more aware of the importance of Yang Chen to the sect than anyone else . He was also the person who knew that Yang Chen could be side by side with Wang Yong in the sect . Many of Yang Chen’s secrets, such as those in Yang Chen’s report, even other elders don’t necessarily know . That’s why the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to deal with Yang Chen .

“It’s good that you killed them!” In the anger of the palace, he couldn’t help but praise: “This matter, if you need to act, the sect will immediately send a note to the Greatest Heaven Sect . Even if it is the Greatest Heaven Sect, they still can’t plot against my sect’s disciples in the dark!”

“Why would the sect act on it?” Yang Chen directly turned his head into a rattle . While refusing, he smiled and said: “Why do you want to act? Now the most depressed one is not this disciple, it should be a lot of people in the Greatest Heaven Sect!”

Yang Chen encountered their plot, but he was unscathed, but the other party lost six Yuanying stage ancestors, presumably at the moment it was not known how depressed they would be . As Yang Chen said, the most depressed one at the moment was not Yang Chen .

“If you are going out in the future, you must be careful to take care of your safety first!” The master of the palace knew that Yang Chen would not be holed up in the sect, but also knew that Yang Chen couldn’t be persuaded, so he solemnly reminds: “When necessary, When the wolf is running away, he will run away and save his life . As long as he is alive, he will not be ashamed . ”

“Yes, palace master!” Yang Chen promised, and then laughed: “This disciple never feels that there is any to lose face when he escapes . The dead person wouldn’t have a face to lose . ”

“As long as you understand it!” The palace master knew Yang Chen’s temperament . He stopped talking about it . He just looked at the bunch of things in front of him and asked again: “What are we going to use these things for?”

“The water dividing wings will be of some use to this disciple . ” Yang Chen had already thought about this so he quickly replied “This sailing boat is also a rare flying magic weapon . It is better to let master ancestor change it’s appearance so that it can be given to Gongsun Ling!”

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