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Chapter 352
This was to be given to Gongsun Ling . This was Yang Chen’s early thinking . His master Gao Yue already had the corpse of the second city lord for her flight, but there was still no good flying magic weapon on Gongsun Ling .

Because of the requirements of the mountains and rivers geographical map, Gongsun Ling would travel to a lot of places in the future and she also needed such a means of transportation . At least the speed of the sailboat could be compared with the current shuttle, it was a rare treasure .

Of course, this cannot be directly handed over to Gongsun Ling with its current appearance . It was definitely necessary for an expert to refine it not only to change its appearance, but also some defensive measures must be added . Although the mountain river geographical map could increase the geographical map size during the quenching, it could not be used to protect yourself from the enemy, so it was necessary to let Gongsun Ling have a little self-protection .

Gongsun Ling already has one Yuanying stage praying mantis puppet, but Yang Chen’s experienced this time after being besieged by several Yuanying stage masters also made him more cautious .

The issue of making Yang Chen the sect’s young palace master, the master of the palace did not present it at the elders assembly meeting this time . Perhaps it was because everyone was shocked by the secrets of the secret plane . Perhaps it was inconvenient to consider it in Yang Chen’s presence . Yang Chen does not care about the identity of this young palace master, but Yang Chen was also very grateful for the support of the palace master .

His master Gao Yue would be immersed in the refining her flying swords for a long period of time . If the dragon horn flying sword did not last a few hundred years old, it was impossible to refine it . Therefore, for the transformation of the sailboat for Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen naturally found ancestor Wang Yong .

Of course, Wang Yong was also a person who knew how to judge precious materials . He does not even have to rely on the name of this sailing boat . From the refining method, he could see that it was made by a master of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

He simply asked what happened, Wang Yong, who was also boiling with anger, certainly would not refuse to accept Yang Chen’s request . Although he could not directly find the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect to make them pay, he was very willing to participate in the event that would course a loss to the Greatest Heaven Sect .

When Gongsun Ling became aware that Yang Chen had given Wang Yong a flying magic weapon to refine for her,it made Gong Sunling very moved . There has been an understanding between the two people . Therefore, although Gongsun ling was embarrassed, she still glared at Yang Chen and pulled Yang Chen with her into her courtyard in the Immortal’s Cave .

What surprised Yang Chen was that he didn’t even know where Gongsun Ling got a bunch of cooking utensils, she then made Yang Chen wait, she was cheerful like a little swallow, in her own kitchen while she fried a few side dishes for Yang Chen .

This scene made Yang Chen feel a little surprised . He didn’t know that when he occasionally mentioned that he liked wine and food, Gongsun ling kept it in her heart and even secretly went to the mortal city to learn a lot of techniques of cooking and she practiced it many times .

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This time, Gongsun Ling had put out all her skills . For the first time, she cooked for her most beloved junior apprentice brother, Gongsun Ling put out her best . When Yang Chen gave her the mountain river geographical map, Gongsun ling did not dare to show this in front of Gao Yue . This time, Yang Chen came to her alone and gave her the opportunity and courage to show her love .

With the perception of Gongsun Ling, when she concentrated on cooking, she quickly surpassed the most advanced cooks of the mortal people . In addition, she used spiritual power and some ingredients that no one could see at all in the secular world, even the chefs of several countries would feel inferior in front of her .

A few exquisite small dishes were quickly put on the table . Gongsun Ling sat on the opposite side of Yang Chen, watching Yang Chen’s surprised eyes, she suddenly become worried . She didn’t know if it would be to Yang Chen’s taste .

Yang Chen was indeed shocked by Gongsun ling . Who would think that a cultivation genius like her, actually put down her cultivation for a long time and learned to cook in the world of mortals .

This action really made Yang Chen feel touched, for the taste of the food, Yang Chen did not even care about it . However, Yang Chen was still stunned by Gongsun ling’s enchanting degree of talent . The several small dishes looked inconspicuous, but they were unusually delicious . Together with the jade dragon wine, it was a perfect match . Yang Chen, who was eating the meal, almost swallowed his tongue .

Yang Chen was happy and Gongsun ling was even more happier . Through her own hard work she could make her junior apprentice brother feel so enjoyable, so it was not in vain that she carefully prepared for such a long time .

After drinking for a while with Yang Chen, Gongsun ling asked about Yang Chen’s next plan .

This time, Yang Chen came back temporary, it was just to send the magic weapons back to his master and Senior apprentice sister, he has long planned to collect the seventh metal true essence . This matter was not concealed from Gongsub ling by Yang Chen, so he directly said it .

Of course, Yang Chen did not elaborate on the specific location of the seventh metal true essence, Gongsun ling also did not ask .

“Will you go to the domain of the Demon sects?” After listening to Yang Chen’s destination, Gongsun ling couldn’t help but be a little surprised . However, she quickly recovered to normal . After a little thought, she suddenly asked: “Can I go with you?”

“Go together?” Yang Chen became stunned . How did Gongsun ling suddenly think of going to the domain of the Demon sects? Was it just to be with himself so she would not hesitate to take risks?

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“The more places where the mountain river geographical map goes, the more complete the map will become and the greater power it will have, isn’t it?” Gongsun ling looked at Yang Chen’s dumbfounded smile and explained with a smile: “you are not going to the Demon domain for killing, but just to collect some things, I can also sacrificially refine my magic weapon on the way . ”

Gongsun ing’s geographical map of the mountains and rivers has not yet become a life source magic weapon . It has not been sent into her sea of consciousness by Gongsun ling for quenching . However, the geographical map has an advantage, even if she has not begun the quenching of the magic weapon, she could supplement the geographical map without any delay .

Moreover, the geographical map also has another advantage . With this magic weapon, you would never get lost as long as you have it on you . Even in the midst of a puzzle maze, unless the level of the maze was higher than the level of the mountain river geographical map it would never happen . But for the time being, in the mortal world, this kind of thing could hardly happen .

Gongsun ling wanted to gain experience in the domain of the Demon sects, this reason was very reasonable . After Yang Chen thought for a while, he finally agreed .

Instead of letting Gongsun ling take the risk alone, it was better for Yang Chen to accompany her . Anyway, it would also be a smooth road . To collect the seventh metal true essence, it would take even the shuttle a year to go back and forth, such a large site, adding it to the geographical map of the mountains and rivers could definitely make the mountain river geographical map more powerful, naturally the benefits for Gongsun Ling would be enormous .

However, before their departure, Gongsun Ling had to begin the life source refining of the mountain river geographical map, which was a very difficult process for her .

In order to increase Gongsun Ling’s chance of success, Yang Chen even had a spiritual awareness double cultivation with her again . Although there was not much direct improvement in her spiritual awareness, the precision was greatly enhanced . Meaning she would gain more control when sacrificially refining the geographical map .

While waiting for Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen did not idle, but took his furnace and refined over a thousand inner sensing pills .

He handed over half of these inner sensing pills to the sect . Although they were not capable enough to give others the same breakthrough effect as Qiao Ming and Xu Chengxin, they could make the masters of the Jiedan realm thoroughly understand the internal conditions of their own bodies . Also they could detect the abnormalities in their own cultivation .

If the vast majority of Jiedan realm masters could detect their deviations at the beginning of their cultivation, they would still have a lot of time to correct the deviations in their practice . They would be able to save themselves from using the Thunder pomegranate to correct it while crossing their tribulation like Xu Chengxin . There were many things that could be left out, the improvement of their personal cultivation would also be beneficial to the development of the sect .

In order to prevent accidents, Yang Chen even took out dozens of Thunder pomegranates and handed them over to the head of the palace . As a capable disciple emerged who needed it, it could be utilized . At the very least, it could guarantee the disciples crossing their tribulation to safely form their Nascent souls .

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The intentions of Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were not concealed from Gao Yue . In this regard, Gao Yue was happy to see their arrangements . However, she must now invest her whole body and mind to refine her own life source flying swords, and thus could not leave, otherwise, she would have also gone to the domain of the Demon sects to join in their fun .

During this time, Wang Yong did not say much about Yang Chen’s and Gongsun Ling’s plans . He instead spent a lot of time thinking about reshaping the sailing magic weapon .

The design of the magic weapon would no longer be of a sailboat, but of a ship .

Not only was there a change in appearance, but the flight speed will also be improved a little . When Wang Yong did not have the Qilin sword, he had a high-speed flying sword . From that time, he went from the sect to 100,000 mountains to save Gao Yue . This was that flying sword .

This time, Wang Yong spared no expense while refining the flying sword into the large ship, making the speed of the ship two points faster than the previous sailing boat . Gongsun Ling with her ability to drive the large ship, could now keep pace with Yang Chen’s shuttle .

In order to add more protection, Wang Yong also added some defensive materials in the refining process, and even let Gongsun Ling herself participate in it, adding several formations and arrays, which greatly improved its protection capability .

While flying the ship now could release a lot of smoke due to one of the arrays . From a distance, it would be like a thick cloud, making it undetectable .

Another protective formation was added which adopted the principle to distract spirit power attacks . When attacked in one place, it would be evenly transmitted by the array to almost all the resistive parts of the ship, ensuring that it could not be destroyed with many small attacks, unless a single brute force attack could destroy all of it at once .

Whenever the Greatest Heaven Sect used a sailing boat, it would be controlled by a Yuanying realm ancestor with only the high-speed flight function . Now Gongsun Ling only had the cultivation base of a Jiedan realm master, thus, it needed to be protected well .

In the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling was preparing for their journey, but the Greatest Heaven Sect was caught in a lot of troubles .

After the life tablets of the six Yuanying realm ancestors chasing Yang Chen were broken, it had been confirmed that they all had died . The death of these six Yuanying realm masters was a big event, even for the Greatest Heaven Sect . Not to mention the fact that the six of them were on a mission for high ranking members of the sect .

Now Yang Chen had returned to the Pure Yang Palace unharmed, but the six Yuanying realm ancestors of the Greatest Heaven Sect had died, making them unable to associate Yang Chen as the culprit .

To say that Yang Chen could kill six Yuanying realm ancestors in an instant was an unbelievable possibility for the high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect . A person in the early Jiedan stage, who could kill a Yuanying realm ancestor in a one-on-one fight was already a miracle, not to mention six, but also with the support of the sea sealing flag array, which was simply impossible .

However, the death of the six Yuanying realm ancestors required an explanation . Similarly, what made the high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect confused was that Li Junyu of the Green Jade Immortal Island was also a master of the Yuanying realm, and she also brought dozens of tenth water divine thunders, but she still couldn’t kill Yang Chen, even she herself was missing .

It seemed that when facing Yang Chen, no matter how powerful the enemy was, he could always remain unharmed . On the other hand his enemy would not be so lucky, if they were not missing, they would certainly be dead; such as the six Yuanying realm ancestors of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Li Junyu, or even Luo Yuan in the late dacheng stage, which was very confusing .

They definitely needed to find the answer to this question . In any case, the Greatest Heaven Sect had already determined one thing; Yang Chen knew the ancient text on the secret key . This point had been confirmed in the experiment arranged by Li Junyu in the Green Jade Immortal Island, but they did not dare to let Yang Chen see some key words, for fear of what he would discover .

That was to say, before Yang Chen delivers the solution to the mystery key, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not have a problem with him for the time being, at least they will not try to kill him . Even if they wanted to kill him to vent their anger, it would be after the completion of this matter .

What Yang Chen did was indeed little troubling but the other matter made the Greatest Heaven Sect have a headache . Recently, they didn’t know how, a rumor about them started, which made the Greatest Heaven Sect busy to come up with an explanation .

The rumor was very simple, it was that the Greatest Heaven Sect had started to recruit a lot of demon and monster cultivators to enrich the strength of their sect . They couldn’t track the source nor any clue . However, in combination with the current situation, many people had begun to believe it .

Their strength was greatly damaged . There was no doubt that the mountain gate had faced a calamity . The tens of thousands of outer sect disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect were almost swept away, Everyone knew about this . Recently, the Greatest Heaven Sect was also setting up a hall of eccentrics, and it was also a fact that they were recruiting monster cultivators . There was no way to deny it .

So, wasn’t it logical that they could recruit demon cultivators as disciples? It was natural to conclude that . Although many people were concerned with the arrogance of the Greatest Heaven Sect, they did not bring it out face to face . Especially the ones that the Greatest Heaven Sect recruited this time, as several of them were indeed from the monster race and they had many relationships with the people in the Demon domain .

Everything showed that this rumor was not only some common gossip, but it did have something to do with it . In an instant, the Dao Sects leader of the Greatest Heaven Sect was caught in an awkward situation .

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