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Chapter 350.2: Chapter 350.2 - Sect’s Expansion

Chapter 350 . 2: Sect’s Expansion

The Immortal sect should take the initiative to go to the mortal world to find suitable disciples, instead of waiting for the Dao seekers to come to the sect, this was definitely a suggestion that would make all the sects shocked .

This was equivalent to losing the pride of an Immortal sect in the eyes of outsiders .

However, from another perspective, it was completely different . Actively looking for disciples meant more choices than other sects and they could find more disciples . Now who did not know, if one wanted to improve the power of a sect, one must have enough support from the younger generation of disciples . Otherwise, once experts faced their tribulation and ascended, there would be no more successors to rely on, and the sect would definitely decline .

Numerous families had verified this point . In the past year, the Heaven Seizing Pill refining system of the Xiang Clan, Luo Yuan’s family, all proved this truth from another perspective .

Whether it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect or Green Jade Immortal Island, every big sect was no exception, the truly successful sects always had continuous experts emerging to take the place of the older generation . In other words, the more outstanding younger disciples there were, the better the sustainable development of the sect would become .

The reason was easy to understand, but the face of the sect was not so easy to put down . This was one of the reasons why the head of the palace was somewhat hesitant .

Yang Chen looked at the hesitating head of the palace, but he smiled and gave another reason; “The people who have been unable to become outer sect disciples have always become servants . But they are also cultivators who have practiced, do you think that they are willing? If you let them go to the mortal world to find prospective disciples, maybe these people would also be happy to help . ”

Needless to say, they would indeed be happy . Although it was not a high position, but they would definitely become masters when they go back to the mortal world . Naturally they would enjoy a high status there . Compared with being servants, it would be a complete upgrade of their status, who would not want it?

“These disciples can get themselves worldly wealth and live a good life in the secular world . ” Yang Chen continued, “we can also allow them to choose a basic cultivation method to pass on to future generations, but only if they find a suitable disciple for the sect, and if future generations would want to continue their cultivation, they must come to the Pure Yang Palace . In this way, the Pure Yang Palace will not even have to worry about not finding a suitable disciple, palace master will only have to worry if some other trouble arises . ”

“What trouble?” The teacher of the palace was thinking along Yang Chen’s thoughts and asked without thinking .

“The trouble would be that there would be too many excellent disciples, and it would not be easy to manage them . ” Yang Chen smiled and continued, “perhaps the palace owner will stipulate that spirit roots below the middle grade will not be accepted in the sect . ”

This was the common method adopted by the Dao Sects in the memory of his previous life . The Greatest Heaven Sect were so powerful that they forced the living space of other sects . Many sects had to put down their arrogance and actively seek suitable disciples . When competition became fierce, to seize more land, they would not hesitate to interfere in mortal affairs .

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Although it started almost a thousand years later . Yang Chen had now described it though it seemed a bit early . But if they could really have the advantage of a thousand years, the Pure Yang Palace could definitely grow into a giant like the Greatest Heaven Sect .

But abandoning their face and tradition was the problem, when the head of the palace began to seriously consider the feasibility of this matter, he suddenly found that if it was carried out according to what Yang Chen proposed, the Pure Yang Palace could grow to an unexpected enormity, even the master of the palace could not imagine it .

The palace master couldn’t help but start to get excited and his breathing began to become heavy . The pressure of recruiting human cultivators was less than the stress that came with recruiting monster cultivators . The Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to recruit from the monster race, at least in the early stage, they would face great pressure but if the Pure Yang Palace recruits’ mortals, there would be no such problem at all . At most, they would only be ridiculed by other sects .

Moreover, if the whole thing was handled well, even the servants could be promoted to disciples . At most, on the day of opening of the mountain gate, it would become normal for prospective disciples to go through the gate and enter the sect .

He believed that most of those servants were willing to choose to be experts in the secular world, not servants of the sect . Moreover, the sect would not cut off their desire for the Dao . Although they could not be enlightened because of their qualifications, they will hold more opportunities for future generations .

They could maintain their human wealth, their children and grandchildren may have the opportunity to become enlightened, the only thing they had to affirm to was loyalty to the sect . Where could such a good solution be found? Moreover, the more faithful they would be, the stronger the Pure Yang Palace would become in the future, the more prosperous their families would be, what idiot would not want this .

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The more the palace master thought about it, the more excited he became, and it seemed that he could already see the situation of good disciples flying into the sect in the future . Perhaps if they really did this, then, other disciples who go to the other sects may be the ones rejected by the Pure Yang Palace . Just imaging it made him extremely excited .

“It’s a big deal . I have to discuss it with the elders . ” Despite his excitement after thinking about it, the palace master did not immediately agree, but it was safe to discuss with the elders . In the face of Yang Chen, the master of the palace suddenly sighed with emotion; “Yang Chen in view of this matter, I consider you the most outstanding disciple of my sect . I intend to propose to the elders to make you the Young palace master, what do you think?”

The title Young palace master signified the heir to the master of the palace position . The palace master said this to express his appreciation for Yang Chen as the disciple of the sect .

“I don’t want it for publicity, at least this disciple can be safer without it . ” Yang Chen smiled and refused, using a random reason .

“Believe me, the elders will definitely agree . ” The palace master did not give Yang Chen the opportunity to refuse, “as for the publicity, the elders can order it first, and not announce it . ”

Obviously, the master of the palace had already made up his mind . But Yang Chen was undecided about that .

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If the palace master has decided then it would be for the best . However, there was something that Yang Chen thought he should still discuss with the head of the palace, and ask his advice .

“Palace master, suppose say that if there are many benefits to be had, but an enormous price had to be paid to get them, should this disciple still let the sect fight for it? Or should this disciple spread news about it in exchange for more support and cooperation with our sect? Letting the Greatest Heaven Sect take the lead, and make the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island pay their own cost of getting those benefits?” Yang Chen asked about how he should handle the information brought to the lower realm by the consciousness clone of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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