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Chapter 346: 346
Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was retrieved from the mountains and rivers geographical map and then he shook his head silently and sighed and put the geographical map into the merits ring .

At the moment of Li Junyu’s attack, Yang Chen began to look for ways to deal with it . With dozens of tenth water divine thunder, by relying on the protection of the dome and the golden bell, Yang Chen could not guarantee his safety .

The golden bell may be able to block it, but it was was not something that the present golden bell which has only been refined to the first layer could do . The material would never be damaged, but there was no guarantee that Yang Chen would not be injured .

It seemed a bit far-fetched to use the shuttle with the water dividing wings to escape . Whether it was in the water or on the water surface, it couldn’t go far in this moment as it was within the explosion range of the tenth water divine thunder . The shuttle’s protective ability was slightly weaker and it may be damaged at that time .

Within a blink of an eye, Yang Chen suddenly thought of the mountains and rivers geographical map that he just got . That was an array made with dragon skin as a substrate . Yang Chen has already marked it with his own spiritual awareness imprint and he could be barely counted as the master of it, so the mountains and rivers geographical map was used .

The great thing about the mountains and rivers geographical map was that it could instantly transport what Yang Chen wanted into the map . And in the map, the average person wouldn’t find anything wrong with the situation .

When Li Junyu and the dozen tenth water divine thunder entered the geographical map of the mountains and rivers, it was also at the same time when the tenth water divine thunder exploded . However, Yang Chen was very reassured about the geographical map of the mountains and rivers produced with the dragon skin, It was impossible to destroy it in the slightest with the tenth water divine thunder .

The facts also proved the correctness of Yang Chen’s judgment as it has not been blown up . Instead, the tenth water divine thunder exploded within the map and it actually restored the scene of the explosion, so that Li juyu couldn’t tell if she was in an illusion or still in the formation .

The geography in this mountains and rivers geographical map was based on the real geography . Now both Yang Chen and Li Junyu were above the East China Sea and there was a complete East China Sea map in the geographical map . Everything that Li Junyu saw in her eyes was a manifestation of the true geographical map form .

If it was on land, it may be discovered by Li Junyu because of some changes in the geographical characteristics of the mountains and rivers . But now at sea, there was a sea of ​​water everywhere . After the violent shock of the explosion, who would compare the difference between the sea surface before and the current sea surface?

Li Yuyu naturally thought that she had completed her own strategy and seriously injured Yang Chen . In order to let Li Junyu continue this cognition, Yang Chen threw a group of his own spiritual awareness into the geographical map, pretending to be weak .

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For a long time in the future, Yang Chen’s group of spiritual awareness would take Li Junyu around the sea . After all, there was only the geographical map of the East China Sea in the geographical map of the mountains and rivers . The circle around the sea would not let Li Junyu notice it . Once she wanted to go back to the land and reach the edge of the sea, she would be aware of it .

Although the map was not so simple that the edge did not have nothing at all, but after all, it was different from the real situation . As a veteran Yuanying stage ancestor, Li Junyu has rich experience and may recognize it immediately .

However, after recognizing it, she couldn’t be separated from the map . If there was no accident, Li Junyu would be trapped in this picture or she would be ignorant and chase Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, or knowing the truth but she could nothing about it, there was no other possibility .

The most tragic thing was that Li Junyu would not notice that when she use spiritual attack or her flying sword in the map, all the spiritual powers would be absorbed by the array and become one of the sources of spiritual power for the array .

If Yang Chen was willing to do so, he could even gather a bunch of cultivators to practice in the map . As long as they practice the cultivation methods related to this map, they would automatically refine the map during the practice and the arry power would be getting greater .

Of course, if he wanted to do this, it had to be decided by his senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling . Yang Chen has already planned to give this mountains and rivers geographical map to Gongsun Ling . If this magic weapon would be refined in the future, of course, it had to be decided by her .

Speaking of this, Li Junyu used to be associated with the Greatest Heaven Sect . Otherwise, she would not send her descendants to the Greatest Heaven Sect . Maybe this time, the few disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island who took the ancient scripts to ask Yang Chen was arranged by Li Junyu .

This happened in a place hundreds of miles away from the mountain gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island . Yang Chen believed that besides Li Junyu, nobody would ever know . However, now Yang Chen had to decide whether to return to the Green Jade Immortal Island to inform them about the situation or according to his own plans, return to the Dragon Palace treasure house .

The Green Jade Immortal Island was on the beach and Yang Chen’s gourd and inverted sea jasper never stopped collecting the tenth water true essence . After more than a year, a bathtub-sized puddle has been formed in the gourd . Although it couldn’t be compared with the big lake of the first wood true essence spiritual solution, it was enough to be shocking to anyone who saw it .

This many tenth water true essence was just enough to allow Yang Chen to cultivate the tenth water true secret art and form the golden dan . Yang Chen has already made up his mind, This time he would return to the Dragon Palace treasure house and immediately go into seclusion and achieve the golden dan .

Once again, his whole body was covered with the sea jasper and the shuttle was lunched under the addition of water dividing wings . It took only half a month to rush back to the Dragon Palace .

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This time, it took more than a year and a half to return to the treasure house . Yang Chen discovered that Xiao Tian was about to absorb the dragon qi of the jade case . The exquisite pagoda above would be ready soon .

For the time being, Yang Chen first resisted the impulse of his seclusion . While absorbing the fire seeds and practicing, he waited for two months with patience and finally the exquisite pagoda finally came into his hands .

With the pagoda in his hands, Yang Chen habitually sent his spiritual power and spiritual awareness into it . Unexpectedly, the pagoda did not have any information to pass to him . He tried to control the pagoda, but he found that his spirit power input could only change the size and other functions were not available .

This made Yang Chen fall into meditation . What kind of pagoda was this that could make the Dragon King solemnly place it in the Dragon Palace? The Heavenly King pagoda that Yang Chen has seen, clearly was not this style .

Could it only get bigger and smaller? The material doesn’t look so secure . If it was used to attack an enemy, It would definitely be like an egg touching a stone . Was the pagoda only this weak, what was the use of it?

While being in doubt, Xiao Tian suddenly roared and it body shape twisted and rushed directly into the first layer of the pagoda . Subsequently, the gate of the pagoda was slowly closed and above the gate, the words “Dragon Tower” in the dragon clan’s writing appeared .

Through the window of the pagoda, Yang Chen could vaguely see that Xiao Tian was flying cheerfully inside, it seemed very happy . Yang Chen’s heart moved and he suddenly communicated with Xiao Tian and he immediately saw the scene inside the dragon tower through the eyes of Xiao Tian .

Xiao Tian was now on the first floor of the pagoda . Looking from outside, the space of the pagoda was not large, but it was extremely spacious inside . The body of Xiao Tian was almost the same size as the pagoda, but inside it was like a small ant .

On the wall around the first floor, eight beautiful pictures were drawn and each painting had a dragon that was circling and dancing . Around the dragon, there was a cloud of various lines, each dragon was very lifelike,it was as if they hated that they could not fly out of the wall straight into the sky .

The aura of the Dragon Tower seemed to make Xiao Tian feel very comfortable . When the roaring of Xiao Tian was completed, a behavior that made Yang Chen unable to understand was started .

Xiao Tian’s long body suddenly began to twist, posing a very complicated posture and then paused in the middle of the first floor of the Dragon Tower, it became motionless .

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Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to it at first, but soon found that the posture of Xiao Tian was a bit familiar . Immediately he remembered, the posture of Xiao Tian was clearly the posture of a dragon drawn on one of the eight paintings .

After a little thought, Yang Chen understood . This dragon tower was clearly a cultivation ground for dragons . The murals above were the postures and secret techniques of the cultivation . However, this could only be the secret techniques that dragons could understand and use .

Although Xiao Tian was a wolf-dragon, it was essentially one of the dragon race . It has the blood of the dragon clan, so it was easy to practice these secret techniques .

Whichever items the East China Sea Dragon King careful collected was not an ordinary thing, this was Yang Chen’s unusual belief . It’s been a short time since Xiao Tian took the pose, but Yang Chen has been able to detect that it absorbs the dragon qi on the three jade cases and was digesting and absorbing it at a speed hundreds of times more than usual .

This was clearly the reason for the cultivation methods in the Dragon Tower . Before Yang Chen knew some techniques to promote Xiao Tian, but it was far worse than the orthodox dragon clan’s cultivation methods . Being able to practice systematically was absolutely more effective than the ability to swallow tool spirits to advance .

Xiao Tian seemed to have been indulged in the dragon tower and does not want to come out . The remaining jade case couldn’t be broken temporarily . The two branches on the jade case, Yang Chen has been able to guess what it was, it was definitely two dragon horns, as for what magic weapon it has been refined into, Yang Chen was still not clear about it .

But now that Xiao Tian was cultivating, Yang Chen did not stop it . It was his own and it would always be his own . However, Yang Chen believed that the cultivation was not going to last forever . He gave Xiao Tian a command to let him find time to break the jade case . Yang Chen went straight out, sat on the nautical chart of the sea and started his own seclusion and cultivation .

This time, Yang Chen’s goal was to condense the tenth water spirit power . With the gourd and the sea jasper, Yang Chen already had enough tenth water true essence and there was no need to worry about there not being enough for his cultivation .

With this method, Yang Chen was confident that he would not need at least five years and he could shorten the process of condensing Dan to one year . With the idea fixed, Yang Chen did not care about anything more and entered the state of seclusion .

Specializing in a kind of spiritual power, the tenth water true secret art has been pushed to the extreme . The tenth water true essence in the gourd directly entered the body of Yang Chen and began to blend with the spiritual power of Yang Chen, which was easily absorbed by Yang Chen .

The continuous stream of tenth water true essence spiritual solution constantly supplemented the needs of Yang Chen’s body . Under the guidance of Yang Chen’s tenth water true secret art, it was constantly absorbed, integrated and condensed to become part of the spiritual power in his body .

This process, repeated itself again and again, it did not stop . The Dragon Palace seems to have once again fallen into silence because of Yang Chen and Xiao Tian’s cultivation .

In just four months, Yang Chen’s body flashed a light blue light, which broke the silence in the treasure house .

As the light flashed over, the whole chart was filled with a strong aura of the tenth water and Yang Chen’s body seemed to be covered with a shiny blue coat .

In Yang Chen’s body, the tenth water true essence was also shrunk in his dantian within this moment and it was effortlessly condensed together, in a moment it became a round and light blue golden dan .

Suddenly, the tenth water true essence was dried up and the tenth water true essence spiritual solution in the gourd was quickly absorbed into his meridians . The golden dan began to absorb the tenth water true essence spiritual solution madly and the color began to deepen until it became blue like the sea water and then slowly stopped .

In the moment of this breakthrough, his sea of consciousness has made new changes . However, this change has not brought about qualitative changes . It seemed that the original water surface seems to be a little bigger . The overall sea of consciousness has expanded slightly by about 20% compared with the previous one . It has become two hundred and forty acres in size .

However, the spiritual awareness directly broke through the threshold of the early dacheng stage and entered the middle dacheng stage . The silky spiritual awareness threads seemed to become entities .

The tenth water golden dan, because of the supplement of the tenth water true essence spiritual solution has become about the same size as the first wood golden dan . After the condensation,by relying directly on the tenth water true essence spiritual solution, the cultivation base of the tenth water spirit power was pushed up to the peak of the early jiedan stage .

Until now did Yang Chen slowly stopped the cultivation and stood up . By counting his fingers, he found that the time spent on this seclusion was only about four months which made him presently surprised . Originally he thought that it would take at least ten months to a year, he couldn’t think of saving so much time .

However, strictly speaking, Yang Chen was still slightly disappointed . At the time of building his foundation, when Yang Chen’s three spiritual powers built their foundation, they immediately led the ten spiritual powers of the Yin-Yang Five Elements to build their foundation at the same time . But now when he was condensing dan, there were already four kinds of spiritual powers to achieve their dans, but they still couldn’t bring all the spiritual powers to condense . It seems that if he wanted all the condensed dan, he needed more spiritual power to condense .

The seventh metal true essence that was left by the Golden star of the sun was not taken . Perhaps, as long as the seventh metal spirit power was also condensed, with five kinds of spiritual powers, more than half, it could drive all the spiritual power to condense . Otherwise, Yang Chen had to control his cultivation and strive to maintain the balance of the spiritual power of the Yin-Yang Five Elements .

He didn’t know what the results of Xiao Tian’s cultivation in the Dragon Tower was, but Yang Chen had an idea . Since Xiao Tian could use the cultivation methods of the dragon tower to practice and absorb the dragon qi, maybe this time he could get all the magic weapons on the jade case .

When he came to the Dragon Palace for the next time, I believed that it would be the moment that Yang Chen could collect the entire treasures of the Dragon Palace .

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