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Published at 30th of September 2020 06:21:22 AM
Chapter 345.2: Chapter 345.2 - Li Junyu’s Pursuit

Li Junyu was a water attribute Yuanying stage master, the last time Li Qingchen and Yang Chen were in a life and death duel, Li Junyu gave Li Qingchen a refined tenth water divine thunder, in order to find opportunities to kill Yang Chen .

Now it was with Li Junyu’s own hands, she has done a lot of homework on Yang Chen . Because of Li Qingchen’s relationship with her, Li Junyu also had a group of friends who knew each other in the Greatest Heaven Sect, so she knew that Yang Chen was not easy to cope with .

Before the start, Li Junyu refined a group tenth water divine thunder . Refining this batch of tenth water divine thunder had taken Li Junyu almost ten years . In order to directly give Yang Chen a look at such a situation .

Yang Chen’s fight before against the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Liu Wei was a similar situation, but it was not with tenth water divine thunder, but thunder pomegranates .

In order to kill him, Li Junyu racked her brains, It was not easy to find Yang Chen and get the chance to attack him . She didn’t expect Yang Chen to take the initiative to come to her sect . He stayed in the Green Jade Immortal Island for a whole year, which made Li Junyu able to arrange everything and catch up with Yang Chen .

There were dozens of tenth water divine thunder in the air and there were more than a dozen in the water . No matter whether Yang Chen was in the sky or in the sea, there were enough divine thunder to affect him . These tenth water divine thunders were all condensed by Li Junyu who was a Yuanying stage master, the power of almost every one could rival those which blew the Pure Yang Palace gate in the past .

Even if he was replaced by a master of the Yuanying stage, it was enough to be killed several times in the face of such an attack . Yang Chen was just a small early Jiedan stage master . Even if there was a strong body protection magic weapon on him, it was impossible to escape a dead end .

At the moment of the thunder explosion, on the face of Elder Li Junyu, you could not see her usual gentle expression, only a fierce face with a creepy smile .

“Snort, Senior sister, you think that as long as you are surrounded by this kid, can your island master position be fixed?” Li Junyu looked at the sea with almost nothing and the look on her face finally eased, sneering while saying to herself “Now we will that without this kid, how many people will support you!”

Hanging above the sea, Li Junyu slowly flew to the position where Yang Chen was and her spiritual awareness scanned wide, trying to find the body of Yang Chen .

However, Li Junyu herself knew that this seems to be a luxury . Under dozens of divine thunders explosion, even a steel would be turned into powder, Yang Chen, a little Jiedan stage cultivator, could still leave traces, which was simply impossible .

Not to mention the body, even Yang Chen’s flying sword and his powerful body protection magic weapon did not seem to leave a trace . It seems that Yang Chen did not appear in this world at all .

Li Junyu was still not assured . Within a few dozen miles, she was still looking for it carefully . She must confirm the death of Yang Chen . Otherwise, it would not be easy to explain whether it was the Blue Cloud Sect or the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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Within this sea area, Li Junyu has already arranged a large-scale warning array . As long as there was a cultivator or a monster, she would know it instantly . If Yang Chen escapes from here, she must have had an induction .

But what made Li Junyu feel strange was that she did not feel any signs from the formation . This gave Li Junyu a bad feeling . Was the array of her own arrangements also destroyed by the tenth water divine thunder? However, the scope of the explosion of the dozens tenth water divine thunder should not affect the array .

Flying fast to control her flying sword, Li Junyu flew to the edge of the formation she arranged . It was a few dozen miles away, she could get there without a fragrant time .

Li Junyu’s heart quickly sank, the array of her own arrangements, she did not know when it has disappeared without a trace . If it was not destroyed by the tenth water divine thunder, then there was only one possibility, which was that it was destroyed by Yang Chen .

Suddenly, Li Junyu suddenly discovered the aura of Yang Chen . A glimpse of the weak and faint spiritual awareness was escaping into the distance . The speed was not fast, but it was just a little faster than Li Junyu’s own flying sword .

With a sigh of relief, Li Junyu rushed with full force and chased up Yang Chen . Such a weak spiritual awareness could only explain that Yang Chen has been seriously injured .

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This was reasonable . Under the simultaneous explosion of dozen tenth water divine thunders, it was impossible for a small Jiedan stage cultivator to be safe and sound and so the serious injuries were normal .

She didn’t know what Yang Chen used to break the warning array that she personally arranged . Whiles his means was brilliant however, the means were even more sophisticated . Today, it was impossible for him to escape death . He was seriously injured, how could Li Junyu leave Yang Chen with a chance to recover from his injury?

If she didn’t do it, she was afraid to leave behind any troubles . Li Junyu dared to do it in the hundred miles outside the mountain gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island and it was with this idea . Even if the island master knew, these was nothing she could do about it .

When Yang Chen died, the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Pure Yang Palace would inevitably become enemies of life and death . Anyone could guess this, Yang Chen was so important to the Pure Yang Palace Committee that even no matter who moves against Yang Chen, they would become the target of the Pure Yang Palace . Luo Yuan, who last offended Yang Chen was an example .

Thinking of Luo Yuan, Li Junyu’s heart suddenly faltered . Luo Yuan was in the late dacheng stage and Yang Chen who he was chasing was in the foundation stage, but he did not catch up to him . It seems that Yang Chen had a magic weapon that was very fast . If Yang Chen uses it, it was estimated that Li Junyu herself could do nothing about it .

Fortunately, it seems that the magic weapon has been damaged . At least Yang Chen’s weak consciousness was not moving fast, only a little faster than her . She just had to keep up with a little effort and when Yang Chen’s spirit power was exhausted, he would naturally slow down . A seriously injured Jiedan stage younger generation junior and a Yuanying stage master who has no consumption and was in prime condition, he was only able to survive and endure .

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And if she let him live for some time more, she could also enjoy some of the process of chasing Yang Chen . In front of Li Junyu, it seems that Yang Chen was finally trying to escape after he had been desperately trying to run . He was finally chased by herself, he was desperate but he could not do anything but to die .

Thinking of this, Li Junyu suddenly felt very satisfied and looked at the direction of Yang Chen’s escape, driving her flying sword, she was following Yang Chen’s aura and chasing it up .

Perhaps this was a typical cat and mouse game! The more Li Junyu thought about it the prouder she became, even the speed of her flying sword also became a lot faster because of her thoughts .

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