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Chapter 344.2: Chapter 344.2 - Clues

Chapter 344 . 2: Clues

It was unknown if the news that Yang Chen was studying underwater spirit medicines in the Green Jade Immortal Island was revealed by the sect intentionally or unintentionally .

On the one hand, this was not a secret matter, so there was no need to be sneaky about it . On the other hand, some of the people who disliked Yang Chen in the Green Jade Immortal Island seemed to have no obligation to keep this secret . After a comprehensive balance, the island master actively spread the news .

For those who were in the Pure Yang Palace, they would be assured of Yang Chen’s safety when they heard that Yang Chen was in the Green Jade Immortal Island . However, if they let them know from other sources rather than from the Green Jade Immortal Island side, they may have some other ideas . This was also one of the factors considered by the island master .

This news seemed to have aroused a strong interest from the outside world . Everyone knew that there were abundant resources in the sea, but apart from a big sect like the Green Jade Immortal Island, they were several large rogue cultivators alliances and they were still far from the Central Plains .

Cultivators have always expected to fully utilize the rich resources of the sea, but there has been no good way, so what was the meaning of Yang Chen’s high-profile exercise in the ocean at this time?

Those who understood Yang Chen’s personality believed that he was indeed only studying marine medicine . Those who did not understand Yang Chen began to wonder if Yang Chen had obtained some secrets and was able to use these marine medicines .

Reminiscent of the fact that Yang Chen liked to read some miscellaneous books, many people became interested in Yang Chen again, not knowing which kind of miscellaneous book he has benefited from . Who would think that the request was made by the two medicinal garden spirit tools of Yang Chen?

Some people immediately began to plan how to get benefits from it and more greedy guys began to plan how to get these things that Yang Chen got as their own .

Yang Chen who was in the Green Jade Immortal Island certainly does not care about the thoughts of these people . The reason why he stayed in the Green Jade Immortal Island so long was that he was waiting for Shi Shanshan to complete her seclusion .

After a year, Shi Shanshan finally woke up from the retreat . As soon as she opened her eyes, there was a glimpse of a glimmer of light in Shi Shanshan’s eyes .

Before Yang Chen saw it, the slightest embarrassment and worries immediately went away, Instead, it was replaced by Shi Shanshan’s confident and strong gaze .

Don’t mention the second grade questioning inner heart pill, even a first grade questioning inner heart pill could easily allow an expert to pass their bottleneck, not to mention that Shi Shanshan was only in the middle Jiedan stage .

After Yang Chen persuaded Shi Shanshan, she had almost no psychological pressure . Even if she didn’t take the questioning inner heart pill, the breakthrough was only a matter of time and it would not last more than five years . Now with the help of the second grade questioning inner heart pill, it took just a short period of one year, Shi Shanshan directly skipped the previous bottleneck and completely entered the late Jiedan realm .

It could be said that Shi Shanshan’s cultivation aptitude was simply rare in the world . After entering the Jiedan stage for less than 20 years, she has broken through the thresholds of the middle Jiedan stage and entered the late Jiedan stage . This cultivation speed was quick, even a little faster than Gongsun Ling in his previous life .

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About the second grade questioning inner heart pill, he believed that Shi Shanshan would not disclose it, the island master also seemed to want to determine what it was, but she would never think that it was the second grade questioning inner heart pill, at most she thought it was a first grade questioning inner heart pill .

Yang Chen has not left, just waiting for Shi Shanshan to wake up . Of course, this was only part of the reason, the other part was to wait for some unscrupulous guys .

In fact, in the later period, the people who came here to ask Yang Chen questions were more than a few alchemists, some curious Green Jade Immortal Island disciples also came .

Yang Chen promised to the island master that as long as it was not against the rules of the Pure Yang Palace, other aspects should also be as convenient as possible . These people had a wide range of problems, most of which were related to alchemy . However, on several occasions, Yang Chen received several very strange requests .

The other party held some different ancient scriptures and all the characters were words from over 10,000 years ago . They asked for advice in front of Yang Chen, if Yang Chen could recognise it .

These ancient writings, Yang Chen recognized a large part of it . In order to not expose their true intentions, the people who asked for it worked hard . Several junior disciples brought a few different jade slips to ask for advice . Every piece of jade were real antiquities .

The things left by the immortals on the Immortal Executioner Stage were also tens of thousands of years old . Therefore, Yang Chen has indeed worked hard in this respect . The inheritance of the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave also made Yang Chen more familiar with the mastery of ancient Chinese characters .

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Take the jade slip that Yang Chen pointed out, it did not record anything too important . A very old cultivation method, which has now been improved, a pill recipe, it was no longer meaningful and another one was something like a story book . Three jade slips, three language, each of which was different .

When Yang Chen was very accurate about telling the disciples who came to ask for the contents of several pieces of jade slips, the disciples showed considerable disappointment .

This seemed very normal . Everyone wanted to get some good things from the ancient jade slips . When they found that they were just a bunch of meaningless methods, they would have such disappointment .

However, this behavior was what made Yang Chen puzzled . Few people would study this ancient scripture, except for Yang Chen, who has received the inheritance of the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave . But how could some of the junior disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island have such opportunities? Were they also studying Yang Chen and reading through various books?

Now because of Yang Chen’s heaven defying achievements, every sect was consciously investing a lot of manpower in some miscellaneous books and expecting to be like Yang Chen, so that they could find some major secrets . Especially like the Blue Cloud Sect, which has already benefited, it has spared no effort to promote it .

But this kind of thing, how could they get Yang Chen to ask for advice, it was somewhat puzzling . The performance of those disciples seemed normal, but Yang Chen believed that they just want to confirm whether Yang Chen knew the ancient writings .

After trying to understand this, Yang Chen did not care . These people were at most the errand boys, they were not the real mastermind . They were not worth his time .

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He was waiting for Shi Shanshan to wake up, just to let her handle this matter . These disciples, if they were inspired by the Green Jade Immortal Island, it would be fine, but if they were doing things for other sects, it would not be such a wonderful thing for the Green Jade Immortal Island .

Yang Chen also firmly believed that those people must be the latter . The Green Jade Immortal Island seemed to have the tragedy of rebellious disciples .

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