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Chapter 344.1: Chapter 344.1 - Clues

Chapter 344 . 1: Clues

Relatively speaking, these conditions were not harsh . After all, Yang Chen was asking for the accumulation of the Green Jade Immortal Island in the past . With paying a little price, Yang Chen had no objection and no reason to oppose it .

Shi Shanshan did not seem to change anything, but when they first met, her temperament was different . It seemed that after chatting with Yang Chen while drinking tea, she completely solved the knot and overcame her heart devil .

The movement of the island master was very fast . In less than two hours, several disciples brought thousands of pieces of jade slips . They were handed over to Yang Chen one by one .

Although there were few people studying this aspect, their achievements have been enormous after thousands of years of accumulation . The thousands of jade slips were not so exaggerated .

When Shi Shanshan saw so many jade slips, she said nothing and directly told her servant to pick out a quiet room for Yang Chen to settle down, so that Yang Chen could read with a peace of mind .

As of now, it was not known how many people hated Yang Chen to the bone, although the relationship between Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan was already widely spread, after all, it was only with them having a simple contact with each other . However, Yang Chen living directly in Shi Shanshan’s courtyard has never happened before .

Even if Yang Chen only stayed in the courtyard of Shi Shanshan, he would be misunderstood . If the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island was not already strict and commanded that everybody must not harass Yang Chen, there would be many young disciples from the Green Jade Immortal Island to come to their door and fight Yang Chen to the death .

Yang Chen knew that Shi Shanshan’s heart had just calmed down and he did not want to disturb her, so he took out a second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill for her to eat .

Shi Shanshan certainly would not suspect that Yang Chen would harm her . Although Yang Chen made her swallow a medicinal pill very awkwardly, she still did not refuse . In front of Yang Chen’s eyes, she took the pill .

Soon, Shi Shanshan noticed that something was not right it . When she regained her consciousness, Yang Chen smiled and signaled for her to retreat . Shi Shanshan wanted to talk to Yang Chen clearly, but the second grade questioning inner heart pill was really too precious . After Yang Chen said the name of the pill, Shi Shanshan no longer cared about the other things and quickly entered the state of seclusion .

Yang Chen looked at the jade slips one by one in the quiet room arranged by Shi Shanshan .

Because the research on marine elixir was not very systematic, these jade slips records were also very complicated . The seafloor was different from the ground, because the influence of the ocean currents was much more than that on the ground . Moreover, most of the oceans were dominated by water attributes and the research direction was somewhat biased .

These were the things that some of the predecessors of the Green Jade Immortal had spent a lot of time accumulating . Yang Chen couldn’t ignore it at all . Every piece of jade slip was very carefully scanned .

Although the things recorded on the jade were comprehensive, the content was not a lot, but Yang Chen always took a long time to study it . He had to connect with himself on the bottom of the sea and think for a long time .

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Many of these marine medicines were unconfirmed . For some things, Yang Chen couldn’t be sure whether it was right or wrong . It could only be verified one by one in the future .

Every time he read, Yang Chen discovered the elixir that he had seen or had already collected, he would study it with A’Zhu and A’Bi . The two women also carefully observed the elixir in the medicine garden . It was as recorded on these jade slips; the days were very fulfilling .

There were two disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island who have always been with Yang Chen . Every time Yang Chen reads a piece of jade slip, they would take back one piece and then always report to someone .

What made Yang Chen most satisfied was that every piece of jade slip that Yang Chen wanted to see and the elixir that was recorded on, when Yang Chen begins to read, these two disciples would always bring him the physical objects . Those elixirs which Yang Chen has not gotten yet would also be sent to him .

Yang Chen did not resist such an arrangement . The so-called consultation in the last words of the Island master would still be on these marine medicines . The things that Yang Chen knew before wasn’t a lot, but she believed that after a certain period of time, when Yang Chen has enough things, someone would come to discuss with him .

This was no wonder, after all the Green Jade Immortal Island was at sea with ready-made submarine medicine, it would certainly not be wasted . It was a pity that there were fewer people who were really good at alchemy, so the speed of the research would be very slow . But with Yang Chen, a senior alchemist master, he may soon be able to add several new medicinal pills to the Green Jade Immortal Island .

With the real thing, Yang Chen knew more intuitively . And after confirming that these elixir were non-toxic, Yang Chen would personally taste some and try the medicinal essence .

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This issue, many jade slips have records of it, but Yang Chen does not dare to believe it easily, it always has to be confirmed personally . He also found several things that were different from the records on the jade slips .

When Shi Shanshan was retreating, the island master has been there once again . It was when Yang Chen had seen most of the jade slips, when she saw the state of Shi Shanshan, she guessed what had happened . She was full of kindness and smiled and looked at Yang Chen for a long time, she was satisfied before leaving .

Subsequently, Yang Chen ushered in several alchemist masters in the Green Jade Immortal Island . In these alchemist masters, there were men and women, old and young, there were Yuanying stage masters, there were also Jiedan stage masters, as well as foundation stage disciples and so on . However, everyone was very respectful to Yang Chen, they were not scornful because his cultivation base was not high .

The person who could refine the second grade questioning inner heart pill, in the mind of the alchemist masters, let alone being a master of the Jiedan stage, even if he was only a foundation stage disciple or a qi refining stage disciple, he would be a respected senior alchemist master who several alchemist masters respected and seek advice from . They often discussed with Yang Chen on the understanding of certain marine medicines .

They have all studied these marine medicines and some things were very familiar to them . However, in terms of understanding of medicinal properties, they were much worse than Yang Chen .

Every time there was a dispute, Yang Chen always inadvertently used one or several kinds of elixirs that could be taken on land . They were all similar medicine . The attributes of the five elements were slightly different . At this time, Yang Chen could find that one or several alchemists would secretly record these conclusions of Yang Chen as a treasure .

This situation lasted for almost a year . Yang Chen had already read all the jade slips and also for many of them, they have been passed with these alchemist masters and even Yang Chen used several of them to refine water attribute qi replenishing pills and cultivating yuan pills to prove his point of view, this kind of weightlifting posture made it so that several alchemist masters all admire him .

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