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Gao Yue didn’t know if she heard what Yang Chen after that. She didn’t even know if Yang Chen had talked again. She just heard Yang Chen firmly saying that he would marry her, and then he said that the palace master and Wang Yong were not in opposition of it, after that she fell into a sluggish state.

There has not been much time to get along with Yang Chen. This was about a hundred years since Yang Chen's apprenticeship. The real time Gao Yue spent with him was only about ten years.

Even if Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling retired together for three or fifty years, they only cultivated separately, and had little time to chat and communicate. At most, when Yang Chen was cultivating, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling would serve as his protectors, or he would do it for them.

However, this was the case. Between Yang Chen and Gao Yue, there was still a feeling that was growing slowly. This was a feeling that has left the apprenticeship realm, and the two did not find it at first.

Yang Chen always thought that he only remembered his Master's care for himself in his previous life, and he was grateful for his own burning of indiscriminately. However, he did not expect that in his past life he had missed it, and that kind of gratitude had already been replaced by another feeling.

Fortunately, Yang Chen figured it out at this time, and said something. As soon as the words were spoken, Yang Chen felt that the stone in his heart was really put down.

Gao Yue was already feeling overflowing joy. What did Yang Chen do for her, how could she not know? Killing Chu Heng, coming to the 100,000 mountains to save her life, because the other side hurt herself, so he did not hesitate to uproot the 100,000 mountains.

One thing at a time, which contains Yang Chen's thoughts on herself. Gao Yue was only hindered by the relationship between master and apprentice. She never dared to clarify these things. Later, she discovered that the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect were interested in pulling him to their side, so instead she moved her mind to withdraw.

Now Yang Chen said in front of her face his desire to marry her. Gao Yue's happiness was to the limit, and there was an emptiness in her mind. She doesn’t even know how to answer. It was not until Gao Yue noticed that her hand had been caught by Yang Chen that she became sober.

This was first time for Yang Chen to take the initiative to take the hand of Gao Yue, because of the reason being the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique. His hand was more than twice as big as Gao Yue, and his body was so strong that it is like a big bully who was overpowering the local beauty. It was very funny.

When the two people’s hands were pulled by each other, they suddenly had a heartfelt connection. The joy in the hearts of the two sides seemed to be connected together. Needless of them saying anything, naturally, they knew each other’s wishes.

It was not known when, Gao Yue had slowly leaned back into Yang Chen’s arms. This was the first time such a close contact between the two had happened besides the spiritual awareness double cultivation, but the wonderful taste was like drinking the jade dragon wine, involuntarily intoxicated.

None of them talked, because no one was willing to talk. Gao Yue and Yang Chen were embracing, standing quietly, enjoying this silent tacit of understanding and joy.

Gao Yue's heart has already flown into the air. She never thought that when she was leaning on Yang Chen's arms, it would feel so beautiful. At this moment, she didn’t want any mentoring. She was not the master of Yang Chen, Yang Chen was not her own apprentice, he was just her own love.

The beautiful dreams were broken when Gao Yue woke up from the intoxication, it was already after two hours. The two stood up like this. Actually stood for two hours.

“What about Fairy Shi and Snow Fairy? What should your Senior sister do?” When she woke up from the beautiful dream, the first thing that Gao Yue thought of was the women who had something to do with Yang Chen.

Needless to say, Shi Shanshan has long been known as the double cultivation Dao Companion of Yang Chen. Although Sun Qingxue still does not have this reputation, the Blue Cloud Sect has already made plans for it. Moreover, Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen also had some unclear involvement.

Not to mention Gongsun Ling. She already had spiritual awareness double cultivation with Yang Chen and helped Yang Chen solve a big problem. The girls had long been secretly convinced of Yang Chen. Even if Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue don’t care, Gao Yue must talk to Gongsun Ling.

Yang Chen also fell into silence. He and these women were indeed somewhat entangled, and they cannot make decisions lightly.

Although Shi Shanshan was very unhappy with him at the beginning, later they achieved their silent fighting and tacit understanding. It was not with anyone that this could be achieved. The cold and unparalleled Fairy Shi always shows a slight smile in front of Yang Chen. Yang Chen also had to leave an amount of four seas mysterious coral liquid for Shi Shanshan, but was already unconsciously worried.

Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen's acquaintance was almost as early as his with Shi Shanshan. According to the clues in his memory, Yang Chen had helped Sun Qingxue several times in a row. Coupled with the later experience, Sun Qingxue was dead set on Yang Chen. Yang Chen also likes this cheerful person. In front of him, she was a cute little girl.

For Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen has no need to think more, there was already the fact that he has a spiritual awareness double cultivation with her, and Yang Chen would never let her down.

Before Yang Chen was most worried thought, it was also the thought of Gao Yue. Now that there was no obstacle between himself and Gao Yue, Yang Chen has laid down the biggest worry in his heart. Gao Yue asked about the other people, Yang Che could now consider everything.

“I don’t know what Master thinks, as long as I am a man, I will fantasize to accept the two fairies and my sister.” Since he has already clarified the relationship with his Master, Yang Chen does not care about this “I am also a man, and I have had such thoughts. But if Master doesn't like it, then you can tell me.”

In this world, men with three wives and four wives were commonplace, and Yang Chen certainly dreams of such beauty. There were many reasons why Yang Chen was not willing to cause his Master to be unhappy because of this. Here, Yang Chen still played a slap in the face and threw the problem to his Master. There was still a bit of fantasy in his heart.

Whether it was the Cold Plum Fairy Maiden or the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden, their later generations were famous big names in the world. Because of this, he was not willing to incur their hatred. The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect, although it may not be because of this, what about the Pure Yang Palace, their own genius disciples were rejected, and there will always be some dissatisfaction.

Just now he showed his master his heart, but immediately confessed to Master that he had this illusion , it was also the first time for Yang Chen. It couldn’t be helped but be said, even if Yang Chen had more knowledge, in terms of feelings, he was still a rookie among rookies.

Although Gao Yue put down the concern in her heart, when she heard Yang Chen's words, there was still a thought of kicking Yang Chen out.

But when she turned around and thought that Yang Chen didn’t hide this grade of thoughts from her. It was better than the guys who would do it behind her back. Even Gao Yue herself did not understand, how could it involve Yang Chen, and everything would be beneficial.


Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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