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Gao Yue did not immediately answer Yang Chen. Although she has accepted that she may be with Yang Chen in the future, she still needs to reorganize many things.

Of course, Yang Chen would not force Gao Yue, but he would tell the story of the Blue Cloud Sect visit to the Pure Yang Palace in a few months. The content of the transaction must be kept secret, but for Gao Yue, Yang Chen did not hide it.

When she heard that Yang Chen still has a bunch of fire seeds in his hands that needed to be absorbed. Gao Yue also suppressed her thoughts, for Yang Chen to complete the matter as soon as possible. It was related to the cultivation of Yang Chen, and it was a great point to absorb a fire seed for Yang Chen, of course, Gao Yue would pay attention to it.

The two people met, there was not much warmth, just a simple hand holding to embrace, the two had the same mind. It seems that they have been together for a hundred years. In fact, the two people have known each other for a hundred years.

Yang Chen said what he wanted to say and got the results he wanted. Although there were still no conclusions about the affairs of several other women, Yang Chen does not care at all. As long as his Master promises, then everything would be fine.

Gao Yue was busy with something but did not say to Yang Chen. Yang Chen does not worry about it anyway. Anyway, as long as she was inside the sect, he wants to do whatever Gao Yue wants. Yang Chen himself, once again began to busy himself with the absorption of the fire seeds.

Of the sixty kinds of third grade fire seeds, he had only absorbed 15 and there were forty-five kinds left, each of which takes four or five days each, so it would take half a year to fully absorb them all.

The days seem to be good in calculation. When Yang Chen absorbed all sixty kinds of third grade fire seeds into the Profound Spirit furnace, it happened to be the time of the appointment with the Blue Cloud Sect.

Along with Sect Master Lu's visit this time, he brought almost the exact same lineup as the last lineup of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Sect Master Lu himself, Elder Hua Wanting and Elder Shi Yanhe, plus Sun Qingxue, it was also the sect master with two elders and a disciple who has a relationship with Yang Chen.

This time, when the Blue Cloud Sect came, they did not conceal it from the outsiders. Anyway, the last time the Island Master came to discuss the marriage of Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan. This time, Sect Master Lu also had the same reason.

When outsiders saw this, their first reaction was that the Blue Cloud Sect wanted to draw Yang Chen. For more than half a year, the rumors about Xu Chengxin and Qiao Ming crossing their tribulation because of Yang Chen's refining of the Inner Sensing Pill had been raging. Together with the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, such a senior alchemy master, almost all the sects wanted to have him.

Even if there was no way to have him, they could have a good relationship with the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen, there were many sects who were more than willing to do this. In addition to the two major sects of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, they have used marriage with their own female disciples, including other first-class sects such as the Greatest Heaven Sect and Five Elements Sect, they were also trying to form a close tie to the Pure Yang Palace.

In recent months, countless sects have come to Meiqing Mountain for the guise of congratulating Elder Wang Yong but they were trying to establish various cooperative relationships with the Pure Yang Palace. The master of the palace and several elders, plus everyone in the foreign affairs hall, everyone was busy and they were all hard pressed to receive these fellow practitioners.

Yang Chen had already told Gao Yue about Sect Master Lu's visit, Gao Yue was not convinced at that time, but when Sect Master Lu really came to Meiqing Mountain, Gao Yue still appeared in front of Yang Chen.

“If you want to accept Fairy Shi and Snow Fairy, you must first accept Ling’er.” Gao Yue seems to have been hiding from Yang Chen, seeing Yang Chen, this was the first sentence she said.

Listening to his Master’s words, Yang Chen couldn’t believe his ears. Originally he thought that his Master would not agree, so Yang Chen has not thought much about other things, just thinking about how to give more compensation to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, not to let Sun Guangxian and Shi Shanshan become sad, he did not expect his Master to have this meaning.

After Gao Yue finished, she did not give Yang Chen too many opportunities and left. Yang Chen was still dizzy and stayed in the same place, until Elder Xu Chengxin personally came to him to ask him to meet Sect Master Lu.

Xu Chengxin has become one of the Elders since he reached the Yuanying stage. He still has the position of a foreign affairs hall master. This time when Sect Master Lu visited, he was one of the reception Elders, but he personally came to call Yang Chen, it was enough to give Yang Chen face.

The details of the cooperation between the two sides have already had a preliminary communication through Yang Chen, and reaching an agreement was not a problem at all. Regarding the cooperation with the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, the master of the palace and several elders made a decision on the spot. The conditions were exactly the same as those of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Even the rewards for Yang Chen were exactly the same.

In the past three years, the Blue Cloud Sect was collecting the elixir needed to refine the pills, it could not be helped in saying that the big sects were indeed great. In just three years, it was not known where they got the medicinal materials needed for the refining, but they brought them directly to the head of the palace.

This cooperation has already been laid to bed, and there would be no more problems. However, Sect Master Lu still wanted to talk to Yang Chen personally.

The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, because they were also the sects dominated by women, they were closer in relationship. This point, from when Shi Shanshan brought Sun Qingxue back for Sun Qingxue eventually to be seen under the Blue Cloud Sect. The relationship between the two sects was generally good.

With this relationship, when Yang Chen gave the Green Jade Immortal Island the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, and there were a few that were the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills, naturally did not pass by Sect Master Lu .

Sect Master Lu mainly wanted to see Yang Chen's main purpose. Her hopes were that when Yang Chen was refining the medicinal pills for the Blue Cloud Sect, he should not favour one side and discriminate against the other. Of course, the words couldn't be said so straightforward, and could only point to this meaning.

In addition to this, Sect Master Lu had no other indications, just to indicate that Yang Chen could take Sun Qingxue to walk in the Pure Yang Palace. Young people should talk more and communicate with each other.

Yang Chen was somewhat bewildered. Calling himself over this circle was really a bit of a fuss. However, in the case of Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen certainly did not say anything. After retiring from the elders, he left with Sun Qingxue and returned to his residence.

Sun Xiaoxue didn’t say much on the way. After waiting for them to reach Yang Chen’s place, she signaled Yang Chen to arrange a soundproof restriction, and then she said “Yang Da Ge, the lord is ready to pay you in advance, you should first take it!”

As she said this, Sun Qingxue took out a lot of oil lamp-like things wrapped in a talisman, all of which were fire seeds. Interestingly, the number was the same as that of the Green Jade Immortal Island, but the types were different, all of which were increased by 50% on the original basis. It seems that they knew that Yang Chen could refine the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

“And, this is the special command of the lord, saying that it must be handed over to you.” Finally, Sun Qingxue took out a jade box and sent it to Yang Chen’s hand.


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