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The reason why the old tree demon Gui Shanyou would suppress the Yin Fire Tribulation was because he had no grasp of the tribulation and had a lack of confidence. He cultivated himself alone. Sometimes he was not very clear about where his cultivation base was. He never thought about it. He pressed down the Yin Fire Tribulation a dozen times.

Plus the old tree demon was of the wood attribute, although the fire was not directly the nemesis of the wood, it would cause fatal damage to the wood. Therefore, even in the Meiqing Mountain tribulation, Gui Shanyou still had some guilty conscience. If Yang Chen had not given him the clone secret art and transformation secret art, he would still not be so confident.

The current Wang Yong was totally different. This kind of imposing manner and the constant provocation of the tribulation directly reflected that his confidence had burst to the utmost limit. The tribulation was now not a catastrophe for Wang Yong, but to temper his own sledge hammer and anvil, and make himself stronger.

The third and fourth yin fire tribulation, each coming together. Even if everyone was far away, they could still perceive the self-confidence and assurance of Wang Yong.

This kind of confidence not only made it easy for Wang Yong to cope with the tribulation, but even affected all the cultivators within a hundred miles.

At this moment, all the cultivators felt the positive confidence and never let go. It was not known how many people once felt that they couldn’t see clearly in the road ahead and they lost their fascination. But at this moment, they suddenly had a thorough understanding.

Compared with Wang Yong, what difficulties and obstacles they encountered before, and what bottlenecks they practiced, almost became illusory. In this moment, countless cultivators lay down the knots that have entangled themselves for a long time. They had a great understanding, and their thoughts were accessible. Even the spiritual power in their body had begun to move.

Within a hundred miles, the inner gate of the Pure Yang Palace was completely covered, and this area was where the general rogue cultivators and other sects did not have the ability to enter without permission. The influence brought by Wang Yong's momentum had solidly made the inner sects disciples of the Pure Yang Palace undergo a baptism without them knowing it.

However, the Heavenly Tribulation did not end here, and it still came down step by step. Fifth, sixth, seventh. When the seventh “Yin Fire Tribulation came, they had to retreat a few feet away from the palace before it was safe to bear the power of the “Yin Fire Tribulation" and Wang Yong’s flame overlay.

At this time, no matter the power of the tribulation, or the power of Wang Yong’s flame, the stronger it was, the happier the palace master and the elders became. The stronger it was this time, the higher the cultivation base of Wang Yong, and the development of this level, Wang Yong's success had been a matter of fact.

Just as the elders looked forward to the birth of the second master of the dacheng stage in the sect, while the other cultivators who were influenced by Wang Yong's imposing manner enjoyed the process of self-confidence, a sudden change occurred on the scene.

The eighth “Yin Fire Tribulation" was still normal, but the ninth "Yin Fire Tribulation", suddenly had increased several times. The violent process, as if it had been the warm fire slowly stewing the oil pan, and suddenly a torch was dropped in the oil pan.

Boom, Wang Yong's side suddenly became a huge fire. Countless bright flames directly lighted all the dense fog, and even the smog was burned by the sudden flames.

The fastest to respond was the old tree demon, who almost flew hundreds of feet backwards in an instant, directly out of the scope of the fire. But the palace master and elders were also not slow. When they received the warning of the old tree monster, they also withdrew and went directly behind the old tree demon.

Within the range of hundreds of feet, all were tumbling flames. This was a new type of fire that was mixed with the flames of Wang Yong in the “Yin fire". It took only a moment of effort for it to spread into a huge flame ball.

Yang Chen felt a familiar aura from the flames this time and thought about it. This kind of flame was clearly a Qilin fire. However, slightly different from the ordinary Qilin fire, the flame of the third fire was mixed with the smell of the ninth water, so that Yang Chen did not recognize it at the beginning.

This was the harvest that Yang Chen brought to the ancestor master, the qillin horn. The qillin horns of the double attribute were not only successfully refined into a Life Source Flying Sword, but also absorbed the flames and turned into this type of unique Qilin water and fire. The water and fire had reached the power of sixth grade fire seed.

Everyone was in fear, not knowing what happened. All the cultivators within the scope of the Meiqing Mountain were feeling the spiritual wave of Wang Yong's tribulation. Suddenly, they found a huge burning sun in the sky above the Meiqing Mountain.

For a time, countless exclamations came one after another, and everyone stared at the huge fireball and pointing at it. What exactly was going on? Did the tribulation fail? Or was he still successful?

At the time of the alarm, the people heard Wang Yong's laughter full of joy.

“Ha ha ha ha!” A long laugh, almost challenged the limits of everyone’s curiosity. Everyone couldn’t wait to know what the result was, but the laughter was enduring, and after a half-column incense time it still did not stop.

However, the meaning of the incomparable self-confidence was in the laughter, everyone still appreciated it. In the huge burning fireball, there was still such confidence, so that the confidence of the cultivators in the Pure Yang Palace had already reached the highest.

Finally, the laughter stopped, and everyone saw a scene that was unforgettable. The huge fireball suddenly began to fall toward the center, and the ears of the people also rang a harsh wind.

In the strong voice of the whirring fireball, the fireball was suddenly blown away and turned into a thick cloud of fire. Then, the fire cloud turned into a long and thin fire, flying in one direction.

The end of the fiery wire stayed in the mouth of Wang Yong, who was suspended in the air. At this moment, Wang Yong was like swallowing a delicious food, and the silk was swallowed into his mouth. There were fewer and fewer flames in the sky, and finally they were all swallowed up by Wang Yong.

Immediately, the smoke disappeared and the clouds were seen, and everything in the sky returned to normal. Wang Yong, who absorbed all the clouds of fire, laughed again, and his body shook and disappeared without a trace.

But this last laugh, in the heart of the Inner sect disciple of the sect in the mountains, was like words of wisdom, and rushed into their sea of consciousness. Everyone couldn’t help but create a trace that couldn't be erased in their sea of ​​consciousness. Wang Yong’s figure of laughter was firmly remembered in everyone’s heart.

No matter what time, as long as they thought of this laughter, it seems that all the hardships and difficulties would be treated as leisurely, even if there were many hardships in the future, it was just their own sharpening stone.



Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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