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Chapter 326: 326
The figure of Wang Yong had already appeared in front of the head of the palace and the elders . Although he did not straighten out that he had succeeded in the tribulation, all those who perceive the shock in the final process had already understood that Wang Yong was already a master of the dacheng stage .

Numerous spies in the Meiqing Mountain range, the rogue cultivators, after the realization of this, went almost at the fastest speed to spread the news .

The Pure Yang Palace had added a master of the dacheng stage, and it was also a master of the dacheng stage that was born in the sect . In the future, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible for them to behave like the last time, sending a master of the dacheng stage with more than a dozen Yuanying stage masters to dare to oppress the Pure Yang Palace . From then on, the era of the Pure Yang Palace as a second-rate sect faction, where they would have to act bashful, was gone forever .

“Congratulations to Senior Brother Wang!”

“Congratulations to Master Ancestor!”


A series of congratulations was immediately said to Wang Yong . On everyone’s face was a joy that couldn’t be suppressed . With the second master of the dacheng stage, it meant that even if they go out in the future, they could also puff out their chests and straighten their waists . Even if they encountered the first-class sects’ cultivators, they did not have to be careful and whisper .

With Wang Yong’s success in the tribulation, even his temperament had a big change . There was no such thing as the guilty conscience of Yang Chen’s previous memories, but the confidence on his face was full, and the person was also calm . Standing there, not angry, like a mountain, giving a feeling of being strong and unable to climb .

“Same to you!” Wang Yong responded to everyone’s congratulations, but he went to the opposite side of the head of the palace and greeted the head of the palace as usual, “Greetings palace master!”

“Senior Brother you are exempted from such a ceremony!” The master of the palace was already trembling at the moment . When did the Pure Yang Palace have such a brilliant moment? Unexpectedly, under his tenure, such a thriving development flourished . Moreover, even if Senior Brother Wang Yong was promoted to the dacheng stage, he still respected him as always, and caused the head of the palace to be choked up with emotions, it was difficult for his heart to bear it .

“Palace Master! Fellow elders, Master Ancestor, it is not convenient to talk here, let’s change the place!” Everyone was very motivated, and no one had noticed that they were still in the public . Yang Chen saw that everyone had the feeling of being open to talk and hurriedly reminded them .

The people reacted to this, and the palace master flung the sleeves of his rode, and all of them were sent to the hall of the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave .

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With the disappearance of the crowd, the large group of Pure Yang Palace Jiedan stage masters reacted, one by one, almost like a rabbit in the middle of an arrow rain, flew quickly to their homes .

This time, not only did they get a close-up view of Xu Chengxin tribulation process, but they also fortunately saw the process of the tribulation of the Master Ancestor Wang Yong . These opportunities were simply the words of the gods in their brains . If you added the process of forming the Nascent soul three months ago, you could even say that this group of Jiedan masters who have been in the sect had the solid golden tangs that had fallen from the sky .

They were able to observe the ceremony of crossing the tribulation and forming the Nascent soul, they have already had the finishing touches to their cultivation . Now there was another experience through Wang Yong’s tribulation, the kind of momentum that was full of confidence and direct, so that everyone had a kind of almost crazy feeling to it .

At present, the bottlenecks they were facing was also difficult . It was simply a matter of being able to cross it . Even those cultivators who had no problems for the time had an understanding that the efficiency of future work was definitely at least five points higher than before .

Not to mention these masters of the Jiedan stage, even those disciples who were in the foundation stage had the same feeling . Their thoughts were accessible, and their confidence was increased by a hundred times . No matter what kind of cultivation method was cultivated, no matter what stage it was at present, it was nearly a high-efficiency catalyst effect on their cultivation .

All the inner sects’ disciples who were present at the moment had an impulse to immediately retreat . All of them were rushing back to their residences and telling their slaves that they were going into seclusion immediately . At this time, if they still didn’t know how to digest these experiences, they would be fools .

This kind of mood also existed in the elders and the head of the palace . However, their realm was high after all, and the realm of the Yuanying ancestors was not something that ordinary people could imagine .

The situation in which Wang Yong crossed his tribulation would certainly help them, but the situation of each person was different, and the situation of the tribulation would not be the same . What really had a great effect on them was the self-confidence that Wang Yong used to face his tribulation . For this, as a Yuanying stage master, they were not eager to retreat, as long as they believed this .

The elders knew more than the ordinary cultivators . With such confidence, if they added the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill, all the Yuanying stage elders had the confidence to attack the dacheng stage .

This point, even Xu Chengxin who succeeded his tribulation and forming the Nascent soul with the Thunder pomegranate had this feeling . In the process of the tribulation, Xu Chengxin relied on the power of thunderbolt to almost wipe out the weakness in his body because of the wrong direction of the previous cultivation . Even if he restarted from the early Yuanying stage, he had such confidence .

The entire Pure Yang Palace experienced this extremely confident situation . So many people went to Meiqing Mountain to visit friends, for a long time, they were told that the people they wanted to visit were in retreat .

In the year after Wang Yong successfully crossed his tribulation to become a dacheng stage master, the Pure Yang Palace created a record with the largest number of collective seclusions .

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The Master of the palace and the elders did not say anything to Wang Yong at this time, and did not even need to say anything more . Wang Yong’s promotion to the dacheng stage was the greatest contribution to the Pure Yang Palace . He could even do nothing, just improve his own cultivation base .

Wang Yong had been retreating for decades, and there were many things that he was not very clear about . This, it was enough for Yang Chen to explain . The head of the palace and other elders were also busy to discuss the development direction of the sect in the future .

In the same way, everyone should also start to consider the handling of the medicinal pills that Yang Chen refined . Although Yang Chen’s medicinal pill was now his own, it had been closely related to the interests of the sect . If the Pure Yang Palace wanted to develop, sometimes it was inseparable from Yang Chen’s medicinal pills support .

In any case, the present Pure Yang Palace had embarked on a path that was quite different from that of Yang Chen’s previous life, and the road of this life was more spacious and brighter, allowing the sects disciples of the Pure Yang Palace here to walk on a road that was farther away .

Wang Yong does have a lot of things he needs to know, and Yang Chen was the best person who could solve Wang Yong’s doubts . A lot of things which happened directly involved Yang Chen . Regarding the level of details about the knowledge, apart from the master the palace, other elders couldn’t compare with Yang Chen .

Yang Chen introduced the incidents that happened during the retreat of the master ancestors to him in detail; he promoted himself and his Master and Senior sisters were also promoted to Jiedan stage, detonating the Greatest Heaven Sect, Ming Guangruo and Mao Qi and the others came to the sect to ask about their innocence, etc . In accordance with the sequence, he spoke out all the way .

When he heard that the Greatest Heaven Sect was hit hard, Wang Yong laughed happily . When he heard that Ming Guangruo had come to the sect to pressure them, Wang Yong’s laughter had become a sneer .

“No hurry, they are good for nothing . ” After the sneer, Wang Yong directly threw a sentence “This account, sooner or later, will come back . You continue . ”

Next, it was natural that Ming Guangruo and the others were once again swayed by the words of the Island Master, and they left behind their life source magic weapon . As a result, Yang Chen erased the owner’s consciousness in the flying sword and they ate a big loss .

In this section, Wang Yong was of course happy . Yang Chen was his grand apprentice, destroying tens of thousands of outer sect disciples in the Greatest Heaven Sect, taking from a master of the dacheng stage, and robbing people of fifteen of their life source magic weapon . This kind of thing was even more convenient than him .

Behind the banyan tree cave, he bought the cultivation methods, killed the second city lord, got the monster race inheritance, these things, each piece made Wang Yong slightly drop his jaw . In particular, when he heard that Yang Chen got the monster race inheritance, and Yang Chen directly talked with the head of the palace and the elders to discuss the things that were won in the banyan tree Immortal’s Cave, even let Wang Yong’s eyes become stunned .

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He simply doesn’t know how to describe his own grand disciple . He thought that Yang Chen was already a very formidable person, but he still underestimated Yang Chen . He killed a master of the dacheng stage, and still kept the body intact, even the monster core was not damaged . Even if he was now a master of the dacheng stage, he did not dare to promise that he could achieve this, Yang Chen, a disciple of the early Jiedan stage, actually did this .

The body of the second city master was placed in front of Wang Yong’s eyes . This body of a master of the dacheng stage that he wanted to refine into a puppet . Naturally, Wang Yong’s high-handed manpower was required .

Although the old tree demon’s cultivation was higher, the old tree demon Gui Shanyou himself was also of the monster race, if they let him refine the body of a monster race dacheng stage master, psychologically there may be a contradiction, this was something that Yang Chen wanted to give to his Master as a life-saving magic weapon, giving it to Wang Yong who was also the master of Gao Yue, was a perfectly justified thing to do .

After carefully examining the body of the second city master, Wang Yong collected the body of the master of the dacheng stage . For Yang Chen to consider Gao Yue, Wang Yong was satisfied, and he did not hesitate to agree to it .

Another thing was about Yang Chen going to the Extreme North Land and accepting a genius disciple of the monster race, which made Wang Yong comfort himself about his old age, his own grand disciple actually had a disciple, then his own generation, was it not the senior generation .

Wang Yong had never doubted Yang Chen’s vision . Since Yang Chen said that Mu Bai was a genius, he would never be wrong . Wang Yong now really wanted to see his own grand disciple’s disciple and see how it was .

Finally, Yang Chen was able to tell about the recent incident about the Inner Sensing Pill . Hearing that Yang Chen was refining a new kind of medicinal pill, and this second grade Inner Sensing Pill let the two hall masters of the peak Jiedan stage, who were trapped in the peak Jiedan stage for decades, cross their tribulations in just three months . Wang Yong almost jumped up in surprise .

“What kind of medicinal pill is it? Why is it so strong?” Wang Yong directly extended his hand to Yang Chen . He had to see for himself what kind of medicinal pill it was, and how it could be so powerful . If it was really able to make a Jiedan stage master form his Nascent soul, would it not be comparable to the high-grade Nascent soul forming medicinal pill?

How could Yang Chen refuse the request of the master ancestor? The second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill was better than the Inner Sensing Pill by he didn’t know how many times, but Yang Chen provided the medicinal pills in abundant supply . How could he be parsimonious with a little Inner Sensing Pill? He directly took out the first grade Inner Sensing Pills and second grade Inner Sensing Pills and handed them over to the hands of the master ancestor .

When he took it over, Wang Yong carefully observed the first grade Inner Sensing Pill and then he put it in his mouth for the inspection, even the protective array has not been set .

The master ancestor was a master of the dacheng stage and naturally he would not care about the small side effects of the Inner Sensing Pill, Yang Chen didn’t remind him, he just waited slowly . …,

Soon, Wang Yong recovered from the closed-eye experience and opened his eyes . He seemed to be thoughtful . After a while, he directly took the second grade Inner Sensing Pill .

This time, the time was shorter, but the master ancestor was sweating, and soon he opened his eyes, thinking for a while, and a smile appeared on his face .

“Good things, I thought that I have been tempered by the Yin fire, and the spirit qi and blood has already been promoted to the dacheng stage . I didn’t expect to have a place to take care of, good things!” he was almost straightforward to praise, Wang Yong was not afraid to praise his own grand disciple for his medicinal pill .

Wang Yong’s words made Yang Chen surprised and happy . Originally, he thought that this medicinal pill had no effect on the masters of the dacheng stage but did not expect to be able to help the master ancestor . This fully showed that in the early dacheng stage, the second grade Inner Sensing Pill could also be effective, which also means that the preciousness of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill had raised a step .

“This is the pill recipe of the monster race, and other people can get it . Can it be transferred to the second-grade refining system by them?” Wang Yong’s first thought was to ask Yang Chen if other alchemy masters could also refine the second grade Inner Sensing Pill .

To be honest, the first grade Inner Sensing Pill, even Xu Chengxin could not gain too much help from it . It could only let him have more references and find out the problems of his previous cultivation . The second grade Inner Sensing Pill was the real medicinal pill that changed everything .

Wang Yong asked this question, he just wanted to know if this pill was an exclusive resource of the Pure Yang Palace .

“There is a certain amount of trouble in the refining of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill . ” Yang Chen had the most say in this matter: “There is a need for multiple fire seeds to be used together, and it must be controlled by several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds at the same time . ”

“That is to say, it is not so easy for others to refine,” Wang Yong was also a fire cultivator, of course he knew the difficulty .

There were the several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds, which were not a big deal for some big sects . However, if they wanted to control several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds at the same time, it required a lot of time and effort .

Even if there was a fire cultivator alchemist master who began to cultivate after knowing it . It would not be possible in less than hundreds of years . Not everyone was Yang Chen, able to have such a monstrous fire controlling ability .

Moreover, if the general alchemy master began to carry out the second refining system, and certainly did not know the key, which would take at least tens of hundreds of years to study how to carry out the second refining system .

Between the time of the study, it meant that the Pure Yang Palace could enjoy the second grade Inner Sensing Pill for at least two hundred years .

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