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This violent wind, it was not known when it appeared, but the front of all the people’s clothes was flapping, and a seemingly ugly yin haze was beginning to appear slowly.

The formidable aura was getting stronger and stronger, as if to provoke something. In the sky, the smog of white clouds was getting thicker and thicker, and it had almost surrounded this area.

“Master Ancestor wants to cross his tribulation!” Yang Chen was the first to respond. His spiritual awareness immediately found out the source of this aura, which was from where Master Ancestor Wang Yong was having his seclusion.

When the head of the palace and the elders around him heard Yang Chen's words, they immediately responded, and they were even more pleasantly surprised. Wang Yong tribulation means that the Pure Yang Palace could soon have a master of the dacheng stage. How could it not let everyone be happy?

“It’s not good, let everyone spread out, with the Yin Fire Tribulation, it is not something that anyone can observe.” If they let the current scene continue, then these Jiedan stage masters do not know how dangerous it would be.

Several elders were busy at this time, and quickly evacuated the surrounding Jiedan stage disciples and evacuated them to a safe distance.

Fortunately, the Yin Fire Tribulation was not coming soon, there was still a long time, so that everyone could safely evacuate. If a Jiedan stage master wanted to observe the Yin Fire Tribulation, it was almost impossible, unless they were as strong as Yang Chen. However, even so, at a certain distance, they could feel the Yin Fire Tribulation aura, which was a rare experience for any cultivator.

The Jiedan stage masters who were originally only in the Pure Yang Palace had such good luck, but now, the cultivators within the entire Meiqing Mountain range seem to have a blessing. These opportunities usually could not be asked for, they actually met such an opportunity.

Everyone was quickly dispelled, and the head of the palace secretly released the eight Yuanying stage masters who were taken in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave. This kind of close-up viewing of the opportunity of Yin Fire Tribulation, of course, must be enjoyed by everyone.

The old tree demon was also attracted. He did not appear for a long time and he appeared next to Yang Chen. Not waiting for what Yang Chen said, Yang Chen was directly covered in his protection. Although Yang Chen had the ability to protect himself, with the old tree demon and their friendship, when he was around, he did not want Yang Chen's only protection to be his own.

The power of the Yin Fire Tribulation was huge, Wang Yong’s momentum was becoming more and more prosperous. As the haze became more and more concentrated, Wang Yong’s momentum was also rising. Finally, when Wang Yong's momentum reached its peak, the "Yin Fire Tribulation" began to fall.

The figure of Wang Yong directly broke through the closed room and appeared in the sky above the heads of everyone. Through the smog, it looked dim and it was not very clear.

However, at this time, no one was stupid enough to let go of their spiritual awareness to explore, it was simply blatantly helping Wang Yong to bear the power of the Yin Fire Tribulation. When a Yuanying stage master was promoted to the dacheng stage through the “Yin Fire Tribulation", in addition to the old tree demon, which one can be followed?

As the master of Gao Yue, and Yang Chen's master ancestor, Wang Yong, also had the fire attribute spirit root. In the Yin Fire Tribulation, everyone in the middle of the dim smog only saw a burning humanoid torch.

Although the people could see that Wang Yong was burning, the burning light was not fierce, but it was only a little brighter than the normal situation. It was not enough to break through all the smog and make everyone see clearly.

But even so, with the huge power of the “Yin Fire Tribulation", even if the distance was so far away, they could feel it all the same. It just began in a little bit, but everyone’s heart was amazed at the power of the Yin Fire Tribulation. As a master of the Yuanying stage, many elders felt the degree of the Heavenly Tribulation, and they can’t help but change their faces.

Not to mention the fight against the Heavenly Tribulation, let alone the strongest of it, barely bearing half of the first Yin Fire Tribulation, it was estimated they would drink and hate on the spot. Was this Yin Fire Tribulation so strong? For a time, everyone, including the head of the palace, had a feeling of disappointment.

“Wang Junior Brothers own flame absorbs the power of the “yin” fire, so this kind of power will be there.” The old tree demon next to them also felt the extraordinariness of Wang Yong’s “Yin Fire Tribulation", but he soon he understood the problem, and he said it “This time, the yin fire tribulation is a bit more powerful, but it is not the same for everyone. With the flame of Junior Brother Wang, he can take it.”

Gui Shanyou and the palace master were accepted as disciples by their master, his generation was the same as the head of the palace, plus the oldest, so Wang Yong was the younger brother.

With this explanation, everyone understood everything immediately. With the Yin Fire Tribulation plus Wang Yong’s own flame, of course the power was not normal, it was normal to not get it. The main body of Gui Shanyou was the laurel tree, which was the First Wood attribute, and the firewood was confined to the innate, it was not normal.

However, why should Wang Yong blend his own flames with the Yin Fire Tribulation and raise the power to such a point? Looking at the shadow of the mist, no one could understand.

“The ancestor is tempering a new flame by the power of the Yin Fire Tribulation, and he must absorb the power of the Yin fire.” Yang Chen suddenly explained at the side.

Among the people present, Yang Chen dared to say that if his understanding of the flame ranked second, then no one dared to be recognised as the first, even the Wang Yong who was crossing his tribulation was the same. Don’t look at him as an ancestor, but his knowledge was really not as good as Yang Chen’s knowledge.

Listening to Yang Chen's explanation, everyone once again realized it. For Yang Chen to talk at this time, no one expressed any surprise, even the newly-received Yuanying stage masters of the Hall of Eccentrics were the same.

After understanding, everyone looked forward to Wang Yong. With the tribulation of others they were cautious, and they would concentrate on the power of fighting against the tribulation. Wang Yong actually has the leisurely time to absorb the yin fire to quench his flame, showing that confidence was not an ordinary feet. Could it be that this Pure Yang Palace really would gain another a master of the dacheng stage?

The Meiqing Mountain innate qi wave was simply the best call, even if it was a cultivator who has no knowledge of it, they knew that there was a master who was crossing his tribulation.

Within the same day, there was actually two Heavenly Tribulation, a thunder tribulation, and a Yin Fire Tribulation, which surprised some of the guys lurking in the Meishan Mountain, as they could not believe what they saw.

If Xu Chengxin forming his Nascent soul was still acceptable, then it was absolutely shocking to suddenly run into a dacheng stage master.

Wang Yong going into seclusion to attack the dacheng realm was not hidden from the outsiders, so many people had guessed that Wang Yong was the one crossing his tribulation. Countless people were staring at the direction of the tribulation, and there was only one concept left in their heart.

Within three or four months, the Pure Yang Palace has two more Yuanying stage masters. If Wang Yong passed the “Yin Fire Tribulation", then it was necessary to add a master of the dacheng stage to the sect.

This rapidly increasing power could only explain one thing. Pure Yang Palace was really rising.



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Editor: Mike

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