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Not to mention the success of Xu Chengxin's tribulation, it was just that the second grade Inner Sensing Pill let the two masters of the peak Jiedan stage begin the process of their tribulation, which has already explained many problems.

The effect of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill, at this moment had been mentioned by the head of the palace and the elders, it was similar to a Nascent soul forming pill, but the effect was much better. After all, Nascent soul forming pills were only to improve the success rate of forming the Nascent soul. It was effective only after the user first arrives at the level of the forming of his Nascent soul. It was not like now, which could give success in their tribulation where the Jiedan peak stage was mentioned.

The tribulation clouds in the sky were getting lower and lower, and Xu Chengxin's facial expression in the formation was becoming more and more serious. Lifting his head, nervously watching the tribulation cloud getting closer and closer, the two thunder pomegranates appeared in his hands.

This was what Yang Chen gave him very early. The intention was to let Xu Chengxin absorb the power of a part of the tribulation thunder when he was not sure about crossing the tribulation.

This kind of scene has already attracted the attention of many people. The Jiedan stage disciples who have been in the Pure Yang Palace recently were absolutely blessed. In just three or four months, they attended the process of the tribulation of the two masters in a row, which could be the best lessons and experience for them.

Without needing the master of the palace to make arrangements, those Jiedan stage disciples of the sect were skilled in their respective positions and carefully observed. The whole process was very orderly, just like they have practiced it thousands of times. In fact, it was only because there was one more than three months ago that everyone was familiar with it.

This was the core area of ​​the Pure Yang Palace, and it was defensed rigorous. Xu Chengxin was not afraid of interference in his process of crossing the tribulation. To appear in this place, one would have to break through the containment of hundreds of Jiedan stage masters, but also under the eyes of the 11 Yuanying stage masters of the Pure Yang Palace. It was really not an easy task.

Seeing that the tribulation clouds were getting lower and lower, with a bang, a thunder of lightning finally broke out and directly hit the body of Xu Chengxin.

The first thunder, Xu Chengxin did not use the Thunder pomegranate. If he couldn’t even pick up the first thunder, there would be no difference in using the Thunder Pomegranate. This thunder was a strong one. In fact, the more thunders he could endure, the better the benefits for the future. Only when there was no certainty could he use the Thunder Pomegranate.

Boom, Xu Chengxin's formation around his body was broken, and the lightning ray fell directly on him. Unlike Qiao Ming, who was a fire attribute spirit root, and when the thunderbolt hit his body it shined directly. Xu Chengxin had the water attribute spirit root. When the thunderbolt entered his body, it seems to be absorbed by Xu Chengxin’s body, disappearing without a trace.

After taking the first thunder, Xu Chengxin easily overcame it, and his face also expressed a more confident expression. However, the two Thunder pomegranates in his hands had not been withdrawn, they were held in his hands just in case.

Bang, the second thunder fell, and once again sank into the body of Xu Chengxin. But this time, Xu Chengxin was not so relaxed, for a while, the aftertaste of the lightning ray slowly disappeared.

Next was the third, fourth, one thicker than the other, until the eighth. The first thunder was only the thickness of a big leg, but the eighth thunder needed two people to hold around the thickness. When the eighth thunderbolt entered his body, Xu Chengxin had sweat appear on his face, and anyone could see the difficulty of his resistance.

Finally, Xu Chengxin, who was having a flashed complexion, completely absorbed the eighth thunder, but the power of the thunderbolt still made him vomit blood. Bright red blood was spurted out three feet away, and the red splen­dor made the people looked shocked.

The Jiedan stage masters who watched the ceremony were all pinching a cold sweat and were worried about Xu Chengxin. At the same time, they were also very concerned. If they saw a master fail during the tribulation ceremony, it would have some influence on their own confidence.

The ninth thunder was even stronger than the eighth. It already needed three people to hold it together, and the light was so bright that people simply couldn’t look straight at it. In the eyes of everyone’s worries, the thunder tribulation came to Xu Chengxin’s head again.

This time, Xu Chengxin did not act reluctantly, but used the Thunder Pomegranate. Two Thunder pomegranates larger than Xu Chengxin's fists appeared directly on the top of Xu Chengxin's head.

The thick thunder, as if attracted by something, was directly divided into three shares, two of which disappeared instantly into the two Thunder pomegranates. The remaining one, the original one-third of the strong thunder, once again fell on Xu Chengxin’s body.

Weakening a third of the thunder, for Xu Chengxin, it was no longer a threat, even easier than the eighth thunder. When the ninth thunderbolt also disappeared in Xu Chengxin’s body, the tribulation clouds in the sky finally stopped gathering, and slowly began to dissipate. The clear sky began to shine through.

Xu Chengxin’s body sat firmly in the same place, with almost no change. However, several elders who were closer to him had already noticed that the imposing manners that was emitted from him was completely different from the past.

The thunder tribulation disappeared, and Xu Chengxin, who was sitting in the same place, finally recovered his normal color. He suddenly opened his eyes and laughed and stood up.

“Congratulations!” The head of the palace immediately congratulated Xu Chengxin. The surrounding elders were also full of joy and they went towards Xu Chengxin to offer their congratulations.

At this point, no one didn't know that Xu Chengxin was successful in his tribulation this time, and the Pure Yang Palace added another Yuanying stage master. Although Xu Chengxin used the Thunder Pomegranate at the last moment, he still passed the Heavenly Tribulation after all. The Yuanying stage was the Yuanying stage, even if he was a weaker Yuanying stage master, he was much stronger than the Jiedan stage master.

In less than four months, the Pure Yang Palace has produced two Yuanying stage masters. This news, they believed would soon spread throughout the cultivation world.

Two of them were promoted to the Yuanying stage, one was Qiao Ming with a calm temperament, and the other was foreign affairs master Xu Chengxin. The two people were not optimistic before, but now they were almost promoted at the same time. It was estimated that many people would break their heads to want to know the details.

The master of the palace had already decided that the second grade Inner Sensing Pill should be regarded as the secret weapon of the Pure Yang Palace. The Inner Sensing Pill was the pill recipe of the monster race, and some people could get it from other sources. However, the second-grade refining system was not for everyone. These Inner Sensing Pills could definitely bring to the Pure Yang Palace a large number of masters.

Just when everyone thought that this time the Xu Chengxin tribulation was over, and they wanted to go back to talk about Xu Chengxin's experience, suddenly, an aura that almost made everyone shudder, suddenly appeared on the top of everyone’s head.

The powerful aura directly enveloped all areas of the Pure Yang Palace, and it did not linger for a long time, but in the sky another phenomenon began to appear again.



Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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