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Chapter 323: 323
“Mon­ster Race med­i­c­i­nal pill?” The master of the palace glimpsed, but he immediately returned to normal . Whether it was a human or a Mon­ster Race med­i­c­i­nal pill, as long as it works, it was a good med­i­c­i­nal pill .

“What is the role of this med­i­c­i­nal pill?” Zhu Chentao, as the Med­i­c­i­nal Hall Hall Mas­ter, was naturally very concerned about the medicinal pill effect and couldn’t help but ask immediately .

After Yang Chen introduced the role of the Inner Sensing Pill roughly, the people were silent . Exploring the operation of blood and spiritual power in your body, this medicinal pill was unheard of .

Everyone understood that no matter how powerful a genius was, it was impossible to cover everything at the time of cultivation . There were always some parts of the body that were not taken into account . There were strong and weak parts of the body, this was a very normal phenomenon, but when you cultivate, you generally do not take care of it .

This was not to say that when people cultivate, they don’t pay attention to it, but they were the meridians of the body . The distribution of the present was very complicated, and if there were some differences,It was really ordinary .

Only those who have cultivated to the pinnacle could feel the distribution of blood in their body to make up for the shortcomings in the body . But most people, even more than one and a half of Yuanying stage masters, couldn’t do this .

This medicinal pill has such a powerful function . After listening to Yang Chen’s introduction, after a moment of contemplation, the eyes of several Yuanying stage ancestors were all brightened .

With this Inner Sensing Pill, does it mean that everyone could clearly know the situation in their own body in the future, and do they have to make up for some of the places that cannot be cultivated for? No wonder that Qiao Ming could break through the peak of Jiedan stage,it was really powerful .

Those present were all elders, the only two who were not elders, were Yang Chen and Qiao Ming . One of the two was the refiner of the medicinal pill, and one has already formed his Nascent soul and would soon join the ranks of the elders .

At the beginning of Yang Chen’s introduction, the head of the palace had arranged two restrictions, which isolated the possibility of eavesdropping by outsiders . Now they were all their own people, and naturally they could talk without hiding anything .

Everyone knew that Yang Chen has added a big ul­ti­mate weapon to the Pure Yang Palace . Everyone’s excitement in their heart was unstoppable . This Inner Sensing Pill, not only could be used by a master in the Jiedan stage, even if they were the Yuanying stage ancestors, they could still use it .

The news that Qiao Ming was promoted to a Yuanying ancestors was quickly passed out, but not many people knew about Yang Chen’s role in it . The Pure Yang Palace sealed the news very tightly, but some people inside the Pure Yang Palace were faintly aware that Qiao Ming’s promotion must have a relation with Yang Chen .

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Just outside the alchemy division of Yang Chen, was the place where Qiao Ming faced his tribulation which could cause a lot of delusions . However, everyone who was able to attend the ceremony at that time was basically a trustworthy person in the Pure Yang Palace . No matter who they were, they would not vent their news .

However, Yang Chen had to start thinking about it now . Wasn’t the second grade Inner Sensing Pill too powerful, so that the medicinal effects was too powerful . Although Qiao Ming has been promoted to the Yuanying realm, there were still some minor injuries in his hearing . It would take a while to recover .

For this question, Zhu Chentao, who has the most say in alchemy, also temporarily supported Yang Chen’s claim . According to Qiao Ming’s personal experience, after taking the Inner Sensing Pill, although the time of the effects was very short, there were dozens of breathing time, but it made Qiao Ming have a huge pain . If the duration was longer, even though Qiao Ming could reach the Yuanying stage, he would inevitably be hurt more .

After the discussion about the Inner Sensing Pill, Yang Chen and Zhu Chentao, they both decided to temporarily seal it up . Next, Yang Chen would first refine a batch of first grade Inner Sensing Pills . Perhaps after a change in the adaptation of the Inner Sensing Pill, everyone would be able to get used to the formidable second grade medicinal pill .

During the refining process,because of the refining of the second grade medicinal pill It was much simpler for Yang Chen to refine the first grade medicinal pill . This time, it took only three months to complete the refining of the first grade Inner Sensing Pills .

While Yang Chen was refining, the news of Qiao Ming success has already been rumored around . The Pure Yang Palace was now rising, so the news about the Pure Yang Palace was always very payed attention to by everyone .

A person with a calm temperament actually succeeded in the forming of his Nascent soul, and before he was still plagued by the peak Jiedan stage for hundreds of years . Originally, Qiao Ming was quiet, and everyone almost had forgotten about his existence . The hall master of the Pure Yang Palace, Liang Shaoming was famous, when did they hear about Qiao Ming?

But Qiao Ming actually became a Yuanying stage master, which was puzzling . Many people began to inquire whether Qiao Ming had any for­tu­itous en­counter or other reasons . However, the population of the Pure Yang Palace was very tight lipped, and the people who have watched the ceremony were almost all retreating, and outsiders did not know the reason .

Regarding the case of the Inner Sensing Pill, the Pure Yang Palace was grasp­ing it tightly in an iron clad fist hands, and it was not passed on for the time being . You must know that the pill recipe of the monster race was not only available to Pure Yang Palace . Being able to have more time, that was the advantage of a period of time .

When Yang Chen came out again from the alchemy room, the pill room mouth had been replaced by another person, it was Xu Chengxin, the Hall Master of the Foreign Affairs Hall .

When Xu Chengxin saw Yang Chen,he was very much looking forward to it . The reason for Qiao Ming promotion into the Yuanying stage, the Pure Yang Palace did not conceal it from the masters of these halls . When he saw Qiao Ming’s success, Xu Chengxin also had a lot of ideas .

According to Xu Chengxin’s aptitude, it was already his limit in the peak Jiedan stage . Xu Chengxin knew this very well and other high-ranking members of the Pure Yang Palace also knew this .

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If there was no Yang Chen, and there was no Inner Sensing Pill, Xu Chengxin would also accept his fate . But the Pure Yang Palace has produced an alchemy master, and their medicinal pills were superb, not only do they have the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, but now there was one more Inner Sensing Pill .

Looking at himself which was similar to Qiao Ming who took a second grade Inner Sensing Pill, and even successfully crossed his tribulation to become a Yuanying stage master, which made Xu Chengxin unable to sit still . After thinking about it again and again, he went directly to the pill room gate of Yang Chen, waiting for a miracle .

In his mind Yang Chen knew about Xu Chengxin clearly . In his previous life, Xu Chengxin was stuck in the level of forming the Nascent soul . When it came to the Pure Yang Palace sect extermination, he could not go any further In the battle with the Greatest Heaven Sect, he died .

This time Xu Chengxin also took care of Yang Chen . Not to mention that when Chu Heng was still there, Xu Chengxin was very concerned about Yang Chen at the Heav­enly Stairs assembly . This kind of love, of course, Yang Chen would not forget, so there was a gift of the Thunder Pomegranate for Xu Chengxin .

However, since there was the Inner Sensing Pill, it could said that Xu Chengxin should test to see if there was no effect on the medicinal pill of the monster race which has not undergone the second grade refining system .

Of course, this time, Yang Chen and Xu Chengxin would not immediately test the effect of the pill in front of Yang Chen’s pill room . With the last time, the two have to report to the head of the palace to talk about it .

Yang Chen has this meaning . Xu Chengxin has been in charge of foreign affairs for many years . He knew this truth better . The two of them came to the residence of the head of the palace and explained their intentions .

This time, he was very nimble to have several elders gathered together . Everyone wanted to see the effect of this Inner Sensing Pill . Xu Chengxin has made up his mind, and does not care that he has become the target of the test, quietly waiting for the elders to come so he could begin .

All the elders arrived, and even Qiao Ming, who was newly promoted to the Yuanying stage, was no exception . The elders wanted to know urgently whether this Inner Sensing Pill was really helpful to the forming of the Nascent soul .

In three months, Qiao Ming’s hearing damage has completely recovered and his cultivation base was being consolidated and improved . It seems that there was nothing wrong with taking the Inner Sensing Pill .

In order to prevent the sloppy start of the tribulation to form his Nascent soul immediately after taking the medicinal pill, this time Xu Chengxin was taking the medicinal pill in the mountain gate of the Pure Yang Palace . Of course, it was not in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, so as not to damage the Immortal’s Cave because of the tribulation .

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After arranging a soundproofed formation, Xu Chengxin sat down on his knees and put on a posture of cultivating . He swallowed the first grade Inner Sensing Pill in his hand .

Soon, in the eyes of everyone, they saw Xu Chengxin’s abnormality, his face flushed, and seemed to be enduring pain . Looking at this scene, everyone could not help but widen their eyes and looked at Xu Chengxin without hesitation, for fear of missing something .

Surprisingly, the effect of the first grade Inner Sensing Pill was several times longer than the duration of the transfer of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill . When Qiao Ming took it, the effects only lasted a few dozens of breaths before it disappeared, and now Xu Chengxin’s effects actually lasted for half stick of incense, before it could end .

This time, there was no immediate tribulation, indicating that Xu Chengxin did not enter the state of forming his Nascent soul . However, even so, Xu Chengxin’s face also had cold sweat, seems to have experienced a painful suffering . Everyone didn’t know what the situation was, and no one dared to open the restriction on their own initiative . Everyone was waiting for Xu Chengxin to make his own move .

After a long time, Xu Chengxin slowly recovered to normal, and actively withdrew the restrictions . Immediately, he heard an urgent question from the head of the palace: “How was it?”

“My cultivation is still not proficient enough!” Xu Chengxin may have experienced a lot of things from the process of this internal inspection . Although he was not able to form his Nascent soul on the spot, his face still couldn’t resist the excitement: “I thought I have already reached the peak of the Jiedan stage and only the last step was left, and now I understand that it is still far behind . ”

After investigation his own blood and spirit power operation, and it was so . Xu Chengxin finally understood why he could never cross the threshold . Under the excitement, Xu Chengxin still had some regrets, Xu Chengxin slowly shook his head and said “When the foundation was built, the direction was wrong, and now it can’t be changed . ”

When this was said, it made everyone feel awkward . There was a deviation when laying the foundation,now if he wanted to correct it It was already more difficult than to ascend to heaven . Don’t talk about Yang Chen, It was estimated that even the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was unable to change it . Unless Xu Chengxin was willing to abolish his cultivation base and restart cultivation again .

However, at the age of Xu Chengxin, the abolishment of his cultivation base means a dead end, and it was estimated that he would exhaust his life force and was unable to do anything about it .

“Makes up as far as possible, if it is really not good, uses Thunderbolt Pomegranate to forcefully cross the tribulation, to promote your Cultivation Base . ” When everyone was silent, and no one had anything to say . Yang Chen looked at him and said next to him “When perhaps you draws support from it to cross your thunder tribulation,it can melt down these hidden danger . ”

The tribulation was a test of the heavens and a reward for those who crossed the tribulation . Everyone had some feelings of low mood . When they heard Yang Chen’s words, all of them suddenly got spirited . Even Xu Chengxin also changed the regrets before and became more and more excited .

“Does taking this first grade Inner Sensing Pill, can you have an unbearable situation?” Since there was a way, everyone would no longer be silent . Zhu Chentao immediately revolved around the efficacy of the first grade Inner Sensing Pill and asked how Xu Chengxin felt .

Xu Chengxin did not hide it, and quickly said his feelings . In contrast to Qiao Ming, everyone quickly figured out a lot .

For the first grade Inner Sensing Pill and the second grade Inner Sensing Pill, basically the medicinal effect was the same, the difference was that the second grade Inner Sensing Pill effect was shortened by almost ten times, but it increases the sensory sensitivity by a dozen times . While the pain was intensifying, it also allows the person taking the medicine to understand the problem more clearly .

This time, Xu Chengxin understood a lot, but still not enough . In response to the problems discovered this time, several elders took turns pointing and quickly adjusted the cultivation to Xu Chengxin . In just one month, Xu Chengxin changed his previous cultivation mistakes .

Once again, the crowd gathered again, and Xu Chengxin once again took a first grade Inner Sensing Pill, and learned about his own blood and spirit power operation . However, this time it was obvious that Xu Chengxin has become accustomed to it by a lot, and it was not so painful .

“How was it?” still Zhu Chentao asked this question .

“The last time the problems found has been fixed, and the others have not found anything . ” Xu Chengxin quickly replied, thinking about it and continuing to say: “Maybe the first grade Inner Sensing Pill has no way for me to feel any deeper . ”

Everyone accepted this point . Two times he had taken the first grade Inner Sensing Pill, this degree could not feel too much, and if he wanted to continue to understand deeper, it was estimated that he need to turn to the second grade Inner Sensing Pill .

“Try the second grade Inner Sensing Pill!” It was Qiao Ming who spoke . Only Qiao Ming has taken the second grade Inner Sensing Pill, so he had the most powerful voice about it besides Yang Chen .

Under the gaze of everyone, Xu Chengxin swallowed a second grade Inner Sensing Pill . Within the formation, Xu Chengxin’s face became red and his body shook . The muscles on his face were directly distorted . There was tension in his whole body, and he could no longer adhere to the sitting posture of his cultivation, his shape was shrimp .

Everyone was shocked, but at the moment, no one could help . There was no other way than to watch Cheng Chengxin struggle to endure .

Fortunately, the time was not long, and the time of dozens of effect was fleeting . Soon, Xu Chengxin’s body slowly unfolded and the look on his face was no longer so painful .

Just as everyone was grateful, in the clear sky, suddenly the wind and the clouds surged, and a large cloud of clouds quickly shrouded over the sky above the Pure Yang Palace . At that moment, the sky was covered with strictness .

The thunder tribulation tribulation clouds, actually came again at this time . Looking at this scene, all the high-ranking members of the Pure Yang Palace were all happy to the extreme .

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