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The painful look on Qiao Ming's face didn't hide the truth from Yang Chen. In order to help Qiao Ming not let him have more pain, Yang Chen even arranged a sound-insulated array around Qiao Ming to ensure that he would not be exposed to the outside world’s interference. But Yang Chen did not imagine that Qiao Ming's own breathing and heartbeat sounds were enough to make him crazy.

His muscles were almost twisted, and his cold sweat never stopped. It was pulled out from the head of Qiao Ming. This was all happening, not to talk about his heartbeat. Even standing in the same place, he could feel that the sole of his foot was like a hot iron, but it was just the pain caused by his weight on the sole of his foot.

With his calm temperament, he could bear it. Even Yang Chen did not expect that his character actually gave Qiao Ming great help at this time.

Even if it was painful, Qiao Ming also endured it. At this moment, he actually used all kinds of feelings to observe, feel, listen to the flow of blood in his body, and experience the situation in which spiritual power flows in his body. This kind of feeling was even more detailed than using spiritual awareness to explore itself.

Some subtle places, where Qiao Ming had never noticed before, all showed up in Qiao Ming's senses. For a moment, Qiao Ming was fully aware of his body.

In the great pain, Qiao Ming was feeling the mystery of his body in concentration and did not find out how long it took. He just knew that his body’s blood and spirit power has been circulating for more than twenty times.

More than twenty times, each time was slightly different, but all in the same parts. Just when he wanted to continue to feel, the pain of his whole body was like the water in the bucket that directly seeps into the water, it disappeared without a trace, and the clear feeling was lost instantly.

However, Qiao Ming did not feel disappointed, but only reminiscent of the place where every change in his body was changed. During the time, Qiao Ming had a hint of insight. These places were places that he cannot control with precision.

Since it was not clear what was wrong, Qiao Ming naturally wanted to correct it. With the realm of his peak Jiedan stage, just within a short day, he found a way to quickly correct those small flaws.

When the last part also became no longer changed every time, the spiritual power in his body suddenly began to surge. Just this time, it seems to be two points stronger than usual.

As soon as the strength of the spiritual power increased, Qiao Ming immediately noticed that his mind was empty, and he laughed loudly. His whole body’s spiritual power swayed, and the little soundproofing method that Yang Chen arranged was suddenly broken. In the sky, somehow a large group of dark clouds began to appear. It was still dark during the day, and the dark clouds seemed to be dark like night.

Looking at this scene, Yang Chen's face showed a smile. Qiao Ming was actually enlightened in time with the help of this one pill and succeeded in causing the tribulation to appear. The dark cloud of the sky was simply the thunder tribulation tribulation clouds.

Yang Chen knew about the tribulation clouds. Of course, many people in the Pure Yang Palace knew about it. Soon, Yang Chen had a few more figures before his pill room. It was the head of the palace and several elders, and there were several hall masters. Everyone was attracted by Qiao Ming's unusual spiritual power. At the same time, they also discovered the tribulation clouds and specially came to observe the ceremony.

As soon as he arrived, the law enforcement hall master immediately understood what had happened and quickly left to make arrangements. Qiao Ming was crossing tribulation to form his Nascent soul, there must be a lot of Jiedan stage disciples who wanted to observe the ceremony, but could not hinder Qiao Ming tribulation, so someone must arrange it.

The head of the palace felt strange seeing Yang Chen here, here was Yang Chen’s pill room, Qiao Ming was going to cross his tribulation here, how was this happening? But at this juncture, there was not much in the head of the palace as he just had to pay attention to Qiao Ming not far away.

The Jiedan stage masters in the Pure Yang Palace were not too far away, and they caught up with Qiao Ming's tribulation. Under the rapid arrangement of Meng Xian, almost all of them were concentrated here, but they all remained two hundred feet outside to watch and watched quietly.

Qiao Ming did not let everyone wait for a long time. After the tribulation cloud in the sky slowly formed, *Kacha* and the first tribulation lightning fell.

The huge lightning directly hit Qiao Ming's body, and Qiao Ming's whole body lit up. But the light was just a flash, and it disappeared without a trace.

The second and third thunder tribulation was stronger than the previous one, but Qiao Ming didn’t evade at all, and even did not take out the Thunder pomegranate that Yang Chen gave him to absorb the power of thunder, but just stood in the same place. He didn’t move and let the thunder hit his body directly. Every time his body would shine for a while, then it would return to normal.

As each thunder tribulation fell, Qiao Ming shone longer and longer. When the last one, the ninth thunderbolt, was lowered again, Qiao Ming's body finally moved, Qiao Ming had already flown into the air. It was like taking the initiative to meet the thunder, the person was in the air. There is a huge flash of light, like a humanoid firework shining.

Then, Qiao Ming’s familiar laughter came from the sky, and then Qiao Ming’s figure with light, directly flew to the head of the palace. The person was still in the air, and the clouds in the sky were fading, they became calm once again.

“Disciple Qiao Ming, pays a respect to the Palace Master!” When everything had returned to normal, Qiao Ming's was already paying his respects to the palace master.

"Congratulations!" The head of the palace bowed back to Qiao Ming. The other elders around were also full of joy, a series of congratulations was said to him.

With the success of the tribulation, the forming of the Nascent soul was completed in the process of the tribulation, Qiao Ming has become another Yuanying stage master announced by the Pure Yang Palace. Moreover, the tribulation was very thorough, and the power of Thunder Pomegranate was not used at all. It was purely Qiao Ming's own cultivation base strength.

A group of Jiedan masters witnessed Qiao Ming's tribulation process, and all of them were comprehending. The high-ranking members of the Pure Yang Palace were all there. For the time being, there was not much for them to do here, they were all returning to their courtyards quickly, and then recollecting the process of the tribulation just now, in order to increase their experience.

“What happened?” After a busy congratulation, the head of the palace finally asked.

“The disciple was stuck in the threshold for a long time, and took a medicinal pill made by Yang Chen’s new refining system. Luckily, the success of the tribulation was achieved.” Qiao Ming certainly did not hide it and directly explained the cause and effect.

“A medicinal pill that would let you break through? What kind of pill is it?” The head of the palace was overjoyed, and immediately asked quickly “Is it a Nascent soul forming pill?”

“It is the pill recipe that this disciple got from the monster race, Inner Sensing Pill.” Yang Chen replied with respect, his face was also having a happy expression.



Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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