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As the Fierce Yang Hall Hall Master, Qiao Ming also possessed the fire attribute spirit root. However, what was not in line with the fire attribute spirit root was his calm temperament. The high-ranking members of the Pure Yang Palace, including the elders and the palace master, were clear that Qiao Ming was a good gentleman.

It was rare to see Qiao Ming take the initiative to offend people. Even if someone argued with Qiao Ming, it was always Qiao Ming's concession. However, Qiao Ming’s cultivation was not low, Jiedan peak stage, along with his calm temperament, his popularity in the “sect” was very good, which was one of the reasons why he became the Fierce Yang Hall Hall Master.

According to Yang Chen’s memory of the development in the past, Qiao Ming would not be able to break through after two hundred years, leading to the exhaustion of his life force, and then Gao Yue became the Fierce Yang Hall Hall Master.

To Yang Chen, in this life, it seemed that everything was different. Different from the previous Pure Yang Palace, Gao Yue was different, the head of the palace was different, the elders were different, and even Qiao Ming had changed.

Especially after Yang Chen sent Qiao Ming a praying mantis corpse of the peak Yuanying stage, and two Thunder pomegranates, Qiao Ming's thought had some changes.

If he could break through, he would break through. If he couldn’t break through, that was his fate. But with these two things, his mood was completely different.

Thunder pomegranate could help absorb the power of thunder, which meant that as long as he could enter the stage of Thunder Tribulation, there was a great possibility of success in crossing, even if the Thunder pomegranate absorbs a part of the thunder. Perhaps after becoming a Yuanying stage master, he might not be comparable with those who relied on their own strength to cross the tribulation. However, the Yuanying stage was still the Yuanying stage, it was still a lot higher than the peak Jiedan stage.

The Questioning Inner Heart Pill incident let Qiao Ming see the hope and the road of the Yuanying stage. Under this strong and intense stimulate, Qiao Ming’s cultivation base had once again broken through to the limit of the Jiedan peak stage. But he didn’t know why, he always lacked when he was at the end of the threshold, he couldn’t cross that step.

This situation has been going on for several years, and of course, Qiao Ming was not willing to stop at this last “threshold”. He consulted almost all the Yuanying stage masters of the “sect”. Everyone couldn’t give him a specific answer. After all, everyone’s experiences were different, and everyone’s situations were different. The problems encountered were not the same so there was no method that was accurate.

After Yang Chen returned to the sect, the news of his refining was spread, and Qiao Ming's eyes lit up. When Yang Chen was a disciple in the Ye Xiu Manor, there was no problem of spiritual cultivation that he could not solve. Although it was only problem's in the qi refining stage, Qiao Ming himself as a master of the Jiedan peak stage could not do this.

Since Yang Chen had such a clear eye on cultivation, and he had also read a lot of books, he may be able to know his own problems and point out his own breakthrough.

If anyone else was in his position, a master of the Jiedan peak stage, moreover an elder plus his superior, to want to ask a younger generation junior, it must be considered for a long time. However, it was not a problem to put it on Qiao Ming’s body. Otherwise, how could he do a good job, because he could put down his body and ask him not to be ashamed.

The first time Yang Chen finished refining the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, he only went to the palace master for a short time, and then continued to retreat to refine, Qiao Ming couldn’t get a hold of him. This time, Qiao Ming was waiting outside Yang Chen’s alchemy cave. When Yang Chen went out, he saw Qiao Ming and heard Qiao Ming’s problem.

An Elder with a higher authority came to consult him, Yang Chen, of course, must treat it with caution. However, after carefully listening to Qiao Ming's understanding of his cultivation, Yang Chen frowned.

There were two problems with Qiao Ming. One was his calm temperament. This one he couldn't do anything about, the temperament of a person cannot be changed. The other was due to the fact that it was impossible to get his own cultivation base into a high level of control.

He couldn't help but say that it was really the right time for Qiao Ming to come. Yang Chen had just finished refining the Inner Sensing Pills. He appeared in front of Yang Chen, and he was born to give Yang Chen the objective to text the “medicine.”

“Hall Master, this medicinal pill, is called Inner Sensing Pill, it is the Monster Race's medicinal pill.” Yang Chen's hand had a bulging medicinal pill, which was a brown color. On the medicinal pill were two Pill marks, the eye-catching pill marks seems to remind Qiao Ming that this was a second-grade pill.

Qiao Ming didn’t know what Yang Chen was holding was a medicinal pill, but he had a benefit. If he didn’t know, he wouldn’t say it, and he didn’t interrupt Yang Chen’s words. He quietly waited for Yang Chen to explain.

“Inner Sensing Pill can increase the senses of people who take the pill by ten times, and have a more thorough understanding of their own spirit power.” Yang Chen slowly introduced “But this kind of medicinal pill has a kind of side effect. The side effect is that after the sensory is increased by ten times, any feeling, including pain, is also increased tenfold.”

“After taking this medicinal pill, you will feel extreme discomfort, and it may even be very painful.” Yang Chen certainly wanted to reveal the ugly side effects up front, lest Qiao Ming not know these and rashly consumes it. “Maybe ten times the pain the Hall Master can still bear it, but this is the second grade that this disciple made. This disciple does not know how many times the senses would be promoted.”

The implication was that the second grade of the Inner Sensing Pill could definitely make people experience more than ten times more pain than usual. This was not too clear to Yang Chen, and Qiao Ming could understand.

Now Qiao Ming was faced with such a choice, either to swallow the medicinal pill, to experience the flow of blood and spiritual strength, but also to endure tremendous pain. Either it would accumulate for a while, and maybe it would lead to his success.

Qiao Ming stared at the medicinal pill in the hands of Yang Chen and hesitated for a while. One couldn’t do anything about it, the way Yang Chen said it seems a little scary, even if he was a master of the peak Jiedan stage, he must carefully weigh it.

After a long time, Qiao Ming still did not speak, but his hand stretched out and pinched the second grade medicinal pill in the hands of Yang Chen. After staring for a while, he no longer hesitated and sent the medicinal pill directly into his mouth.

At the entrance of the medicinal pill, it directly turned into a heat flow and directly rushed into his lungs. Immediately, Qiao Ming immediately felt that the heat had spread to his whole body. His whole body was warm and uplifted. Where there was a little bit of pain, he couldn't help but scream.

However, this low-pitched groan was passed to Qiao Ming's ear, it seemed like a bolt in the blue sky. Qiao Ming never thought that his groan could be so loud, actually his ears were a little painful.

Soon, all kinds of voices were heard in his ears, breathing, heartbeat, almost every sound seems to be someone in the ear of Qiao Ming violently knocking the giant clock.

Even if this was not counted, even when the air entered his nose, it could bring a cold chill, and the air flowing through his skin seems to be a knife-cutting through him, which directly caused Qiao Ming to fall into great pain.

But Qiao Ming did not dare to make a sound. He was afraid that if he made a sound, he could break his eardrum. In the violent pain of his whole body, Qiao Ming suddenly felt the flow of his blood and noticed the flow of his spiritual power.



Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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