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On this topic, Yang Chen was now afraid to have more bonds. However, Sect Master Lu also revealed another meaning, that was, she would personally go to the Pure Yang Palace.

Sect Master Lu going to the Pure Yang Palace, of course, it was impossible to just discuss things about Yang Chen, Sect Master Lu would certainly have to discuss further cooperations with the head of the palace. Just like the cover of the Island Master before, the things about Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue were just an excuse.

However, Sect Master Lu's personal move to the Pure Yang Palace has illustrated many issues.

In the past, if the Pure Yang Palace wanted to cooperate with the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, it was the master of the palace that personally went to the two sects to seek cooperation. This kind of unequal status was the embodiment of the strength of the martial art sect.

Now, not only had the head of the Green Jade Immortal Island personally gone to the Pure Yang Palace, but even the Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect wanted to go to the Pure Yang Palace, this in itself explains many issues. At least now the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal were truly treating the Pure Yang Palace as an object of equal cooperation.

This was an amazing progress. Although the Pure Yang Palace had not yet reached the level of being equal to the two big sects in terms of strength, it was only through the efforts of one person, Yang Chen's, and the resources of the master, that everyone’s cooperation had been promoted to an equal position.

Even if Yang Chen was not good at interface, he still has to express his appreciation “Thank you for the concern of the Sect Master Lu, this younger generation junior will be the one who will tell the master of the palace, we will be waiting for the lord to visit.”

At this point, the purpose of Sect Master Lu and the Elders to see Yang Chen has been all reached, and they even had a big surprise. They must also immediately report to other elders and review how to thank Yang Chen. Soon, the two were polite and left the courtyard of Elder Hua.

There was one more essence cultivation method, which was also a big event for the Blue Cloud Sect. Elder Hua settled Yang Chen in a room and told the servants to take care of him, and then also went to attend the high-level meeting of the Blue Cloud Sect.

For ten days or so, there was no unexpected situation. Yang Chen was also very quiet in his room, he didn’t go out the door, he just devoted himself to cultivation.

Among the five elements of Yang Chen, the third fire spirit power had condensed its golden Dan, so had the first wood spirit power, while the others were still in the foundation stage. Originally, Yang Chen thought that in the case of the first wood spirit power reaching golden Dan, the three spiritual powers would be as good as the others at the same time, and the spiritual power of other attributes would be condensed at the same time, but now it seems that this was not the case.

Perhaps the spiritual power needed to condense the golden Dan was stronger, and the three spiritual powers were far from enough to trigger all the spiritual powers to condense. Next, Yang Chen must find ways to condense the other spirit powers. Otherwise, if various spirit powers of his cultivation base was too far apart, it would be detrimental to his future cultivation.

If there was no other way, Yang Chen could only carry out a certain kind of spirit power cultivation in a certain period of time. He believed that it was not so difficult to breakthrough the foundation stage one by one at the level of Yang Chen's current peak foundation stage. The only thing that was needed was time.

But this time, the matter of the first wood true essence spiritual solution, let Yang Chen discover that the things left by the guys above were simply scary. Obviously on the Immortal Executioner Stage, the Immortal only said that there was a vein of the First Wood True Essence, who knew that after so many years, this vein of First Wood True Essence could actually accumulate into a pool of First Wood True Essence?

This reminded Yang Chen of what another person had said. That person was none other then the Golden Star of the Sun Li Chang’geng. Golden Star of the Sun also said that the lower realm had a pulse of Seventh Metal True Essence, which was a gift to Yang Chen.

However, for the Seventh Metal True Secret Art, Yang Chen succeeded in getting a bottle of the Seventh Metal True Essence for his cultivation from the plains of the beast last time. Originally, Yang Chen thought that there was no need to look for the Seventh Metal True Essence, and Li Changgeng's good intentions were to be left for their own fated person.

However, Yang Chen, who discovered in the Banyan tree Cave, the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, found that after the original level of the first wood true essence reached a certain degree, there would be such a horror. After its collection, it was simply inexhaustible to use the First Wood True Essence.

Even the ordinary Monster Race experts in the Heavenly court didn’t have such a rich accumulation. What was the situation of that Seventh Metal True Essence, which belonged to the Golden Star of the Sun that has existed since the establishment of the Heavenly court? Thinking about it would make anybody's mouth flow with water.

Looking for clues in his memory, there was another one that made Yang Chen very tempted.

Before a certain immortal died, he said that in the lower realm he left a Medicine Nourishing

Gourd. As long as a medicinal pill was preserved in this gourd, there would never be a situation in which the pill was dissipated after being stored for thousands of years, and it would save Yang Chen a lot of effort. Concerning the most important medicinal pills, Yang Chen had to go through the troubles of making large quantities of high-level Talismans to preserve them.

After bidding farewell to Sun Qingxue, and after returning to his master's sect, Yang Chen planned to set out to find these two things. Naturally, because there was the Penglai divine wood, it was only a smooth process to gather the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution. Before the departure, Yang Chen must also prepare a Seventh Metal Magic Weapon.

This was just in case, like in the Banyan tree cave when he suddenly fell into the pool of the first wood true essence, Yang Chen needs at least a magic weapon to support his body.

As for the collection of the Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution, there would be no problem with using the gourd of the Dragon Palace. There were only a few liquids in the gourd, one was the first wood true essence, another was the four seas mysterious coral liquid, the other was the jade dragon brewed wine, plus the auxiliary wine brewed, and the pulse of the spiritual spring, the space left was still big.

One of the immortals said that he still left dozens of refining flying swords, which allowed him to fly in the heavens. The quality of the flying sword was almost unimaginable. This was also the reason why Yang Chen promised his Master and Senior sister that he would prepare for them the life source flying sword.

Now both his Master and Sister's dans were already condensed, and they were consolidating their cultivation base. After they have consolidated their cultivation base, they could start to temper their Life Source Flying swords.

Yang Chen's discovery has left his time a little bit tight, the schedule was very close, and there was almost no time left for himself. It seems that the condensation of his other spiritual powers could only rely on some external means.

Of course, the external means does not mean that he would damage his foundation, nor does it mean that Yang Chen would be opportunistic, but similar to the technique of using the First Wood Spiritual Solution to condense his own Seventh Metal spirit power. He believed that his own five elements of the three spirit powers of the Jiedan stage, even if it could not let the full attribute spiritual power reach the Jiedan stage, it could drive the other five kinds of spiritual spirits.

After a series of plans, Yang Chen did not actually make a decision in the Pure Yang Palace, but when he was in the Blue Cloud Sect waiting for Sun Qingxue to leave seclusion, it must be said that this was also a result that left him speechless.

Ten days later, when Yang Chen was cultivating, he suddenly noticed a riot in the heaven and earth spiritual qi. The courtyard of Elder Hua was adjacent to Sun Qingxue’s own, and the center of the spiritual riot was in the courtyard where Sun Qingxue was located.

This familiar spiritual fluctuation, Yang Chen was very familiar with it.  

Sun Qingxue had condensed her golden Dan!


Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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