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Within the big sects like the Blue Cloud Sect, almost regularly there would be such a spiritual qi riot, some building their foundations, some were condensing Dan, and some were forming their Nascent soul. Therefore, this familiar spiritual fluctuation would not cause any sensation in the Blue Cloud Sect.

At most, there would be several people who cared about the sect who were looking in the direction of the spiritual fluctuations. They would look in thought, nod their heads slightly, and feel that there were more people who had broken through in the sect. Their strength would grow more than a few points, and they would rejoice.

Yang Chen's heart was happier than others. He came here to wait for Sun Qingxue to condense her golden Dan. Sun Qingxue's timing and Yang Chen's estimated difference was only a month's time, indicating that Sun Qingxue still walked on her original genius road.

The spiritual riot lasted for a long time, and then it stopped. Elder Hua had long felt this aura, and she flew back, waiting for her disciple to come out.

“Congratulations!” When Sun Qingxue went out, she came to her Master to report her good news, but did not expect to see Yang Chen waving his hand to her. She was pleasantly surprised and almost jumped up happily.

“Don’t be so free mannered, you are already a master of the Jiedan stage, you can’t keep the mood of a little child.” Elder Hua next to her couldn’t help but cough, reminding Sun Qingxue not to be rude.

Shi Shanshan was a recognized Dao Com​pan​ion of Yang Chen, and she was not as active as Sun Qingxue. She was currently the biggest rival of Sun Qingxue. If Yang Chen does not like Sun Qingxue, then it was not good news for Sun Qingxue and the Blue Cloud Sect.

When Sun Qingxue was scorned by her Master, she was naughty and spit out a small tongue, and her face flashed a touch of intelligence. Yang Chen just smiled at her and nodded. He had nothing to say. The Master was giving directions to her disciple, and if he speaks, he would be out of place anyway.

After berating Sun Qingxue, Elder Hua also expressed congratulations to Sun Qingxue. This disciple of hers was really worthy of the name of a genius. Under her own sect, she succeeded in condensing her golden dan in less than a hundred years. This was after she had wasted more than ten years, after she had discarded her own cultivation base to start from the beginning.

When she thought of this, Elder Hua felt exceptionally satisfied. Towards Wan Qian, who had designs on Sun Qingxue before, Elder Hua was really not too resentful. On the contrary, Ii it was not because of her, how could the Elder Hua receive such an excellent disciple?

For Sun Qingxue's cultivation base, Elder Hua did not have much guidance, but she was forced to consolidate her cultivation base. In the face of Yang Chen, Elder Hua was not likely to give too thin a direction for Sun Qingxue. Anyway, she has already condensed her golden dan and needed to consolidate her cultivation base. Later, at some time she could give her more detailed guidance. It was not necessary to delay the closeness of Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue at this time.  

Sun Qingxue certainly understood that her Master was creating conditions for herself and Yang Chen. She was a little red-faced while giving leave to her Master, and returned to her courtyard with Yang Chen.

“Yang Da Ge, am I not as stable as a child?” In her own domain, Sun Qingxue did not have much scruples. When she came back, she asked with a little nervousness. She was very concerned about Yang Chen’s perception of herself.

“No!” Yang Chen replied with a smile: “Is it not very good to be active? There is no need to learn to have a cold face. Cultivation is not to be made into a piece of wood. The Di​vine Im​mor​tal's also have joys and sorrows. As long as they are the real you, it's okay.”

When she heard Yang Chen's words, the nervousness that had suddenly appeared on Sun Qingxue's face disappeared without a trace, revealing a relaxed smile. A lively image appeared again on Sun Qingxue's face.

In another yard, Elder Hua seemed to have a relaxed look on her face. After all, Sun Qingxue was her own disciple, she also cared about the perception of her disciple in Yang Chen’s heart. Originally, she was worried that Yang Chen's speech would not be so mature, and he would have a bad impression of Sun Qingxue. Now that Yang Chen likes it, then everything was not a problem.

Yang Chen likes the true color of Sun Qingxue, and Sun Qingxue was of course happy. She acted like an el​e​gantly beau​ti​ful, in​com​pa​ra​ble fairy maiden in front of other young out​stand​ing tal​ents, but in front of Yang Chen, she still likes hearing Yang Chen's innocence when he says to her, "I will not deceive you." which gave her an alternative sense of security.

“Yang Da Ge, how are you here? Were you deliberately waiting for me?” The Happy Sun Qingxue did not become like her master’s consciousness at all. There was no mature and stable style at all, perhaps only in the presence of Yang Chen. When she came out, she saw Yang Chen. When she was happy, she was more concerned about why Yang Chen appeared here.

“My calculation was almost the same for you to reach golden Dan, so i came over to see you!” Yang Chen was not hypocritical, bluntly speaking his own intentions. Anyway, he came to let the little girl become happy, but also plainly gained a big favour from the Blue Cloud Sect. If you want to count the possible refining of alchemy in the future, this trip to the Blue Cloud Sect was absolutely perfect.

“Thank you, Big Brother Yang!” Sun Qingxue heard Yang Chen admit it, that he calculated her own condensation moment, which shows that Yang Chen put her in his heart. The little girl heart became sweet, thanking him with her mouth, but her face had a very enjoyable look watching Yang Chen while breathing roughly.

Sun Qingxue had already regarded herself as a person of Yang Chen. Otherwise, she would not be in mourning after she thought that Yang Chen had an accident. Therefore, she felt that everything she had given to Yang Chen was justified.

“This time, thanks to your immortal wood and Eter​nal Spring wood, it was so smooth.” However, even so, Sun Qingxue deliberately thanked Yang Chen for these two kinds of wood. The immortal wood was given by Yang Chen. The Eter​nal Spring Wood was traded by Sun Qingxue with Yang Chen's jade dragon wine from Jiu Xian. It could be said that they were all Yang Chen's credit.

“That is also your own diligent cultivation, otherwise it wouldn’t work no matter how many precious materials you use.” Yang Chen smiled and did not take credit. Who was she kidding, would the future snow fairy be afraid of not being able to condense her golden Dan? Yang Chen has only mostly played the role of putting icing on the cake. Yang Chen does not diminish his praise: “You are more outstanding than I expected.”

This was not Yang Chen's flattering. It had to be known that due to the mistakes in cultivation that Sun Qingxue made in the past ten years, she had to abolish her own cultivation base. Even so, she reached the Jiedan stage only twenty years later than Yang Chen. However, Yang Chen had many advantages, while Sun Qingxue was far from being comparable.

“In order to celebrate your success, and for your ability to consolidate your cultivation base.” Yang Chen was very happy so he came up with a few large branches of the Penglai divine wood “These are my gifts!”


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