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Now Sect Master Lu and the two elders had some understanding into why Yang Chen had hesitated before. This kind of thing, Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art, with Yang Chen's knowledge, was something he should not know about it.

Such an important cultivation method, Yang Chen himself knew, if he secretly dedicated it to his own sect, there would be no problem at all. Now speaking in front of these three people, it was almost equivalent to giving a peerless cultivation method to the Blue Cloud sect.

Among the miscellaneous books that Wan Qian prepared for Yang Chen, who knows what was inside? No one would know that Yang Chen had gotten this book that records the Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art.

If Yang Chen does not say it, no one would know. Although in a strict sense, since this was from the Blue Cloud Sect, this method should belong to the Blue Cloud Sect.

But Yang Chen was not a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect. He has no obligation to safeguard the interests of the Blue Cloud Sect. He insists that it was a duty, but it was a big favour.

This kind of favour was not the kind that the Blue Cloud Sect asked Yang Chen to do for the sect, just like this time when the sect asked Yang Chen to refine the medicinal pills, but Yang Chen took the initiative. From this perspective, the weight of this person’s favour would be greatly different.

Of course, no one would know that even if Yang Chen does not say anything, after a few decades, the Blue Cloud Sect would also have a disciple who does not seek advancement that would dis​cover this Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art cul​ti​va​tion method from the story-telling script. Since no one knew, in order to repay Yang Chen for this extraordinary favour, it was a bit difficult for Sect Master Lu.

They asked Yang Chen to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, because there was a precedent for the Green Jade Immortal Island, the Blue Cloud Sect only needs to refer to the rewards. But there was no object to be mentioned for this matter, and it could only be discussed by Sect Master Lu and several Elders.

“Yang Chen, for this extraordinary favour, I represent my Blue Cloud Sect to thank you!” How to repay him must be thought of quite well, but they should thank him at this moment. The reason why Sect Master Lu was the sect Master was because Sect Master Lu has a versatile means to immediately thank him. No matter what thank you, this kind of thankful attitude must be expressed at least first. In the face of Yang Chen, Sect Master Lu also thanked him.

It was not a simple matter to let the sect master of the Blue Cloud Sect say thank you. With the strength of the Blue Cloud Sect, what could they not achieve if they wanted to? Unless it was a kind of thing like refining the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, it was worth it to say a word of thanks.

Now that the Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art was revealed, Sect Master Lu had to sincerely say this thank you.

“I don’t dare to accept the thanks of the sect master.” Yang Chen hurriedly returned the courtesy. How to say that this was also a predecessor. People who are well mannered would not forget etiquette. Yang Chen was a younger generation junior, how would he dare show scorn “This is from the Blue Cloud Sect, and I am just giving it back. The Blue Cloud Sect is also considered to be the original owner.”

The more beautiful Yang Chen's words were, the more the three seniors of the Blue Cloud Sect felt that they should compensate Yang Chen. Yang Chen, a descendant of the Jiedan stage, could achieve this. As the predecessors, how could they do it poorly? With less rewards, not only do they seem to be lacking in their temperament, even the Blue Cloud Sect would be ridiculed.

“Yang Chen, this Eighth Metal True Se​cret Art is a matter of great importance…” After thinking about it, Sect Master Lu still had to brace onwards and put some words forward. Regarding the reputation of the Blue Cloud Sect, Sect Master Lu could not be careless.

“This younger generation junior understands!” Without waiting for Sect Master Lu to speak out, Yang Chen has already directly received the words “This matter, this younger generation junior swears by my heart, I will definitely keep my mouths shut, and ask the sovereign to be rest assured.”

Swearing by his heart, this was the highest level of oaths among cultivators, and it was not easy for cultivators to make such a vow. Yang Chen's attitude made Sect Master Lu and the two Elders feel that they owed him more. What they thought was just how to make up for it.

Of course, this was really a matter of great importance. Sect Master Lu must also discuss with the other Elders before deciding how to deal with this matter. For the time being, it was still not possible to give Yang Chen a specific reply immediately.

Yang Chen certainly understood this. His thoughts along with Sect Master Lu's were almost the same, so he directly grabbed the thread of conversation and swore with his heart to never reveal it. This was a modest method that he uses.

If Sect Master Lu mainly said these requirements, it would be a little bit unreasonable, but it was something that had to be so, so everyone's face was ugly. Yang Chen grabbed the words and took the initiative to express his position. This made him feel ignorant, and he was relieved of everyone’s embarrassment. At the same time, he also felt that Sect Master Lu felt that he was owed, and he would naturally consider more in return.

Compared with this practical favour, Yang Chen would not care about this little reputation. And if it was because of this fame, but the price was to make the Blue Cloud Sect embarrassed, whether it was from the relationship between Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue, or from the current cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and the Blue Cloud Sect, it was not a good thing.

On the contrary, this situation was a win-win result that would benefit both parties. The Blue Cloud Sect would preserve their face, and Yang Chen would gain a big favour, Maybe there would be a good repayment. Compared with a false name, Yang Chen valued the latter.

“Have you come to see Little Xue this time?” Sect Master Lu was pleased with this procedure, with a smile said calmly “Little Xue is in seclusion to condense her golden Dan, it is the latest thing, you can stay here for a while and wait for Little Xue to come out of seclusion.”

“Then this younger generation junior will not be polite, thanks for your hospitality.” This was Yang Chen’s plan from the beginning, but letting Sect Master Lu personally send an invitation for him to stay made him feel shameless and thick skinned, the feeling was completely different.

“You have done a great service to my Sect, if you have any need, you can say it freely.” Sect Master Lu asked him directly. To thank him, of course, they must first look at what Yang Chen wants to decide. If Yang Chen's request was not high, Sect Master Lu could even decide on the spot.

“I don’t dare, this younger generation junior just did some duty, and does not dare to say that it is a great service like the senior said.” At this time, if he asked for anything, he would be a fool. The more he declined the credit, the more the Blue Cloud Sect would feel that they owe him, where Yang Chen would use this kind of big favour easily, he must use it at a critical time.

“In this case, my sect will have an auction in the vicinity of the sect in the near future. You can see what is of interest to you. “Sect Master Lu did not ask anymore, but turned serene, and then, seemingly casually asked “It is said that the last time the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island personally went to the Pure Yang Palace. Apart from talking about the matter of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, was it also to set the marriage for you and that little girl Shi Shanshan?

When he heard the words of Sect Master Lu, Yang Chen could not help but secretly swear. At that time, in order to cover up the cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace, the main excuse of the Island Master was Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen's marriage. Now Sect Master Lu also said this, what does it mean?

“Little Xue is also a good girl, and she also has a deep affection for you. “Sect Master Lu said with a smile: “When Little Xue comes out, I can say that I have to go to the Pure Yang Palace in person, and would have to decide about you two with Palace Mas​ter He."


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