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"Cultivation place?" Yang Chen knew that there was indeed a place for cultivation in this chapter. However, it was indeed only a fictional place in the book. It was not the focus of Yang Chen's attention.

“Sect Master Lu, the two elders, turn the cultivation method backwards, and then ponder the content.” Yang Chen shook his head and denied the speculation of the Sect Master. At this moment, Yang Chen no longer kept them guessing, and gave more direct hints.

In the past, Yang Chen knew the trick and from the beginning, searched for it directly. The previous article did not explain it in detail. Even so, Yang Chen didn’t find the cultivation method until he endured the torture of the first few million words.

«Eighth Metal True Secret Art» was an ancient cultivation method. The description of the cultivation method long ago was somewhat different from the modern grammar vocabulary. When it was reversed, it was even more nonsense.

Sect Master Lu and the two Elders did not think about this possibility at first, just pondering the words and meanings. If an inverted cultivation method could make them directly see the meaning, then they were also considered keen people.

However, starting from the prompting for Yang Chen, the several seniors thought about Yang Chen's adventure with Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan before, so their instinct was focused on the location, and did not think about the content of the cultivation methods.  

At Yang Chen's prompt, all three began to ponder about it. The contents of the chapter were just a few thousand words, all three being well minded, and the cultivation method being only a few hundred words, even if it was very incoherent, the three had also been able to memorise it.

Pondering it over in reverse, it became much smoother, without even putting in much thought, they were abler to get through it right away. It was no longer incoherently difficult to understand. After a moment, the faces of the three people were all serious, and it was obvious that the mystery of the cultivation method had been discovered.

“This is…” Sect Master Lu was the head, although her identity was very high, their cultivation base was not as high as the two dacheng stage elders, naturally Sect Master Lu was not as accurate as the two elders in judging this cultivation method. In the words of Sect Master Lu, there was also an unbelievable tone of “Is it possible that this is……..”

“”«Eighth Metal True Secret Art»”!” Elder Shi Cultivation Base was the highest and her voice most affirmative among the three. Although she has the earth attribute spirit root, it does not prevent her understanding of metal attribute cultivation methods.

The time it took for Elder Hua to be promoted to the dacheng stage was not as long as Elder Shi, and for a long time she was fighting the blood demon vines. In terms of knowledge, there was a slight gap between the Elder Shi and the Elder Hua. However, Elder Hua had also discovered the power of this method, which was actually the direct use of the most original essence of the Eighth Metal True Essence cultivation method.

“It should be «Eighth Metal True Secret Art», it can’t be wrong.” With the affirmation of the Elder Shi, Sect Master Lu also guessed that Elder Hua was also confident in this cultivation method.

However, the reason why Elder Hua was so sure was because of Yang Chen. Since Yang Chen reminded them so seriously, he would never take a fake counterfeit to perfuse deception. Moreover, this was the original from the library building, and Yang Chen was likely not able to make a fake.

Sect Master Lu finally understood why Yang Chen had asked them to take the original collection out of the library, which was originally to prove that it had not touched his hands.

Even the mood of the two masters of the dacheng stage, in the face of the original cultivation method Eighth Metal True Secret Art, could not suppress their excitement. Even if none of the three of them had metal attribute spirit roots, the Sect Master and Elders of Blue Cloud Sect would definitely support this kind of good thing that brings countless benefits to the Blue Cloud Sect.

The shock of the three predecessors took only a small amount of effort, and they soon returned to normal. However, when they looked at Yang Chen, there were a lot more things in the eyes of the three people.

A junior in the Jiedan stage, and at the time when he got this jade slip only a junior at the early foundation stage, to have such good eyesight, such a strong insight, that from the millions of boring and even mentally torturous words In this ruthless book, found such an incredible martial art, along with also having to think about it in reverse, how much daunting patience was needed to do this?

All three of these predecessors had seen it, but none of them read the million words. If it was before Yang Chen's suggestion, even if this was in front of them, they would look at a maximum of three or five thousand words, and then how far it would be to thrown was not known, where would they notice that within the following millions of words, there would be hiding such a peerless treasure?

Admire, shock, gratitude, regret, a lot of complex emotions intertwined, was the mood of the three seniors. When the three looked at Yang Chen, it was like watching a little monster.

One can’t do anything about it but to treat Yang Chen as a monster. When he reached the foundation stage, he could refine the Black Tiger Yuan Replenishing Pill that dacheng stage masters needed. The Black Tiger Supressing Pill, the Questioning Inner Heart Pill and the Heaven Seizing Pill. What could he be if not a monstrous talent?

Which cultivator would practice all five elements of the martial arts, and even because of an unexpected magic weapon, also cultivate his main spiritual power into a wooden attribute that was not the root of his own fire attribute? What could he be if not a monstrous talent?

Among ordinary cultivators, who could bear the story telling words that were so bad that they have reached the extreme, and could still persist on through the words and sentences and find out the Eighth Metal True Secret Art? What could he be if not a monstrous talent?

If Yang Chen was a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect, how good would that be? Sect Master Lu's heart flashed such a regret. It had to be known that Sun Qingxue knew Yang Chen in the past, if Sun Qingxue received more attention in the sect, maybe she would look for Yang Chen and then pull Yang Chen into the Blue Cloud Sect.

If that was the case, then Yang Chen would become a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect, and then no matter what kind of medicinal pill, it would become a medicinal pill of the Blue Cloud Sect. No matter how many secret planes that Yang Chen discovered, it was to the benefit of the Blue Cloud Sect.

They all blamed that damn Wan Qian, in order to suppress Sun Qingxue, she got her own disciple to make way, and did not hesitate to send Sun Qingxue to the most mediocre Zhou Suzhen's sect. She even gave a hand-made cultivation method so that Sun Qingxue would not get out of the crowd early and attract everyone’s attention.

Now, Wan Qian and her six apprentices had been missing for decades. When they came back, they must administer Wan Qian, a sin that harmed the same sect. Even if she was an elder of the sect, she must not be let off lightly.

This kind of thought just flashed past, and Sect Master Lu quickly concentrated on the present. This Eighth Metal True Secret Art was discovered by Yang Chen. If Yang Chen did not say it, it was estimated that no one would know that such an important method would be hidden in such a bad book.

The main question was, how do they reward Yang Chen now?


Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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